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I'm pretty sure it was you, Gunny, that went on a hunt for some good riding gear to replace your old stuff... it's time to replace mine, now... How is your new stuff working out for you now that you've had it a while? Any particular likes or dislikes? Would you recommend it to a fellow KLRista? I do most of my riding in the desert, both high and low, crazy temp swings on one ride are common. In case that matters...

And if you remember, would you please post a link to what they are and where they came from? (I would just look it up, but the Data Corruption Gremlins have put paid to that idea...  :duel: )

Many thanks in advance!


We'll lets see, I ended up getting gear based on a few requirements, had to be American made mostly. The pants I got were aero stitch Darien's , gray color because black sucks in full sun when it's 95 degrees out. The jacket is an Olympia Moab jacket. Now that being said, I have a story for each. As you may have heard, I smacked another deer last July 4th an broke my wrist. I was going fairly slow, maybe 30 mph. The pants did very well, only a few small holes tore in the seat, the knee armor is amazing in the Darien's even if it doesn't look or feel like it would be just wearing them. The Olympia jacket, the armor and protection the armor provides is first rate. However my jacket had a couple seams separate from the shoulder to the waist. It still protected me but I was disappointed it came apart like that. I made some calls to Olympia and they said they would take my advice on using a different thread in critical seams. All I did was cut the liner open and sew the seams back together using the Kevlar thread I use to sew my pannier bags with.

Now the Olympia Moab jacket is a 3/4 jacket, basically a full length jacket that's mesh. Has a two piece liner that is removeable. Water proof liner and an insulated liner that zips in. Both work very well. I do wish the liners were 3/4 as well though. They can ride up your back a bit while riding if you are standing an sitting. If you've never had a mesh jacket, get one ! Hot days are never the same again.

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Jettn Jim:
:think2: If I might chime in... If you would like some gear that will work in the heat aaand not come apart in a crash I would point you toward MotoPort gear out of San Diego. USA made and pretty much bombproof. It's Kevlar and Mesh, with the most armor in it of ANY gear on the market, in my opinion. In the cold I just layer up normally and when wet out put rain gear over the top.
It is designed for an inner rain liner and insulation that zips into the jacket and pants, but I choose to go over the top with my rain gear.
It definitely flows the air.

Many thanks, guys... gives me places to start...

Jim, yes, definitely glad to have your input... question for you, if it applies... how fussy (for lack of a better word) is the Motoport gear related to changes in your weight or diameter? I do tend to vary a few pounds over time... does the Motoport gear allow for some small variation in this regard? No more than 10 pounds range.

Gunny, no, I hadn't heard you hit another one... missed that one. Glad you came out OK, wrist notwithstanding, and thanks for the real-life-test report...

Thanks again!

I agree with Jim, the moto port gear is probably one of the best, if not the best gear out there. I would rank them above aerostitch and klim. Only issues I see are it isn't "cool" looking gear but it is 100% American made. Even aerostitch gear is mostly made over seas now with the exception of their Darien line which is still American made. Sadly, klim gear is made over seas now as well

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