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So what tent do you use?

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Let's start a thread on the type of tent you use when motorcycle camping. I know many here have and do camp off the motorcycle and I'd like to gather up some of that knowledge for anyone who may be interested in doing the same. There's no wrong opinions here...just let us know what you like/dislike and any suggestions you have.


I'm currently using the Eureka Backcountry 2. They are discontinued now, but I've found it to be a decent tent. Waterproof(with fly installed), lightweight, packs small. Its fine for 1 person with some gear. Shock corded multi-section aluminum poles fold small. It all packs into a 6"x15" sack. Forest green hides decently in the woods if that's what you're shooting for.

It's served me well however I'm starting to think about hammock camping.

My tent is a old backpacking tent that I bought 25 years ago, and is in rough shape........  but, have you seen the prices of the new ones?  Would love to find a 2-3 person tent with head room..... must be free standing....... and not expensive.

Ride safe. Change the gas often.

I currently have a Wally World special... a kid's tent that measures 6 feet by 3 and is about maybe 4 feet tall at the peak.

 - Small, light and packs up small.
 - I'm just less than 6 feet, and can sleep in it kitty-corner wise.
 - Has some space for gear.
 - Cheap

 - No vestibule or whatever they call it. The door is unprotected.
 - Small.
 - It's very small. I can fit, but barely.
 - Did I mention it is very very small. Cannot stand up in it.

The main advantage of this tent is its price... being for kids, I think it was about $30.
I am in the market for something slightly larger, but this tent has worked well so far. Just needs to be a bit bigger.

REI Campdome 2.

I like that it's freestanding, no stakes.  No vestibule, but it's been many moons since I camped in real, long-term rain.  This is great/weatherproof for every rain/storm I've been in.  I often take an old fly from another tent for added shelter, but have only used it for wind.  Quality is good except the zipper is a bit cheesy.

By big complaint is that the specs say 88" long... I'm 6' and if I lay down, my head is just against one end, my feet against the other.  So I sleep kitty-corner, still have room for all my gear.  I can't figure how they got 88".


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