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Hi Folks

ramming some miles on the klr .. along with some new riders in the area...

June 17th 2014  =+/- 100 km run

Day trip to New Canaan /Canaan mountain area via route 2 parrsboro highway


Note: to guys with off road bikes... there is a maze of roads and goat paths in here... for folks familiar with Folly Mountain /Debert area.. this area is a carbon copy as the water holes that are deep all have "bottoms".

View from Lake #2 road ..The highway to Parrsboro {Rout 2 } is somewhere in the valley in the distance

HPIM3001 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

View from Thunderhill.. it is on the opp side of the same valley


HPIM3002 by freewillieklr, on Flickr
June 19th = 150 km run


ride started in Sackville via Baseline road... was a great op to see the abandoned 1800's vintage copper mine

HPIM3003 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

abhi8 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

both klr's took a nap on the way up and out of the washed out goats path.... Abhi the other rider says.. maybe the klr is too big for that... later i mentioned going back to try and master the washed out area... so we'll see who all comes   :Hap1:

abhi7 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Holly Jeezsus.... folks don't put off any of your bucket list plans  :gerg: ... still don't recognize that grey hair i'm sporting..oh yeah..... Carpe Diem ...right??

abhi6 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The mine itself turns into a maze of tunnels after the 1200' foot mark{somebody marked the shaft wall @ 400' distances}. I was in to the 1200 foot mark 20 years ago  where 8 posts/pit packs held up a boulder the size of a volkswagen bug underneath was a pointed pile of earth ..that had washed down from above /around the boulder. We were prospecting at the time and buddy says while pointing...."you just need to crawl through there"  :Hap1: maybe in the next life i'll try it..the drill rig used to drill the explosives holes is still in one of the branch tunnels...and would have been cool to see...  oh well ..ride on..

HPIM3004 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Old quarry on Memramcook East road. The fields in the background are off Anderson Mill Road area

abhi1 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

swung over to Belliveau Orchard to get a snack ... no picture but nice friendly folks,-64.626965,3a,90y,42h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sB3LZn_jNwptUIFztYPchvw!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x4ca0af39f18ce5a7:0x87c0b040792e7ae1!6m1!1e1

stopped at the historic church constructed in 1842 it was on our  way to the old lighthouse site

background info:


Interesting history on this area.... it feels like a dis-service to briefly mention the sites we checked out

abhi5 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

not bad for a rainy day..thankfully i didn't check the weather "forecast"= rain

abhi2 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

drive way from church to the trail type road.. great klr country

abhi3 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

we didn't take any pictures at the Fort Folly point lighthouse basement ..but here is some interesting info... the former lighthouse picture when {constructed 1890} and today's basement ruins is side by side on page 13 of this link:

The last leg of the trip was out around Dorchester cape


the bridge  in the picture background crosses the stream in the link above.

HPIM3010 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

last shots... from the opposite direction ... Shepody mountain grandeur   :smiler:  the cedar camp road area is on my radar....  a drive to Riverview et Moncton just to cross that water.... = 100 kms next time..'s+Mills,+NB/Shepody,+NB/@45.7717327,-64.5140416,11z/data=!4m20!4m19!1m5!1m1!1s0x4b5f5498e19599f1:0xa5ad72af1aa5d557!2m2!1d-64.512015!2d45.771727!1m5!1m1!1s0x4b58aa754fc2efa7:0x1a009be2bf680bbf!2m2!1d-64.656621!2d45.770421!2m1!1b1!3e0!6m3!1i0!2i0!3i0

HPIM3009 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3011 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

thanks for stopping by the thread   :burnout: :burnout: :biker_h4h1:


klr zombie:
Thanks for sharing the ride with us.
The fire extinguisher tool tube looks excellent on the bike and is a credit to your outstanding machining skills  :mol: , never got to see it finished in the lost thread.

Mel Brooks:
Very nice ride report, thanks! 

Nice to see other areas and what folks are riding.   

Great write up and pics RPB! Nice to have history details and informative links included.  :mol: 
Thanks  :thumb:

Nice!  Many thanks.  Great to have some history and context.   :claps:


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