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The Fonz:
I currently do not have a KLR, but am in the market.  In the past I have had a Gen 1 and a Gen2.  For now, I have a 1998 Goldwing SE.  My wife and I take road trips on it and pull our pop up tent trailer. 

Looks like fun times!  :ricky:

Nice ride.  :thumb: 
Those trailers look like a great way to travel.

AND ...the Fonz is a good guy! You might remember....he came out to the Mrs. house in Arkansas. A 5 ish hour ride starting at zero dark 30. We did the doo...changed fork oil and engine oil. He left in the middle of the day and 100+ temps and high humidity. Good to see you back!

What's up Fonz?  Just thought I'd pop in and say, "HEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYyyy!"

sre (I still got it)


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