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A short trip through the Southeast

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Oldstove and I have ridden in Virginia a couple times and had a blast so when I mentioned a fall ride this year we decided to try some other areas as well. We usually just head in a direction and always find great areas to ride. This year we had intentions of riding several states but stayed mostly in Tennessee and Virginia. Glenn brought his bike down for some alterations in my shop then we headed Northeast.
It had been a while since I had been on a trip so it felt great to head out.
Along the way I tried to show Glenn some of the places that he had read about on the forum over the years so he could have an idea of what places were really like.
We stopped at the station near Cruso where the old TDP and recent Blue Ridge run was held.
I think in this pic Glenn had to pee real bad and was in a hurry.   :poke:

We headed up 209 and stopped at Fine’s Creek store for food. They have great broasted chicken

Glenn with his BBQ and “don’t mess with my food” look  :Hap1:

This was one of those small signs along the way, I enjoy reading about the history of an area,tough times for sure

Here is a bit of info on the event.
We rode miles and miles of really sweet twisties through N.C. and Tenn.

A little cloudy but the temps were great and the scenery was as well


We came up on this along the way

Above the center of the tunnel this plant was growing out of the rock

Later we found a nice trail that went on for quite a ways.

Quite a variety of rocks, roots, etc. and always narrow.

Many places had a drop off on one side

Back on the pavement where the colors were turning a bit.

Plenty of nice scenery in that part of the country


Hard to decide between riding FS roads and twisties


We camped next to this stream for a couple of nights

More of the view along the way






We stumbled on a sign for an overlook so we went to check it out. We had to climb a while to get it but the steps were pretty nice.

The view of the valley was worth the climb.


I mentioned that standing on the rock a ways out from of the platform would be a good place for a pic, Glenn was on it in a heartbeat!  :clap:
Almost in the center of the above pic(in front of Glenn) there is a dark green area. I zoomed in for detail and to get an idea of the distance of the objects
And closer in on one of the many Christmas tree farms in the area

Later that afternoon the rains came in and when we finally got cell coverage for a forecast there were plenty of storms coming in. Rather than stay in the area for limited riding the last two days we decided to head back to try to beat the bad weather and ride the area at a later date. The leaves in many areas were just beginning to turn and should be nice in another week. I plan to come back up next week to hopefully catch the fall colors a bit nicer.
The trip was shorter than planned but traveling with Glenn is always a blast. We usually find a mix of great gravel, twisty pavement and a skidplate bashing trail or two combined with plenty of laughs and this trip was no exception. On this trip no one got hurt, nothing got broke or caught on fire… excellent!
Thanks Glenn for the great time.   :beer:

Yellow Jacket:
Wow, you guys sure know how to make a guy jealous. Glad you had such good weather while it lasted. Lots of neat stuff to see in that area. Where is that "hole in the wall"? I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of it before. 


--- Quote from: Yellow Jacket on October 08, 2014, 07:52:27 PM --- Where is that "hole in the wall"? I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of it before. 

--- End quote ---
It's Backbone Rock in the Cherokee NF.Here is some info. We were just riding along and there it was, pretty cool.  :thumb:

Very cool.  :aparat:


Wildhair and I stumbled across that place on the way home from steve's TdBRP a few years ago.  Nice riding in that area.


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