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No pictures. Finally got out today. Ended up riding to an area I have been threatening to ride for some time now. Have 705's on and got out on some super slick mud. Pulled muscles I had forgotten about. Closer I got to the Arkansas River the slicker it got. About 45 minutes...cold  and not much of a ride report...but I was out there!!  haphap

Excellent! Glad to hear you were able to get out. Weather permitting, I'm hoping to get out for a "last day of the year/first day of the year" commute to/from work in a couple days. So far it looks snow and temps in the upper teens overnight.

The Fonz:
Still sounds like fun.

I'm jealous, it is currently a -3 degrees and small drifts in the driveway and still snowing. Just wondering how much water is in the Arkansas? When I haul inmates down to SE Co the Arkansas is wide enough to walk through and as deep as your knees.

Missed this....     yeah....up to and near Ft. Gibson, OK  the Arkansas is barely a stream. Just near my home the Verdigris and the Neosho tie in to the Arkansas and it becomes a full fledged river. Lots of locks and dams down stream fills the banks pretty well. The fishing is great!!


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