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Wolfman and Kawa bags for sale AND Doohicky tools


The redone website won't allow me to post a "for sale" posting, so I thought I could go direct.  If it offends I apologize.   

Anyway I have a nearly new in excellent condition Wolfman Rainier tank bag and a Kawa tail bag.  Both go for $155, or $$95 for the Wolfman and $70 for the Kawa (plus the shipping unless you pick up near Del Norte Colorado).

Also, brand new unused flywheel puller and wrench to do the Do.  $35 +shipping

Email me at

You're good here! We know you've been around here a bit. In fact, I bought the risers from you and the purchase was good. Do you have some photos?

Spanky et al:

the luggage went out the door in one fell swoop.  I do still have what it takes to remove the flywheel.


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