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Author Topic: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal  (Read 17550 times)

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RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« on: June 20, 2014, 10:10:55 AM »
Hi Folks

ramming some miles on the klr .. along with some new riders in the area...

June 17th 2014  =+/- 100 km run

Day trip to New Canaan /Canaan mountain area via route 2 parrsboro highway


Note: to guys with off road bikes... there is a maze of roads and goat paths in here... for folks familiar with Folly Mountain /Debert area.. this area is a carbon copy as the water holes that are deep all have "bottoms".

View from Lake #2 road ..The highway to Parrsboro {Rout 2 } is somewhere in the valley in the distance

HPIM3001 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

View from Thunderhill.. it is on the opp side of the same valley


HPIM3002 by freewillieklr, on Flickr
June 19th = 150 km run


ride started in Sackville via Baseline road... was a great op to see the abandoned 1800's vintage copper mine

HPIM3003 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

abhi8 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

both klr's took a nap on the way up and out of the washed out goats path.... Abhi the other rider says.. maybe the klr is too big for that... later i mentioned going back to try and master the washed out area... so we'll see who all comes   :Hap1:

abhi7 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Holly Jeezsus.... folks don't put off any of your bucket list plans  :gerg: ... still don't recognize that grey hair i'm sporting..oh yeah..... Carpe Diem ...right??

abhi6 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The mine itself turns into a maze of tunnels after the 1200' foot mark{somebody marked the shaft wall @ 400' distances}. I was in to the 1200 foot mark 20 years ago  where 8 posts/pit packs held up a boulder the size of a volkswagen bug underneath was a pointed pile of earth ..that had washed down from above /around the boulder. We were prospecting at the time and buddy says while pointing...."you just need to crawl through there"  :Hap1: maybe in the next life i'll try it..the drill rig used to drill the explosives holes is still in one of the branch tunnels...and would have been cool to see...  oh well ..ride on..

HPIM3004 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Old quarry on Memramcook East road. The fields in the background are off Anderson Mill Road area

abhi1 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

swung over to Belliveau Orchard to get a snack ... no picture but nice friendly folks,-64.626965,3a,90y,42h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sB3LZn_jNwptUIFztYPchvw!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x4ca0af39f18ce5a7:0x87c0b040792e7ae1!6m1!1e1

stopped at the historic church constructed in 1842 it was on our  way to the old lighthouse site

background info:


Interesting history on this area.... it feels like a dis-service to briefly mention the sites we checked out

abhi5 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

not bad for a rainy day..thankfully i didn't check the weather "forecast"= rain

abhi2 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

drive way from church to the trail type road.. great klr country

abhi3 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

we didn't take any pictures at the Fort Folly point lighthouse basement ..but here is some interesting info... the former lighthouse picture when {constructed 1890} and today's basement ruins is side by side on page 13 of this link:

The last leg of the trip was out around Dorchester cape


the bridge  in the picture background crosses the stream in the link above.

HPIM3010 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

last shots... from the opposite direction ... Shepody mountain grandeur   :smiler:  the cedar camp road area is on my radar....  a drive to Riverview et Moncton just to cross that water.... = 100 kms next time..'s+Mills,+NB/Shepody,+NB/@45.7717327,-64.5140416,11z/data=!4m20!4m19!1m5!1m1!1s0x4b5f5498e19599f1:0xa5ad72af1aa5d557!2m2!1d-64.512015!2d45.771727!1m5!1m1!1s0x4b58aa754fc2efa7:0x1a009be2bf680bbf!2m2!1d-64.656621!2d45.770421!2m1!1b1!3e0!6m3!1i0!2i0!3i0

HPIM3009 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3011 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

thanks for stopping by the thread   :burnout: :burnout: :biker_h4h1:


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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2014, 06:00:21 PM »
Thanks for sharing the ride with us.
The fire extinguisher tool tube looks excellent on the bike and is a credit to your outstanding machining skills  :mol: , never got to see it finished in the lost thread.

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2014, 06:52:11 AM »
Very nice ride report, thanks! 

Nice to see other areas and what folks are riding.   

