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There seem to be many approaches to gathering water for the campsite. From water filtration systems to bringing your own. Tell us about your preference and how you store fresh water while travelling and at the campsite. This includes filter pumps, store bought water, storage bladders...


I've been eyeing one of those filters that filter out everything including viruses, but haven't talked myself into pulling the trigger just yet. So for now, I use a camelbak plus an additional 1/2 to 1 gallon of home-pumped or store-bought water (1/2 to 1 gal depending on season, where I'm going, how long, etc). This puts me at just short of two gallons on-board. Which is none too much... plenty for a 24 hour stretch but I do need to refill pretty much every day. In an emergency situation where I'm not moving, I can make it last two days. Need to figure out a mechanism for carrying more.

The problem with the filter approach where I live is there is far too often no water to filter.


--- Quote from: SWKLR on January 20, 2015, 08:07:24 AM ---......The problem with the filter approach where I live is there is far too often no water to filter.

--- End quote ---

You got that right!   :Hap1:

I carry quart jugs, like gatorade bottles, though now I have some cherry juice bottles that are squarish, carried in the pannier, with one in the tank bag.  6 jugs is good, 5 ok, 4 is cutting it close.  Fill up at quicky-marts at about every opportunity.  Only a couple times have I not been able to do that... once the Nice Lady said "You don't want to drink that" when I asked if I could fill up at the sink.  The other time was just west of Big Bend (Presidio?) where the quicky mart didn't have water at their soda machine, but the Nice Lady said I could sneak into the laundromat and fill my jugs there, but don't tell anybody she told me, if I got caught.  That was weird.....

I typically buy bottled water when I'm travelling away from home camping. Only problem is the flimsy bottle not to mention tough to pack. Well that and it's costly. How about something like this for storage...

I've camped with Mac a few times and he's a big fan of filtering his own wherever we end up. What kind of filtration gizmo do you recommend Mac?

Glenn, I don't know if any are better than the others but I've had the Katadyn Vario for several years and it has served me well. A friend has an older Sweetwater filter that has been a good one also.
 My filter came with a 3 liter water bladder that resembles the one in a Camelbak. It was done well but last year I bought one of these in 4 liter, it is NICE! Places to strap it to the bike, very rugged and accessories for things such as a shower.
 If it's late and I'm near a dollar store or grocery store I may buy a gallon of drinking water for $1 just for the convenience but usually I don't want to carry the extra weight/bulk. The filter has allowed me to stay in some awesome places and not worry about having a spigot nearby.  :ricky:


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