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I need help picking out a twin cylinder KLR

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More specifically I want a bike that will be much more comfortable on road trips than my KLR. What i'm looking for is info that I might not have thought of from you KLR owners with larger stable mates for road trips and touring. what you like about the bike you got, what you don't like, what you would have done different and why. I like sitting upright also, but no bike will be discriminated upon.

Also another thought I had was 685/705 kit Russel day saddle and other such upgrades to get the KLR more road cumf for the trips i know i wont be doing any heavyish off road stuff. 

I'm in debates with myself on this and am looking for some thoughts from people that have also done this or maybe researching and have found ideas i haven't.

I have posted this on advrider also so no need to double respond. Unless you want to.

So many choices for road bikes, you really have to ask yourself what kind of mission you are talking about-

Solo ride or with a passenger?
long distance?
All weather?
High speed over long distance?
Sporty handling or comfort?

I would look at the sport touring bikes like the Honda St1100/1300, Kawasaki Concours, Yamaja FJR1300, BMW R1100/1150/1200RT, BMW K1100/1200LT. Harley also makes touring bikes and don't overlook a Gold Wing....

Or you could get a naked bike (like a Honda Nighthawk) and add bags & a windscreen for long distance travel.

Adventure bikes like the big KTMs, BMW GS & Triumphs can also be ridden to the ends of the earth...



okay my first post was kinda vague. I think i wanted to know coming off a KLR (cheap, reliable, Simple) what was your choice for cross country trips and why. I realize there are a ton of bikes out there but i'm more interested in what you chose and why. Maybe it might strike something in me I haven't thought of.

A Wee Strom is a good choice, thats foe sure.

ADVRider is good places to learn about more street oriented bikes.


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