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Author Topic: Byron to Steep Point, Honda CT 110 , 5000 km Via the French line . June 10 2012  (Read 2663 times)

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**************  Please note this is the 2012 Ride Report. ***************


Ages ago i put me hand up for a bit of ride across australia on a postie ,

didnt have one then,
 never riden one,
didnt think it would ever happen.
Three years later and its going to happen,
luckily i managed to pick this little beauty up in Bundaberg

 ive decided ill have a crack at the record for crossing OZ on a Postie,
all the others are going the long way via maree,

ive heard it said somewhere go straight across .......
 ( stupidly or in my innocent naievety)
 i think ill get permission to go via Walkers crossing from Inaminka then follow warburtons track till i hit the WAA line into Dalhousie.
2012, bit wet.... not going to happen.
feck it, ill go via the french line then,
been workin on quaddies for it for a fair while now.

and how to drive em.

bit of a test on the beach at Woodgate

good to go.
Had to get a better ute,

 KATO had voluntered to drive for me as backup,
in case it went arse up .

good man, couldnt have done it let alone lined up at the start without him.

Well i reakoned we had a 90% chance of failure but i wasnt lettin on to any one,
specially as i was interviewed the day before i left about me nervouse state.

Well we packed up and wandered down to Byron Bay

The most Easterly point od Oz and the start of the stupidest race thats been disorganised yet.

but we were still hopefull to raise heaps for the Royal Flying Doctor,
well that was the point eh,
we wernt doing this just for fun and the assurety of a bleeding arse for days.
We got pictures taken.

Rob,,,,,, the best support crew and driver in the universe, and me.

And i was talking to this dude in the crowd amongst many, lotsa tourist there but this guy was quiet and pretty dirty,
like mechanic dirty,
 when ya leaving he says.
Im leaving at midnight ill come back up to the sequirty gate and then head off,
be here at 5 to he says and ill let you in .
Ok sure we'll do that eh Rob ,
Shit yeah.
wink wink

Day1. ( 885 kms.)

and away we went's,

At 11:57 pm EST: the guy lived up to his word and when we got there the gate was open and he waved us off, not many like that left eh!.
the rest of crew started at 6 am from the front of the pub .....

yep , thats the light in the background .
yep, it raining.
yep, we got lost in the first 30 k's till a sign informed us we were heading fro brisbane,
luckily theres not a lot of trafik and the park between the roads was pretty smooth,
we soon got turned around and heading south to lismore.

Rode on a 13 tooth primary so she pulled up the Great Divide so easy we were soon west of Kyogle were the rain stopped
 and the road got a bit rougher
still travelling slow so the 3 or 4 skips that jumped out in front of me were easily avoided.
fueled up im Warick and the sun came up as we cleared toowoombah.....

Once we changed back to a 15 on the primary we were buzzing along at 85 KM per every Hour.
speedo measured the kms and the drops of blood from me arse measured the hours. 

On and On we ride , fuel up, couple of lollies every now and then...
 sugar keeps you awake,
 i had them snake things tied in knots on the bars and the mirror stalks,
 id just rip one off every now and then.

excitingly romantic stuff eh !

we bunked down at Charliville that night 17 hours since we left the Bay,
3 beers,
crumbed chicken ( i think)
hot shower,
hang all the cloths up to dry,
fell into a coma till 4 am .

Day 2. ( 842 kms )

big mistake ,
we fueled up the night before ,
I just packed up and left .
i mean its freezing eh
you wear your snow suit under your wet weather gear and just piss off,
knowing Rob wont be far behind with breackfast,
well maybe if he can find a bakery open in charly on sunday morning.
I never saw me only pair of jeans again till after we finished,
why i put them in me laptop bag and forgot them ,
can only be blamed on the coma that claimed me the night before.
This is where the myth of me rideing across the Simpson in me jock's came from actual true events.
2 hours later and the suns starting to come up,
im glad ive got 3 pairs of dry socks on its cold , im very hungry ,
the back wheel feels like its got insuficent air in it ,
i make the turn for Quilpie ,
fukin bikes all over the place.
fimnally i see the truck comeing ,
i pull over,
 well that tyres buggared....

i start to pull the swing arm off
we change the lot ,
and put the knobbie on while Rob gets the road tyre repaired .
hot susage roll for breaky, damn them things are good,
fill me pocket full of dinasores and away we go again.

After the cold start to day 2 and the quick tyre change it really was just a 14 hour grind all day .
birdsville was the destination for to-day.

pretty much sit on the fucker, push through it and wait.

some scenery to watch

There were a few of these ,
 we only took pics of one.

the ones we had to go through after dark were interesting.

Yeah only 4 hours to go....

oops , forgot that the average speed drops dramatically after the sun goes down.