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2014, 06:06:36 AM »
Great write up and pics RPB! Nice to have history details and informative links included.  :mol: 
Thanks  :thumb:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #4 on: June 22, 2014, 08:01:33 PM »
Nice!  Many thanks.  Great to have some history and context.   :claps:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #5 on: June 27, 2014, 09:15:45 AM »
June 23rd 2014

Rode  to the strip of country/maze of trails  between the Economy River wilderness area and the 104 toll highway.. ride was about 50-50 slab /dirt mix.

Snowmobile club trail map HERE

the trail route sequence we used: cd= marker r=road

cd08,cd12,CD11 ,r214,cr12,r201 coming out out on old Castlereagh road

the "klr map" HERE I added balloons on the map so i could remember the trails taken.

started out at 1:30 PM... planned on noon but i wanted to recheck the bike valves and retorque the head from the rebuild 450 km earlier. Glad i did..the stainless valves i installed actually all gained .002" clearance ..i think the valve keepers worked into the valve stem grooves a bit better  :think2:

HPIM3013 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

our first destination was the highest point of land above my right rear view mirror{ teal blue bike}

HPIM3014 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Abhi is ready to continue on...

HPIM3015 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The tower looks like a hornets net on a stick from a distance..

HPIM3025 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

a link HERE speaks of the tower de-commisioning in fall of 2012.

ok back on track''

HPIM3017 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

the road to/from the tower was washed out a bit with only the larger aggregate left in the crevices..

HPIM3026 by freewillieklr, on Flickr
 view from the tower base

HPIM3016 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

yeah.. you know i did... stopped midway.. i didnt want to get nuked by the adjacent tower... i thought of a fly i noticed in a mircowave oven  at work one time.. he buzzed around "until" he flew through the "beam"  :Hap1:

FW: pics-2 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

view from half mast
HPIM3018 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3019 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

getting ready to head into the trail system

IMG_0934.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

on the way to Fountain lake

HPIM3027 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

well marked trails

HPIM3028 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

and a whole lot of this ..the ground is rocky and well drained

FW: pics-2 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Old Castlereagh road just Northwest of Bass River

FW: pics-3 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

After hitting the pavement we slipped over to Glenholm to gorge at the Masstown market about 7:00 PM Then decided to take the Londonderry /Westchester gravel road back

Home at 9:00 PM... 240 km later was a real good day.. :wings:

HPIM3028 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2014, 03:06:37 PM »
Looks like a real nice area RPB. Good to see you're getting out and about. :thumb:
KLR - 2 wheeled multitool

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #7 on: July 02, 2014, 05:00:08 AM »
June 30th

 XR Dan on the local NBDSC volunteered  to host a Sussex sightseeing tour. We had originally planned of being a group of three from Sackville but our third entry Brennan cancelled due to "new job" commitments.

The evening before the trip... i got a email from Abhi the second Sackville rider..... lol little did he know .. the beer time part of his schedule "vision" would not be until... "much later" ..   :Hap1:

This was the message:
route by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Left Sackville at 7:00 AM

 779 kms on the new 685 rebuild.. so far so good...  :smiler:

HPIM3032 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Landed at Dan's met all the folks then headed out.

We were 3 KTM's and 1 Honda 600 <-- these all 4 bikes on Steroids! +3 KLR's

 The road /trail to the first stop had been traveled by something that made some deep wide ruts lol.. 1 klr nap and 1 klr 180 deg spin later we stopped at a gravel pit for a break... { The first trip id been on.. wishing i had a go pro to capture Matts 180 klr spin pointing / back towards the on-coming group and still up right  on his farkled KLR}

IMG_0998.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The Bluff   ... A beautiful cliff edge overlooking Poley Mountain ski area on the opp side of the valley... damn sure it was hang glider material.

IMG_1000.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Our kind Host... XR Dan

HPIM3034 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Dan telling Abhi the roughest trail is behind now   :winker:

HPIM3035 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

IMG_1006.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

IMG_1004.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

First time to Adair's ..great food ...gas stop on trails.  HERE is the link for anyone new to the area..

HPIM3038 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3037 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Martin Head .. Former light house and saw mill  location ..real interesting past... we could still see three or four posts sticking up from a 1930 vintage  loading dock

->HERE<- are some neat 1930 vintage photos of the site.,,busy spot!

Some photo's of our trip ..

