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Author Topic: Australia: Off Center Rally 2012  (Read 3049 times)

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Australia: Off Center Rally 2012
« on: August 16, 2014, 03:00:43 AM »
OCR 2012 Yipeee....

 ill start at the end , Tenere let me down just north of Cooktown . after close to 5000 km of sheer unadulterated pleasure.

I do hate leaving a bike in the middle of nowhere but its pretty safe and obviously buggared.

i ended up in this for 2 days ..Gawd.

Zac steped off my  KLR in Cairns, thanks mate, yer true blue now...

 and succesfully went chaseing backpacker tail ,
(pic's suppressed by afidavids. :rofl )
 so i rode it home from there .

the XT arrived home 2 weeks after i flew out to the States. When i got home 2 months later and pulled it down

I found the 2 dollar keyway had worn allowing the balance shaft to hit the conrod.

and crack the case.
wunderful design, congrat's obsqure japanese enginerer....

Ok , back to the start, Anja and i picked up Dave ( Mr Cob) at the Brisbane Airport.

and then head back up to Bundaberg where i live to some left hand side of the road orientation.

bit of back country roads...

Dave loves his fishnchips,

yet to be introduced to the auzzie meat pie...

Ready to roll and no we didnt forget anything !

Well the deal was , get Dave to the Ural Dealer Greg Frost at Super Moto Armidale, where my Cuz :) Jon Taylor ( australian Imported distribuiter for Ural.)

Was going to hand over/lend Dave a pretty much brand new outfit for the trip.
We would leave the KLR i was rideing there for Zac who was flying into brisbane in a weeks time, and i would continue on the tenere.

we had entered into an agrement to call at dealerships and do some promo stuff in exchange, Dave had met Jon in the U.S. and lent him a rig for a few days, it goes around.

Day 1: { Purple }
So off we staggered heading west then south to toowoombah had a bit of a stop there at the lookout,

 that gives a nice view of the back of brisbane.
well over the horizon any way.

then down to Glen Innis by dark , and getting very cold, i dont do cold.

We stayed in this motel that night, -4.
 i used to live in glenn, glad i left.

Day 2: { green }
first disarster, bloody solenoid brand new , ( but off a ride on mower.) failed,
 out with the screw starter.

Then i realised the bloody klr had a flat, was hopeing to make armidale on that old case,

 as i knew id get a good deal there on new tyres.


Next stop

Dave is fasinated by Elevation,

Guyra was the highest we would go in Oz at 4,000 ft its not much lower or warmer than Kosiosko the higest peak in Oz at 7,310 ft

Called in and showed Dave my old school in Armidale ..

 actually i got him to follow me through the grounds ( he had no idea but i always do a lap when im going past , fuck em.)

down the street to supermoto and got the tenere fixt and some new tyres on both ,
Dave does the interview for the paper and promo pic's.

 ( its all a bit silly but i join in.)

Arrange to store the KLR there,
 and off we go heading for Terrible Vale where Jon Lives ( the guy in the red shirt)

Near the town of Uralla , cant miss that photo opp eh!

then we head further south ( fukin colder that means ) towards Tamworth,

 where we will head back to Kentucky....

 via Walcha Road.

I got us lost , this is where my mother was born and grew up, very embarrasing...

finally we made it , had a nice dinner with Jon and Vikkie

and slept in one of his cabins on the farm.
-7 that night, thick frost.

so endeth day 2, well except for Daves snoreing ,
or should i say multipul near death expirences,
 ear plugs to be purchased to morrow.
I breath to wander.....

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Re: Australia: Off Center Rally 2012
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2014, 03:22:33 AM »
Day 3: blue. Walcha to Sydney.
up early we are going to try to make sydney by dark, har har...

headed off down the through the Nowendoc National Park,

 hard work in places for the Ural which promptly started demanding fuel.

Then down the range ,

down through Gloster then meet up with Roscou at  Stroud

Dave's first encounter with a works burger with beetroot on it , not impressed.

We headed down to Newcastle where Ross turned around and made his way home, fueled up for the expressway run into sydney and the traffic ...

made it to Better Bikes on Canturby Road, Belmore  in the heart of Sydney by 7 that night,

 plenty dark by then. off for dinner in Darlinghurst,
first time Dave  has had thai food,
so Roland orders for us ...

how was the appetizer he asks.

Dave says " Very nice but those leaves it was wrapped in were hard to swallow."

pretty interesting art thingie in the resturant 30 grand each, ok....

 and a good kip at rolands flat .

Day 3: purple sydney to batmans bay.
Next day the press malarky ..

Then were off heading down to wards woolongong to stay at Mark Smiths place that night.

Dave had an encounter with a talking toilet.

He comes back to me and said the fukin thing welcomed me then played automatic music while i was in there ,
I tells him, They all do that mate in the big smoke any way.
 id never seen one either but i wasnt telling dave that.

south we went , gettin colder. i dont do cold.

got to marks just on dark, straight to the RSL club and then a few more drinkies, marks a beer and spirit merchant so there were a few samples , sampled !

Day 4: Gold, Batemans bay to canberra ( brrrr.... i hate the cold.)

Next day Dave sights his first live roo's

ground lice..


Very civilized eh!

Thanks Mark , Great host..

Let ride, mark is going to show us around Batemans Bay and a few other tracks out in the bush as we head further south.

A beach

another beach, these fuckers are every where.

some old thing , been shot up in the 40's

a headland theres a lot of them also...

some old track

up high looking to ward New Zealand

A Cliff, we got it all down here.

Bland old valley,

Finally a pub and some lunch.

Mark heads home , we keep an eye on this bloke..

 then head south...

The dog was booked out

so we battled on to bungendore

settled in had a good feed and a warm room,

 got some wifi,
 while the temp plumeted to -6
Dave snored on.

To morrow were off to Canberra , Australias capitol

and an appointment at the  Russian Embassy.
I breath to wander.....

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Re: Australia: Off Center Rally 2012
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2014, 06:12:16 AM »
Great write up as ever Jock....  :clap:


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