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July Ride 2014 Downunder

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Went for a bit of a ride over the weekend here are a couple of pics

And few more


Bit short on words for this report and pics too. Sometimes enjoying the ride just takes over.
Was about a 500km loop from my front door.

I did meet up with a group of about 25 others on the Saturday
the only time we were all in the one place at the one time was dinner time Saturday night and on the Sunday morning
Happens with a big group I spose

Thanks Bernie  :ricky:

nothing like a clear winters day.


Top report Bernie and pics  :Hap1:

Post up yr next we know to meet up :biker_h4h1:

Jock Adams:
Thanks bernie , good pics . ill have to come up one weekend and do a few of those tracks,
If i knew where they were... :(


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