Matt was still holding onto firmer objects since the 180 spin on the trail..   :Hap1:

HPIM3039 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

IMG_1009.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

IMG_1015.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

IMG_1010.JPG by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3041 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Every trip has a couple of surprises ... The first one was a quick unplanned back track of a trail section to get Dans backpack  full of electronics and personal belongings .. Jason followed... while we hung out in the shade.......umm ..some folks say...its hard to keep the ktm's tame and in hand .... Nick's" proof of his taming effort...

HPIM3046 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

few shots of the area while we chatted with a local atv rider sporting two gas cans of spare fuel..

warming hut for the snowmobilers

HPIM3045 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3044 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3043 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

that was quick...

HPIM3047 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The last stop was a surprise to me... after rounding a corner to the Poley ski slope a road to the top is in site... Dan says... see you at the top..

Steep but mucho worth the trip...

HPIM3054 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

parked at the top...

HPIM3053 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

then turned to this.. umm umm

HPIM3052 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3051 by freewillieklr, on Flickr where is Abhi...?

HPIM3048 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

He's a good sport at this point we'd been on the road for about 11 hours ..

HPIM3049 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Drove 1hr slab  to Riverview for a snack then home at 9:30 PM

HPIM3057 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

400 klm's almost to the 10th... today was a real fine day.

Thanks for the hospitality everyone.

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #8 on: November 04, 2014, 08:30:21 PM »

Gee got to get this thread updated!!

July 10th 2014

SPring hill -Collingwood-Simpson Lake-Bass River-Folly Mountain- Debert.

Left Sackville NB @ 1:45 met up with Brennan in Springhill with a plan to explore more of the Westchester backcountry.

HPIM3064[1] by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Farmington... no farms left..used the map twice... then at unknown intersections... just asked Brennan.. "which way" you was all good.

HPIM3066[1] by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3065[1] by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3067[1] by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The plan before we left was to "swim" it was a 28- 29 deg day so brought the shorts with us. We stopped at Masstown market for a seafood pie supper then off to Folly Mountain...

As a kid i was introduced to a place called "sharp rock" located on the Debert River.
Like most parents i used this beautiful setting to teach my own offspring when young... to leave a place better than you find it.. so i'd always get the four to scurry around and grab at least one pc of litter from the site before leaving a lazy afternoon swim...

to my surprise .. Sharpe rock was as beautiful as i remembered..

I wish i had gotten back farther to get the whole view and level 3 ..but i was in my bare feet   .You get the idea of the sharp rock part here at the lower level of three jump spots. The out crop to the right of  Brennan's shoulder is level 2

HPIM3068[1] by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The marathon for the brave was to jump from the highest level 3... Local folklore is about a WW2 army private who did the level 3 jump but failed to clear the rock outcrop where he met his demise..

HPIM3069[1] by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3070[1] by freewillieklr, on Flickr

270 km day.. offs ... was a good day!! Home at 10:30 PM via the old non toll TCH then off at streets ridge to hwy 204 Oxford -Springhill... a good day

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #9 on: November 04, 2014, 08:45:01 PM »
Friday July 19th

Gathered local ds rider Engineer John up in Sackville on his sassy slim KTM   and did the Joggins -Eatonville -Advocate Harbour to Parrsboro run..

HPIM3071 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Been down to Joggins before but didn't a good shot of the sod roof on the fossil center..

20140718_153337 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_152717 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_152725 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

I was looking on Google maps and found a street view of a bridge we stopped at in apple river.. if you push the mouse forward you can see the road to the right at the end of the bridge where we stopped.. i had no idea street view was in rural area's   :scratcher:

HERE is the link

20140718_162859 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

turned to my right and spyed this little 250...

20140718_162814 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

A Young lad from Halifax was  visiting family in the area...
He was eager to talk about bikes.. summer work ahead in blueberries and the hopes of getting a job on a fishing boat down the road.. i kept thinking about how lucky he was to have so many hopes and dreams.. and buckets of time to make it all happen.. funny how at that age we all take it for granted huh...
i had questions on the area and trails.. his global answer was "there is roads and trails everywhere" and decided to lead the way in our direction... after telling us how deep the water was for the tarzan rope on the opp bank.

20140718_162759 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

our tour guide taking advantage of the knobbies...

20140718_164752 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_164801 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

last stop before entering Cape Chignecto park

20140718_170150 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_170113 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

there is a future ride ... to that abandoned /remote lighthouse sticking up near the point in the background i haven't found the road to it "yet"

20140718_170121 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_171511 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_171531 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Eatonville from the now closed interpretation center..

