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Author Topic: Australia: 4 days wandering.  (Read 2498 times)

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Australia: 4 days wandering.
« on: August 16, 2014, 02:50:34 AM »
didnt take a lot of pics , sorry bout all the writeing...

thought id head down to Stanthorpe on saturday where my mate Gene was
working on the race track there , getting it ready for a classic meeting ,
the big chill

He runs this old girl.

his missus swings for him but ive a feeling she might be up for a ride soon.

It almost snowed there dureing the work day , at least we had a good old feed of steak on the barbie ,plus a few snags .

then plenty of beers and bullshit from the worker/racers .

hmm maybe to many beers,
arr well.....

Any way .
next day , i wandered down to lismore,
broke a clutch cable on the way down the mountain,
visited with my daughter to make sure shes still on for the
2nd attempt at the record at the crossing of oz on posties ,
she is ...
her husband cooked a lamb curry ,
best feed ive had for a long time.
a long long time...

monday i reakoned id buy a new cable and then head for Roma ,
im on a crusade to get parts off a quad to build a new rear end and drive system for the postie,
the Kawasaki shop could order one in be there on wed ,
the old org bike shop ( should have gorn straight there .) had a huge box of cables ,
dive in there mate and find one that fits ,
found one, 4" to long who gives a fuck,
30 bucks,
wack her on ,
wont work ..
funny noise ,
starting to rain again.
Fuck it ill head back to Tarra and Mats place/shed and pull the fucker to bits
and see whats the go. ?
drop her on her side so i dont have to worry about draining the oil and rip the side off ,
embarrasement ,
the control lever must be 1/8 " proud not flush.
pissin down by the time i get it all back together.
i head off to a atv shop who ive been told may have the parts i need, 
they did , the clutch works fine now...

i finally see what ive lusted after and it wont do what i need to do.

fuck it, ill head back home via brisbane instead of the long trip west to the ATV wreckers.
wet weather gear on now, it takes a bit for me to that hot fukin suit on ,but it was pissin down.
One of Genes mates who has an engineering buisnes may be able to make them.
we pick up a case of budweiser and proceded to do it justice ,
really starts to rain now,( and rain it did for the next 2 days.)
looks like another flood,
Genes mate can do the job cheaper than i thought,
the wheel turns,

i head off home on tuesday morning ,
not a cloud in the sky, well a few but there friendly lookin ones.
thought id try the road up through jimna ,

 it should be open again by now.

It is and in good nick,

Loves them gum trees.

I thinks ill head for Mingo and see how they went ,
I've been told that my favorite camping and caravan park has been hit hard and i want to see for myself, as its close to where i want to move to soon its a good chance to see the area after a lot of rain. (22" in 4 days caused the disarster)

getting close , lovely country...

I get to the crossing (bridge) gobsmaked.

shit every where.....

this is the caravan park.

The water in the background is the water storage area ( Paradise Dam) it couldnt handle the rush that night.

heres whats left of the office and the managers residence ,

i knew him and his wife and 2 daughters , havent caught up with them yet.

I then backtracked a bit and went past the block of land ive got me eye on ,
all good there as its a good spot,
once again i arrived home as the rain started again,

arr ya live in the tropic's and its the wet season...
course its going to fukin rain...
I breath to wander.....


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