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Another Liter of Water

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Well I've decided to restart my continuing RR thread "One liter of Water".
If you remember, cool. If not, it was just small reports and pictures from local spots around my home.
I don't think it'll be a weekly thing this time but often enough I guess. I hope you enjoy.

Vasquez Rocks!

Roughly 15 miles from my home you'll find a very famous rock formation.
I borrowed this from the website:
   "Vasquez Rocks, located in the high desert near Agua Dulce Springs, features 932 acres of spectacular rock formations, Tataviam Indian sites, and a seasonal stream. The rocks’ history began in prehistoric times when the sandstone rocks were uplifted at a picturesque angle, showing their jagged red features. In 1874 Tiburcio Vasquez, one of California’s most notorious bandits, used these rocks to elude capture by law enforcement. His name has since been associated with this geologic feature. The park is a popular hiking, picnicking, and equestrian area and has been used in many hit movies, television shows and commercials"

It's a half mile dirt road into the park. Free by the way!

The short walk to the top.

There's a KLR down there I swear.

Natural pot-holes in the rock.

View from the top.

Nice pics. Thanks for starting this again.  :thumb:

+1. Glad to see your still ride'n for fun Alan.

Thanks!   :thumb:

You're helping a bunch of folks make it through the winter!

what trialsguy said... +1 for the soul

In the last picture can you ride that terrain or would it be too rough?


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