20140718_173451 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

on the way through..

20140718_175851 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_175930 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_180042 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_180126 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Right about here {no picture} i was gawking around for a photo op... and went from the edge of the trail to some grass with a rut in it...  second gear klr nap. The tool tube stuck out far enough to protect the engine fairing...   :11doh:.John thought i was daydreaming..not far off   :Hap1:

Fork in the road Just before leaving Eatonville.. John is wondering if i know which way to go... i'm contemplating ..checking out a new trail  ... but there isn't enough time.... we are still a long way from home...

20140718_182302 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Advocate Harbour

Stopped for a treat at the Rite stop gas bar and before the bike was shut off i got a pretty big surprise. I noticed a gentleman i had met three years earlier when i had ridden solo through the area.He had told me about his wife passing 15 years ago and his yearly pilgrimage  back to Advocate from the States to his birth place near by.His stories had very startling familiarity to them and hinged on some hard learned truths in my worldly beliefs ...Beliefs  many  live by and follow through example but never talk about. I regretted that day not taking his picture.. lesson learned...

Allan Fraser..

20140718_191307 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Cape Dor the road in is always wash board effect from the cars breaking traction on the steep hills... but so worth the view

 20140718_192736 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_192846 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_193807 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_193815 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Stopped in Parrsboro to get fuel... i had lubed my chain and left the can partially stuck out of the tail bag in case John wanted some. When i noticed the bag open i pulled over... this was to our right..

20140718_203347 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_203356 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_203432 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_203442 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

20140718_203450 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3072 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

 home 9:30Pm ...266 kms later..

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #10 on: November 05, 2014, 04:48:20 AM »
Cool update, nice pics!
Thanks  :thumb:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #11 on: November 06, 2014, 09:58:50 AM »
 :clap:    Too cool Mr. RPB...!!   Especially Mr. Fraser!   :thumb:
Zat choo, Buckwheat...?

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #12 on: November 06, 2014, 08:24:23 PM »
Thanks guys,..  I've had some wonderful days on the road,,, July 19th in Advocate was a  humbling experience to say the least.

thanks for stopping by the journal

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #13 on: November 11, 2014, 06:58:35 PM »
Aug 9th 2014

Ok everybody was busy Aug solo it is...

The ride started out as a trip to Amherst to pick up some frozen blueberries.. lol... well the inner Bill thought otherwise once the wind kind of carried me off into other directions... had the cooler on the back.... pheft..   haphap .just tighten the ratchet straps down some more.

sunrise trail looked good... this is the first day i had the GPS with me.. no case built at that time so i stuck it in the tank bag.. was kind of interested in how long it would run with a 1 amp charger..The fundy adventure  rally was on the horizon so i needed to get my GPS  crapola   together for navigation...  :musicboohoo:

plugged into the get lost energy...

first stop.. Pugwash

HPIM3074 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3075 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

on the opposite side of the highway i noticed the old seagull pewter warehouse pulled in the back of its park lot

HPIM3084 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

  a view of the Windsor salt mine works from behind the old warehouse..

HERE is some more background info on the mine and the area.

HPIM3080 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

upstream.. pretty quaint... quiet

HPIM3083 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

wharf used for shipping salt by boat... not sure if the conveyor system goes over to the pit head or not   :puzzled: its a fair ways to the mine..

HPIM3081 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

took another picture of the fishermans wharf and thought.. hell i'm going back over..  :poke:

HPIM3082 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

viewed a fork lift zooming from the dock to a process area... investigated

HPIM3077 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

inner bill was speaking again... cooler + lobster = no brainer   :Hap1:

HPIM3078 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3079 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

i passed on these... they are being recycled after filleted which is good as lobster bait,,,

HPIM3076 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

... ummm over to main st..thank god the diet was over   :smiler:

HPIM3086 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

scenic spot to gorge the cone

HPIM3087 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3088 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

not sure about the German   :bugey:  Scotch  influence on Pugwash ..but it was everywhere..

HPIM3089 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

not many Main St's terminate this way

HPIM3090 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

since i had little buddy on ice... i rode out to explore some more and found this...

this was off route 6 place called Tattrie Settlement road /Corner of Lake Road that heads to Wentworth

HPIM3092 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

forgot to get a picture of the 80 cc mx bike that kept this hammered down.. but somebody has  great parents... alot of the jumps had been dozed into position.

