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not mine.. but inspirational...

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Hi Folks

A member on the local dual sport club {NBDSC} posted this ride up ,, among many things it contains some video /still shot combinations i can only hope to evolve to some day...

The ride is based on finding the perfect poutine.. which some may know has a  base of french fries covered in melted cheese/gravy mix..what goes on after that..makes for the perfect poutine..   :thumb:

In the beginning  they head to the Northern part of my home province New Brunswick,.. then have to decide which way to go,,,, as the Quebec /Gaspe route is a large circle... { a short version of this ride would be 3- 4 days} many take longer.

-> *enjoy* <-


Outstanding!  :ricky:

Dave S:
Intrepid travelers...well made documentary ...and poutine with chili, and mushy green peas ...things i never dreamed of before...Awesome !!

Poutine with chili sounds like chili cheese fries taken to a whole new level.

Cool video!  :thumb:
That poutine looks gooooood but could prolly clog an artery or two.  :(


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