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To camp or bunk it


all rides trips I have done I have stayed in b&bs or YMA hostels.
Looking at a trip up to Scotland to find some remote places.
There are some bunk houses I have found, was thinking of camping instead.
Not having camped in 15 years or so I'm wondering what gear I should get,
obviously needs to fit on the back of my bike...
Has anyone tried pop up tents?

I think I would like to camp were I to go to Scotland...but I know next to nothing about the environment. Keep the option open stay the night in a hostel or b&b were I to get so scuzzy small animals were afraid of me! Perhaps this thread may be of assistance!,512.0.html
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  And please ....take lots of photo's and share please!!  :aparat:   :beer:

There are lots of options and of course varying price tags associated with camping gear. Whether to go with the tent/ground cloth/sleeping pad or the hammock/tarp is one of your first decisions to make. Then there's sleeping bag choice depending on the temps. Cooking on the road will require some sort of stove/fuel.

It's surprising to see how much crap you can assemble for even a short camping trip. Then fitting it all on the bike can take some finesse, but with today's camping gear and storage bags, it really can be done easily.

Here's what I currently use and it all fits easily on the bike in 2 soft saddlebags(Ortlieb waterproof) and one or two duffels(Ortlieb drybag) strapped to the rear rack/seat area...

- Small 2 man tent (with waterproof fly)
- 1 small tarp for under the tent (saves wear and tear on the tent floor)
- Self inflating mattress
- space blanket (heavy duty foil emergency blanket)
- Either my 40 degree down sleeping bag (warm weather) or my zero degree sleeping bag (cold weather) and a fleece liner. If I have to bring the cold weather bag it goes in the second duffel

- Jetboil cooking stove
- Mountain House ProPak meals (one per day for dinner...I eat lunch out.)
- breakfast bars (granola bars)
- instant coffee packs
- several spoons
- several liters bottled water (stored in dromedary bag)

There are also going to be miscellaneous items you'll find you need to be comfy in camp. I'm sure there could be many more than I take and I'm sure to forget some here too...
- Alite Mayfly camp chair (very compact and comfy but LOW to the ground)
- headlamp
- rope
- hand sanitizer or baby wipes
- small hand towel
- rain poncho

To me one of the most important considerations is to be able to keep all this gear dry on the trip, so make sure the duffels and saddle bags are waterproof. I've done it without waterproof bags and it sucks. I'm sure there are many items I'm not remembering to put in here such clothes and personal items but it varies with the trip. This ought to get you started anyways.

+1 on keeping it dry.
I had to pack my gear up while it was raining one morning and had it strewn around a hotel room that night.
I wonder if the maid was mad at me the next morning, Muddy towels and wet carpets.

One thing I have to offer is don't over pack. For example, if you're not going to cut firewood, don't carry a saw.

Have fun and take pictures.



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