HPIM3091 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3093 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

I'll finish this post up tomorrow with some trans canada trail experience i had in this area

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #14 on: November 13, 2014, 10:58:37 AM »
Aug 9th cont'd

drove from Wentworth route  4 to 368 to route 204 Crowly road. This area is mostly abandoned farm land ..the farms that are left are either in use through lease or unused with a some nice old barns still standing.

 The red balloon on this google map shows were i turned onto the transcanada trail heading towards Oxford

Im still a bit foggy on what this trail is for..probably more through "my not wanting to know"   :gerg:.... :deal: .,.. but since it was well broke in from four wheelers i felt it was fair DS game.

like most of these trails.. it is born out of abandoned railway line with tree tunnels and water crossing openings.

HPIM3094 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3096 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3095 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

this was a bit surprising...  near Conns Mills road

HPIM3095 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The trail for the most part is in great shape.. i wouldn't however recommend near /after dusk. some narrow area's had large rocks adjacent to them.. plus the bridge condition  :yikes:

Unless the politics for riding this TC trail changes in the next year i plan on returning to reverse travel next time {next year} .. Oxford to Pictou, Nova Scotia

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #15 on: November 13, 2014, 11:40:57 AM »
Thanks for sharing the ride.  :biker_h4h1: :thumb:

Great reading for days like this that I can't ride. :banghead:

Looking forward to 5 month away when I can ride again. :splat: :very mad:

Ride safe. Change the gas often.

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #16 on: November 13, 2014, 11:42:20 AM »
Thanks for the great writeups!   :thumb:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #17 on: November 15, 2014, 09:57:25 AM »
Thanks fella's... its going to be a long winter on this end .. woke up to this...

nov 15th by freewillieklr, on Flickr

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #18 on: November 16, 2014, 12:36:30 PM »
Sept 5th
Like many NB dual sport folks.. local rider  Abhila and i attended the FAR {Fundy adventure rally}

In preparation i went to the dark side and spooned on the first set of knobbies onto the klr.. a moto z tractionator IT on the front and a michelin mt21 on the rear.

20140903_171509 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

the making of the rally background -> HERE

I was pretty pumped up since it was the only thing organized i had attended on the bike other than by chance random rides in my own area..

I decided to work Friday morning .. i thought i had everything ready.. i'll never do that again.. :lol: my mind was not on fabrication ... finally..  the shift was over... loose for a weekend of riding... :burnout: :burnout: :ricky:;  :standing_by:

After making rear signal lights and a gps mount then mounting tires on borrowed time the week before,,,  heading/riding to the rally was a sense of calm i'd been lookin for.. and found.. especially knowing the bike was everything i needed and wanted it to be...

The pack horse was loaded

20140907_085208 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

finally hit the campsite area late afternoon...

IMG_1418 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

others had already set up.. it worked out great since the tent was up before the rider meeting

IMG_1419 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Sept 6th

next morning we set off on the rally. on the first leg Abhi my riding buddy went into a hill top curve too hot /wide  at 50 mph .
i was ahead and waited for Abhi  at the next intersection... a rider pulled up and gave me a somersault signal then a "back there " gesture... frig....    :yikes: i closed my eyes then whipped the bike around...

Abhi was shook up.. i started piecing the front left fairing together while first aid folks  discussed his condition from the off..
abhiinshock by freewillieklr, on Flickr

zipped tied together in klr fashion Abhi decided to press on... still thankful for the AGATT working. The wires for the left signal ripped out but the rubber housing slid easily back in place... whew... again. thankful Abhi was ok

20140906_172932 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

really pleased with the GPS  system / software i had chosen.

20140907_085229 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The Sussex area views were stellar to say the least,.. i can't count the side roads i had passed thinking..oh i need to re-visit this area.. again and again..

20140906_172803 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

First of few opportunities to text home with a everythings ok update...

IMG_1416 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Rally over we located a million dollar shower then headed to the rider supper... a few brewsters later it was lights out for me..  i nicely got into the tent and it began to rain.. didn't matter ..just a back drop to some heavy zz's

Sept 8th

Up for a hearty breakfast at Adair's lodge then ... the trip home .. time too spare so we goofed off the whole way... home... just heading  in a general direction..East...

lost  a few things...

