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Author Topic: Capitan Mts., SE NM (Part 2)  (Read 1702 times)

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Capitan Mts., SE NM (Part 2)
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:09:59 PM »

Crossing one of the numerous rockslides.  That mountain is mostly rockslides.

On top, as far as the road goes.  East from there is wilderness, and trails.  The rack is for more big

solar arrays.  There was a generator humming along, but I'd think solar would be much better.

Heading down. I was apprehensive, as going up is easier than coming down. 

Going up, if it doesn't work out, you stop and/or fall over.  Going down, if things don't work out as

expected, it can be a continuing event, augmented by the force of gravity, and you have a front-row

seat.  I'd called Son Trevor at the trials in Roswell (ain't good cell phones great?) just to let him

know where I was and when to expect me.

Heading down along the ridge.

More red-weeds.

A nice oak tree.

Through a burn.  Hot enough to kill the trees, but look at the grasses coming up beneath.  Nature's


Another view of Sierra Blanca.  Ruidoso is at the foot of it.

Down to the bottom.  Coming down wasn't as bad as I'd feared (loose surface, rolly rocks, etc.).  I'm

ok with that.     

Onward, there's a paved road out on the flats that parallels the mountain.  Goes straight into


This road might go straight down to it, but another branch parallels the mountain for quite a ways

before turning downhill and joining the pavement.  I figured I'd take that way.  For some stupid

reason, I thought it'd be a pretty "good" road. 

Not bad, but not what I expected.

What's this?  Water?  About the last place I expected that.  Can I ride through it?  This is something

new!  Holy s**t!

Holy s**t for real!  How do you spell b-i-g b-e-a-r?  I noticed 7 of these along the road.  Either a

lot of bears, or one bear that had a thing for pooping in the road.  I know!... the dude was in the

bushes laughing his ears off, that another stupid human would stop and take a picture of his poop....

More of that wet stuff.  I figured the mountain is half rockslides, so the water goes straight into

the ground rather than evaporating or running off right away.  Thus the springs.

This is where that came from, a little gushing hole in the ground. (I guess that's what a spring is,


Had to take pictures of all of 'em.  Really surprised me.

There are the towers.  I hadn't picked up on the fact that there was a good-sized burn up there, when

I was up there.  But it was all brushy, I guess that should have been a clue.

Cool snag.

The going was slow, 1st gear (especially with the 16t sprocket).  Turned out to be about 35 miles in

1st gear that day.  Anyway, I was afeared I'd get most of the way around the hill and reach something

impassable.  I REALLY didn't want to have to turn back.

This was the worst.  There was an old bladed route running around this (to the left where that log is

sticking out), evidently at some time in the past somebody needed that, though now it was overgrown

and had deadfall across it.  But it was an option.

Well, a little rock-work, and it was worth a try.  I'm amazed at how a loaded KLR, with generous

applications of throttle, can get up stuff. 

At the end of the road.  Hang a right and cruise on down to Roswell.  Being a slacker, and familiar

with the area (yeah, right) I figured 20 miles.  Turned out to be more like 60.....

Saw this guy along the road.  He was stretched out and not moving, I feared he'd gotten run over. 

Stopped and nudged him with my foot.  Stiff, maybe mostly dead?

Heck no, I'd just woke him up!  He struck at me (missed) and was rarin' to go.  Yeah... I'd checked

out his tail first.....

Moved him off the road with a stick, continued on to Roswell. Looking back at the Capitans.

Looking forward.  Hey, I just wanted to BE there.

Made it through town, and past town another 20 miles to Haystack Mountain (mountain????) BLM riding

area, a very cool place for all sorts of off-road motorcycling.  We need more places like this, give

people a good, legal, appropriate place to go.

Here's Son Trevor selling parts, he sells parts and gear out of his trailer. With the price of gas,

and using my old gas hog '74 Chevy to pull it, that's a losing proposition!

From the other side.  The young lady on the ramp is Sadie, her family came over to trials from desert

racing.  Sold her Dad my bike as a present for Mom.  They got hooked on trials and all three have been

kicking butt ever since.  Great family!  The other lady is Trev's sweetie Lia, an herbalist.  Love her

to death, she likes to go to trials and camp.

Leaving the next morning, another school.  This one has two entrances, I guess to keep the sexes

separate, and a magnificent facility out back.

Through Roswell, used to live there, nice place but no pictures.  Here are the Capitans.  Again.

The idea was to head west, then instead of going back towards the mountains, go north across many

miles of plains, intersect a road that goes west to Corona.  Remember Corona?  All roads lead to


Anyway, right there at the turn north was this.... your tax dollars at work.

Rural New Mexico, what else can I say?


This the Year of the Grasshopper in New Mexico.  They're all over!  At home, now in November, they're

still all over.  Strange.  They were like popcorn jumping off the road. 

Tank.  Guess what mountains those are....

More road.  This turned out to be 40 miles, and I never passed another car.  Just a handful of

ranches, maybe every 5 miles or so.

Had to get the bike in a picture.

Little hill / big hill.  I was struck by the scene, endless flats all around, then 2 hills, similar

but very different.

Along the way was a very big marshy area... some strange freak of geology.  Saw this deer there. 

there's another to the right, you can just barely see an ear-tip.

End of the road, hit the pavement.  Guess which.....

Onward to Corona.  I like flatlands and mountains, some of each.

Through Corona, headed south a couple miles then west to take a loop through the Gallinas.

Not much of a loop, I just skirted the north edge.  The map showed a road going through, but.....

(SOAPBOX) For whatever reason, some people want to liquidate all our public land, and figure

everything should be private property.  Well, take a good look at this.  That's all you'd ever see.


Leaving the mountains, see that little dim mountain poking up on the left?  That's home, many many

miles away.

Wind farm.

Cattleguards!  Something told me to take a good look at 'em before going across.  This one wouldn't

have caused a disaster, but they can.  Saw one once on a paved (fairly high-speed) road, right on a

curve.  Two panels, they'd pulled apart and there was about a 6" slot in between,right parallel with

the direction of travel.  Drop your front wheel into that, and....!!!!

Interesting sign.  Willard, NM. 

Almost home, an 11-mile straight-arrow road.  South Mountain to the left, San Pedros to the right,

Ortiz on the far right.  Sandias with Albuquerque beyond are the farthest away. Bet you wanted to know

that, eh?

Last photo.

That's it!  Finally made it to the top of the Capitans again, after ... lessee... 38 years.  Still a

great place.  Next time, I'll know what to expect.

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Re: Capitan Mts., SE NM (Part 2)
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2014, 05:59:47 PM »
Great pics and write-up!  :mol:  The open spaces you have out there are amazingly large compared to what we have on this side of the country.

Thanks!   :beer:


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