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I have a 2008 KLR 650 along with a few other bikes. The KLR has become my go anywhere do anything I need bike. Without a doubt it is my work horse. I commute 30 miles one way to work almost everyday on it. About every other weekend this summer I would ride it 332 mile from where I live to visit with my mother. I really enjoy this bike. A few weeks ago while at a friends house  I test rode his 09 Versys and  could not believe how much I liked it. My ride was only about ten miles but it left me wanting more. My question is this. Have any of you went from your KLR to a Versys and regretted it? I really don't ride off road that much and have a KLX for when I do. So if any of you have switched please speak up. Cause if you regretted it I do not want to make the same mistake. Thanks!

I don't have a Versys (yet) but I do have a 2009 ER6n, same frame same motor (but in a different state of tune). Going from one to the other back and forth for years I can say this ... I love my ER6n but I have put 41K miles on my 2008 KLR and about 11K on the ER even though I've only had the KLR for 1 year more than the ER. The only place the KLR comes up short with the ER is the motor. The ER can cruise at 100mph all day long but I can't so 70ish is more like it and at that speed the KLR is fine. The KLR is also super easy to maintain while the ER requires some patience, example, changing the air filter requires removing the tank and other parts. The KLR has also fallen over a few times with no real damage. The ER has never fallen but if it did I would expect it would not fare as well. Like I said I love my ER (it smoked a Harley V-rod in a drag) but the KLR is the dog I play with the most.

That being said, the 2015 Versys has my attention. I really like the changes. Might trade in the ER for one this spring... just might.

Thank you for your reply. Did not think anyone would ever reply. That is actually alot of help. A close friend of mine is getting a 2015 .Versys 1000 and trying to talk me into that bike. He never leaves the asphault and I do. Although it is common for him to leave his home in Santa Fe, NM  for a days ride and end up at my house in NC.  My wife is in support of the 1000 so I stay on the road insteadmof heading down trails. We hit a deer two years ago and now she realizes how quick accidents can happen. Me being off road somewhere worries her. Anyway, thanks again for the reply. Decision, decisions!

I've often wondered how "light off road" worthy these bikes can be made. 

The foot pegs are suppose to have been moved on the 15 models. I felt too cramped when setting on the earlier version. I'm waiting to set on the 650 as well as the 1000 to see what the change is like.


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