IMG_1429 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

savored a lot of the surroundings... never really get to take enough pictures..

IMG_1447 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

doesn't really get much better..

IMG_1442 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Coverdale . Covered bridge located on Mitton Road {about here the reality of the weekend ending was starting to set in..}  :bugey:

20140907_111835 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

 822 km ride happily stored away in my memory bank  :smiler:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #19 on: November 19, 2014, 12:25:50 AM »;  :standing_by:

This is how folks can get sucked into internet things for long periods of time....
Bob Clancy, of Irish roots and musical tastes.   :smiler:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #20 on: November 20, 2014, 10:26:52 AM »
   Trialsguy glad you’re enjoying. ... ride the wheels off your klr ..and then some ..knowing so many wait patiently for warmth in the air to “return”..

I had no idea what i was in store for this day.. but in hind site ,it all worked out .In the end would i change anything?.. not likely.

The cold weather restlessness had already started for me.. shorter days.. cooler nights...

bike redemption days getting fewer...    :lurker:  :bugey:

ride energy vid... =

Sept 25th

With the tablet in tow i headed out solo  to record  a big bike friendly GPS route{between Collingwood and Castlereagh}   by using trails i had explored with Abhi back on June 23rd.  . Some of the turns were a bit foggy at best since piling on many miles in the area.

I left Sackville around 1:30 and headed for the Tantramar Marsh to avoid the Transcanada Highway.
A brief stop at Mount Whatley to grab some pictures..

Green Hill Road NB the hill in the back ground is the Nova Scotia side of the Misaquash River
HPIM3103 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Mount Whatley church... real interesting past along with the whereabouts of the bell that was once housed in the church..  History : HERE

KLR stop version

HPIM3099 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3101 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Mount Whatley road near the Fort Lawrence road intersection...

there was a mound a mud in the middle of the second largest marsh in the world..and these two donkeys were on the mound  in amongst a bunch of cows...   :puzzled: not sure what it signified other than wanting their own space or maybe this is the pecking order thing..   :lurker:

HPIM3104 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

short jaunt to Amherst.. its funny how one debates things when driving solo i dove past Mc D's then said screw it..there lots of daylight left for the 200 km ride... short stop..

HPIM3105 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

I was thinking about that sunscreen song by baz luhrmann as I nursed the coffee .. the line that goes "the race is the end its only with yourself"

The GPS route started on this road Ripley # 4 LINK HERE

For the heavy bike folks a section of the road follows next to a stream bed the trail has large aggregate soft ball sized rocks.. optional is a newer road on higher ground.

I chose the rougher trail with some pics for any would be riders.. NOte to others "do not shut off the gps track logging when you are goofing off taking pictures"  :Hap1:

HPIM3108 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3107 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3106 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

second road on the gps track Silica Road

HPIM3109 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

i always used to say to my son the best fishing area's have sections of white water near by... the spot up stream from the bridge is on my re visit list "with a fishing rod"   :winker:

HPIM3110 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

near by..  old school board v to channel the spring water and a "plastic" barrel half...

HPIM3111 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

after travelling the maze of trails and roads for the route log i ended up in Castlereagh... down over the hill is an opening to a farm that i had spied on the earlier June trip..    :smiler:

HPIM3112 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Last time i was here.. the gate to the old farm was locked ... this time it was open and the sign said "enter at your own risk" contrary to "do not enter" or "no trespassing" i took a ride in..   :lurker:
Place was from the old days or should i say old ways?

No electrical masts ever mounted on this farm..

old bob sled leaning against the barn.. The driveway entering the farm is in the woods tunnel opening ito the left of the barn.

HPIM3114 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

some buildings were further gone...

HPIM3118 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

the caved in building still had the things some old farts keep "just in case" windows ,crutches etc... now all at the mercy of mother nature.