We finally arrived in Birdsville well after dark...

just in time to get a feed just as the kitchen closed at 8.00 in the pub.
we got a huge steak and shared it between us ,
good phone coverage there but mobiles were banned from the pub,
 so we spent a fair bit of time outside in the cold and dust
talking to home and takeing calls from friends who couldnt beleive we had made it that far so easily.
neither could we aktually...
Met up with John and his APC Rally crew that night had a bit of a yarn about rallying and stuff,
and arranged to meet them out in the desert tomorrow ,
they were as interested as most were to see how the quad tyres would work.
but because we were actually there and not bunkered down behind a keyboard somewhere,
they were as enthusiastic as we were about how well they would work.

honestly, I dont know how we found our way back to the creek and our swags,
half way through the night i woke... thinking about how last time i was out west,
there was a mouse plague on ,
i wunder were all the little buggars have gorn ,
snakes ate them i realised .
i wonder where all the snakes go then,
not in my fukin stupid but very warm swag made from a rolled up tarp.
thats for sure....

i spent the rest of the night in the truck asleep in the front seat .
After i told Rob about my bad night,
he said I reakon we might tent it from now on,
and thanks awfully for letting me know last night.
I breath to wander.....

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Days 3 & 4. ( 505 km) Birdsville to Mt Dare via the french line.

Sun up was at 7:30 acording to our time mesuring devices,
we got fuked up with the time zones .

We awoke on the creek bank just out of birdsville .

The idea was to head into town , fuel up, get our park passes .... 125 dollars each.

Then grab some tucker at the birdsville Bakery..

And head out to the edge of the sand and put the fatties on and see how she perform's,
 and we were to find out later , also how well the rider performs.

bit wet on the way out .....

Finaly we get the tyres on

 and head around the detour to big red the first dune,

all 60 mts of it ...

fuck that Rob ,
Im going over it here where  its only half the height..

hmm that was easy , bring on the next 1099

On the other side of that bugger was another 300 as good as that one ,

 theres meant to be 1100 all together,

 in the 500 km stretch from one side to the other.

the lakes and salt pans round poppels corner were fun.

i gotta be honest most of them arnt that hard to get over ,
but then you get complacent and die half way up,

and have to turn around go back down and have another go.

10 hours and we reakoned we had covered 195 km not to bad for a late start and a steep learning curve.

We camped in the middle and it hit minus minus pretty quick after the sun went down,
saugage roll from the bakery 2 beers and into the tent for a very cool 8 hours sleep.

Day 4.

breaking camp in the middle of the Simpson, 2 pieces of banna cake for breacky . over prepared again.

And away we go . as the day wore on they got smaller and smaller and closer together .

The end of the Simpson, I was pretty happy to have done it.
couldnt have done it without Rob, he had my back 100%

all good things come to an end, But if ya push through, you will reach what ever you aim for.

As the sun settled on the end of day 4 we crossed the plains and the mungrel white sand drifts that welcome
you to Dalhousie .
Over the last 2 days id fallen off 8 to 10 times by smashin into tight sand berms and also tacking across the face of the steep
buggars that the postie had insurficent horse power to climb in a straight approach.
But these fukin white sand drifts with corrogations hidden under them,
was the last time id hit the deck on this trip and the only time blood was draw,
directly outside the Dalhousie springs dump,
very karmatic.

We pulled the wide front tyre off, had 3 beers and some bread toasted in the fat on some crews bbq.

We had done it .
First postie to cross east to west via the french line,
big deal,
i hit the sack,
 we still had over 3000 km to go.
I breath to wander.....

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Day 5: ( Breackfast at Mt Dare.)

Probable the most excited i got dureing the trip,
spotting this T junction.

9 km to go ,
bacon and eggs and we lashed out and had an extra sausage for 2.50 .
Real coffee and fruit juice.

I left our new friends at Mt Dare, and journeyed on heading for finke and then Kulgera and the tar.
From here on in i was under the impression i was in for a rest as the roads were about to become highways. :rofl

When i reached the Border i was , well ......

Yep, thats  the highway.

The run up to Finke was uneventful,
couple of gates ,
they break the monotony,
actually Finke was uneventful.

 we decided to take the back tyre off and put the narrow nobbie back on,
once we reached the better road.
it was nearly bald by now so it wasnt any differnt to the road tyre which we still hadnt bothered to fix.
got to kulgera round 2:30pm .....
 nuff said,
 back on the tar, now i get me rest.
 head down and head north to  Erldunda the turn off to the rock.
fueled up there and got some tucker,

Then headed into the setting sun at the end of day 5.
well past the halfway point.

rideing and talking on the phone till the signal died,
probably the last cell signal for a fair while.

Battled on till around 8:30 ,
made it to Curtain Springs and got a beer, pastie, shower,bed ....

Day 6. ( 427 km)
Curtain Springs , Docker River , Warburton.

Early start again,
bloody chook was trying to get the hour meter off the handle bars as i was gettin ready to go.

perfect timeing as the sun was comeing up the rock appeared in front of us.

bit of a quick yarn with the chick at the gate to the other side of australia,
explained we wernt stopping cause we just wanted to get to the other side,
so we wernt going to pay.

Then the Olgar's

sharp turn left here and were back on the dirt.

heading for Docker River, and the W.A. border.

And some more of this .

Lunch here. tin of tuna on white bread we got 3 days ago at birdsville ,
wont be forgetting that one fer a while.

GCH near Giles maybe.