HPIM3117 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

this one still doing its job for winter wood .. other than being an over exposed picture
HPIM3116 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The house was piled full of things like a warehouse... the only evidence of modern was a disconnected propane line

HPIM3119 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

For nostalgia sake i stop and take a last picture of the barn

HPIM3113 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

I mount the bike and putter down the narrow lane thinking about how a visiting horse and buggy would have looked approaching the house in the old days... then get a flash of light in my rear view mirror ,, oh fawk...   :bugey:  maintaining my same slow pace .....the speed of the  4 x 4 truck increases as it bounces down the lane to right behind me,, i pull over just outside the gate and dismount...  :musicboohoo: . Apparently the truck had been somewhere "down past " the barn on a wood road...

o = owner  m= me

o : door slam "didnt you see the posted sign?"  humph1

m: [ sizing up the driver,,, then Staring at the "at your own risk" part of the sign} "i was using my GPS and the farm road was not shown ,,i followed it to see where it went"

o: walking in a circle "its posted"

m: I'm Bill C from Sackville NB {sheepish grin} i'd like to find another road back to Collingwood and but not old Castlereigh rd.
o: turn at the fork {new Castlereagh rd} then turn onto Old Economy road.

I guess that meant the "moment" had passed and we conversed about the condition of the road i had travelled to get to the farm in the first place.. i thanked the guy and drove off..  :eek7:

next stop was Economy lake location link Here

The lake reminded me of some you see in Halifax area..  a few small islands were scattered a short distance off shore.. 

HPIM3122 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Some parts of the ride was pretty eventful to say the least ,,, i stopped back in Collingwood and chatted with 3 youth on dirt bikes and got info on a future possibilities i noticed on the GPS... the shadows were getting long... it was time to pack it in for another time... another day...  :burnout: :burnout: :biker_h4h1:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #21 on: November 20, 2014, 12:58:37 PM »
 :claps:    ...good stuff right there Bill C...!!   :beer:
Zat choo, Buckwheat...?

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #22 on: November 20, 2014, 05:27:54 PM »
^^^ What Spanky said  :thumb:
Great pics and narrative, Thanks!  :beer:

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #23 on: December 07, 2014, 08:45:12 PM »
 Thanks guys.. its great to have such a wonderful group to share the biking passion with. Farkle season will soon be upon us ...something to help bridge the seasons...

Oct 13th 2014

It was getting harder to find riding days in amongst the rain or cold days..but there is always a diamond in the rough
.. id start out with a plan to tidy up a route left unfinished…. worse.. the biking season is coming to a close… but not yet…. only thing regulating this day was dusk and darkness..

HPIM3174 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

get lost,,, with some help from Niddi O

First stop Amherst train station

built in 1908 and staffed until October 2012 then closed... history HERE

Originally it had two waiting rooms... one for men and one for women at opp sides of the ticket office in the center.The telegraph office was housed in the far left end
oddly enough.. the train still stops for passengers who wait "outside".
 When i was a kid we lived close by and it was pretty common to drop off my dads lunch using a parcel carrier mounted on my bicycle...

HPIM3175 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3176 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

On both June 17th { ride timed out} and July 23rd { ended up on two dead end trails } along with other riders i tried to find the route through New Canaan /Lake 2 area to Parrsboro with no luck… so it was today..or next biking season…

Before reaching New Canaan one must drive through what locals calls “Old Canaan” . I didnt plan  it but this would end up being what a few folks call their “leaf tour”

Pics as the trail unfolded ..

HPIM3181 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

Any “has been” blueberry rakers will know what havoc fields over run with golden rod is like..

HPIM3179 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3178 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

 Years ago in this spot i was riding as a passenger  in a small log  loaded  truck after cutting helping cut/load  logs /working for for the driver,’ Peter” who would end up being a good friend told me about deer  hunting this area where he stumbled upon and old collapsed log cabin ..adjacent to it  was a grave marker. I regret not asking more about the exact location but this is where he pointed at the time..

 HPIM3182 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

 The day of this ride it was two weeks short of three year mark since Peter’s passing.. I’m so thankful for the good memories…

HPIM3184 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3185 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3186 by freewillieklr, on Flickr
HPIM3177 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

The blueberry plant leaves turn red and fall off like a tree leaf... soon this will look a bit more barren..

HPIM3187 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM3188 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

last stretch before entering New Canaan

HPIM3180 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

I got to crash ...i’ll finish this RR up in  a day or two,,, think i’ll close with this vid... to celebrate all the good riding luck i've had...

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Re: RPB KLR 2014 random ride journal
« Reply #24 on: December 08, 2014, 12:29:14 PM »
Gorgeous, interesting country.  Thanks!   :thumb:


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