We camped just short of Warburton that night,
ice on the tents but the canned chunky soup with birdsville dumplings was deliciouse ,
3 cold beers , just leave em on the bull bar for 5 mins and their icy.
Then into another postie bike induced coma for a few hours.

Rob had been mumbleing that to morrow I was looking at a big one,
 or we would miss the tide and the moon and be in the dark etc etc ...
and it would cause us to take an extra day.

Day 7.  ( 1,050 km ) all dirt.
Warburton ,leonora .

Same old , got to Warburton just after sun up,
wasnt worth stopping for.
dont know why i did....
out of couriosity i spose,

i pushed on, Rob fueled up and tried in vain to get some edible food.
parently they only turn the stove on there 3 days a week or whatever.
The Great Central Highway (GCW) is littered with wrecks or abandoned cars
once they are stripped then they burn em,
every 40 or 50 miles there is a car full of locals who have run out of petrol ,
they sleep beside the car in rag swags till you come along and then run around trying to stop
you for fuel, beats drivin in a strait line for hours i spose.

Rob finally caught up with me after nearly getting caught in a gauntlet.
i needed fuel and the engine need it 2nd oil change.
 ( we changed it at finke when we put the bald tyre back on.)
Was just about to get rollin again after a wunderfull refill of snakes and dinos .
when i noticed this...

bugger, looks like thats as far as the wide top triple tree is going.
time to switch back to the narrow front end,
nother hour wasted.

We made it to somewhere near Leonora that night.

Day 8. leonora, sandstone , murchison. ( i think around 980 km ...)

I dont think this map is very accurate , although we did ride all over the fukin place that day and most of that night.

Made it into Murchison road house that night around 10 pm,
 to late for a feed but once the park owner found out what we doing,
and that we wernt escaped lunatics,
 he let us stay for zip.
im sure we ate something that night,
but all i can remember is drinking 3 beers and crawling into a wet tent that Rob put up for me,
my fingers were rooted,
i could hold a beer but couldnt handle a tent peg.

Day 9 . Murchison to the Overlander then out to the point. (340 kms i think.)

Well the last day was here ,
 The park owner and his missus put on a bloody good brecky in the morning for us at sunup.

 Rob had pushed me the day before and we were now poised to get to the point by
a bit after midday, all going well.

Rideing ButchersTrack. ( The gravel roads in W.A. are very good, i rarely had the throttle lock off.)

The run along butchers from murchison was a real buzz,
the track was full throttle quality all the way,
we were hitting 87 km ph in places.

Everything was running smoothly and the bald knobby was still holding up on the back ,
fuk knows why it wouldnt go down .

finaly hit the last stretch of tar .
fueled up for the second last time ,
it was comeing to an end, this caper .

As the road was so good for the next 120 km's
a fair bit of reflecting was going on in the helmet...

Team George had put in an extrodinary effort and finished a clear 2 days in front of me and most of the others .
another team was a day in from of us also,
 and Mr fukin awsume did it on his own and alone Bluebox got in a full day and a half in front of us.
all of the legends who came in behind us were fantastic they finished and thats what it was all about,
doing it , finishing it, and best of all raiseing a few dollars for the Flying Doctor at the same time.

im thinkin man we were the first to get a postie bike across the French Line from east to west,
how fukin cool is that.

Then the bloody tar ran out ,
we hit the dirt,
if you could call it dirt.
on a road called "useless loop"
the dirt was white but on closer inspection it was sand,
80 km to go,
jeez should we put the fat tyre back on the back,
see how we go.
rob fueled it up ,
my hands had gone early in the day ,
i couldnt realy hold anything that didnt have a 1" diameter.
we battled on,
the road to steep point is very varied and finally you arrive at the deep sand and the dunes exhausted.
the timeing was bang on it was just after lunch,
not that i had time for more than a dino or 3. the first couple of dunes on the standard tyres nearly killed me
the sand is too deep to let you get a lot of pace up so you have to either paddle it of hop off beside it and idle it up.
the bald tyre worked a treat here as it could only dig in so far and the knobs on the side walls got a bit of grip in the trench .
finally worked out how to ride it and got a bit easier the road started to firm up a bit 

it doesnt look that hard but it is specially on something that was designed to race from door to door carying letters.

the last couple of k's was just too easy as the sand was very hard the only problem was the 4bees piloted by drunk happy fishermen,

8 days 17 hours , 94.6 hours running time , 5000 and sumphin km's , i forgot to check the speedo reading when we left.

The winner Craig mainprize 6 days and 12 hours..

Thank you Rob, couldnt have done it without you....

Thanks for tagin along , cya at the next one.

epilog: after that photo was taken we loaded that little fucker into the ute and drove back out,
my jeans were found in my laptop bag that night.
3 days later we were home.
i look at the bike in the shed every now and then,
started it a couple of times,
 but ive yet to set me arse on it and ride it..
the bald knobby is still on it .
i wear the tEAM dRONGO sweater with pride every now and then,
one of the best reminders of that trip will be that jumper.

This is the first guy to cross the Simpson Desert on a postie. ( 4 days , west to east via the WAA line and Rig road)

Jake Williams
I breath to wander.....

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Good to read this again Jock.......



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