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I just found this post from Marty about his klx250s and riding in the Ocala forest. I have an 07 klx250s and I ride in Ocala as well. Marty, if you are around, how is your 331 holding up from bill blue? I've been hesitant to get one because I'm a big fan on nikasil. I've read everything I can find all over the blogosphere but you are the first from my neck of the woods and my same generation bike. My bike is stock, minus race tech suspension. My next move is fmf pipe and header along with a new carb (I'm still trying to decide if I want to do the TM36 instead of the 33/34 because people say it fits right in without modification). I bought my klx because it is lighter and more nimble than our drz. HOWEVER, it is super squirrelly in our Florida sugar sand. More-so than my Honda crf230f and my drz400s. I'm trying to figure it if it is a lack of power problem, tire choice problem, or a rake/trail problem. You really have to really ride it like a bat out of hell to get good traction. What has been the experience with your bike? Did you have that problem prior to your mods? Would you do anything differently?

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Your Ride Reports / Re: Chasing Trials (Part 7)
« Last post by trialsguy on January 21, 2017, 09:35:14 PM »
Wow, this is dragging on.  Life and work interferes with important stuff.  Like, spent all day (literally)  adjusting the valves in Mom's Subaru.  First time, didn't hurry, wanted it to be right.   :thumb:

Anyway, it was on back past Lapwai, only time lost, and I was on a schedule, which isn't the way I usually ride.  Onward on 95 to Grangeville, then east to Elk City, the start of the Magruder Corridor.  I gather it's a great ride over the mountains to Montana.  I'd heard of it for years, it really sounded interesting.  So on this trip, I'd be far north enough to do it!  Since most of the trip had been pavement, it'd be the high point so to speak.

I checked web sites, and there were scheduled road closures.  Luckily, I just happened to be between 'em.  Looking good.

Around Grangeville were a lot of these fields, an amazing amount of yellow.  Turns out they are canola.  Now the word has a whole new meaning.

Cool trestle, the country is a prairie, cut by rivers and streams.

The sign explains it much better than I could.

Then I get somewhere east of Grangeville and see a big highway sign, that the road to Elk City is closed from 7:30 to 5:30, with a one-hour open window at noon.  Otherwise closed.  Turns out there was a major (yeah, it was MAJOR) slide that actually had the road completely closed, I'm guessing for a month or so. 

So I need a place to camp, and find one on the river (South Fork of the Clearwater), towards Elk City. Not as close to the road closure as I'd like, but it's a steep, narrow canyon with precious few places to get off the highway.  I didn't want to press on, and not find a decent place.  Figuring... there'd be time to get up and make the 7:30 cutoff.

Nice camp, but got there kinda late, no fire, no steak.  Life is rough sometimes. :'(

So, I wake up at 4 am., and.... it's light???  Came the dawn (figuratively speaking), must be up against a time zone.  Am I screwed?  Made it in time, though.  Turns out they were on Pacific time too, so I was 45 minutes early, not 15 minutes late.   :mol:

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the slide,  it was this bare dirt thing, and waaaay up there was an excavator, looked like a toy.  Wow.

In Elk City, I decided to get some grub, stopped in a little place, only me and two old guys.  We got to talking, "Well, the Magruder is closed".

WHAT!!??   :bugey:

Turns out there was an unscheduled slide and it's closed.   :(

I go to the Forest Circus place to get the lowdown, yeah, it's closed.  I wonder about sneaking through, but given the terrain, that's not likely. 

So here I am, the highway's closed behind me until noon, and I have to get to Colorado...... and the Nice FS Lady says "... but there's a way around that slide..." (meaning the one between us and Grangeville).  Thank you Ma'am!   :mol:

I guess the Elk City people used that 'back way' for quite a while while the highway was totally closed, the only way in and out of the place.

Okay, okay, just don't shoot me.  NICE road.

Through the valleys and up the mountain......

The things you find..... I sure am glad somebody took the time to put up this sign.

I thought this tree, probably a spruce or Doug Fir was dramatic.  New growth.

Maybe 20 miles of that nice road, around the slide, and back down to the highway along the river.

Nice rock, but I was in too much of a hurry to stop and take a picture that morning.

Back to Grangeville.  Again.  Kiss the McMurtry concert in Rifle goodbye (I'd go through there the morning after).

This doesn't look like much, but man, was it good.  Little wagon-kitchen in a parking lot.

South of Grangeville is White Bird Grade.  I have vivid memories of the 'old grade', as our overloaded fire-crew school bus would have to go up and down that 'tortuous' hill.  I love the name too, and the song 'White Bird' by Beautiful Day... anybody remember that?

The road's been bypassed for quite a while, so these signs are on the 'new road'.

The old road.

Next is heading down through Idaho through the Salmon River country.  I think most of Idaho is "Salmon River country".  This is going to take some figuring, as there's the Salmon, Little Salmon, Middle Fork Salmon, East Fork Salmon, South Fork Salmon, and probably some Forks I missed.

To be continued....
Your Ride Reports / Re: Chasing Trials A short Part 6)
« Last post by trialsguy on December 30, 2016, 09:37:44 PM »
RarePartBuilder, I'd love to ride back there.  Ridden trials and street in the east, nothing in between.

The next installment?  Well, this is serious.  There's been a major recall on the KLR oil cap.  Have you heard about it?  I got mine replaced with the new version, here it is:

It seems that the old cap, being a simple screw-off type, could be unscrewed, oil added, and then not screwed back on.  A major design flaw.

Happened to me after Lewiston, ID, I stopped at a casino campground and added a bit of oil.  Carefully set the cap on the fairing, topped off, put the oil bottle away, geared up, and rode off.  Not my fault.

Through Lapwai (familiar place from 45 years ago), after about 20 miles, I stopped for some reason or another.  Looked down, and my riding suit was saturated with oil. 

Major, major "Oh Shit!!!!"

I guess the oil was coming out in a fine mist, not hot enough to get attention but enough to soak me after a while.

Enough oil left to ride the bike, so I found a pill bottle, "modified" it and took it easy back to Lapwai and topped up.  (Never in 1968 would have I imagined being in this situation in Lapwai!    :gerg:   )

So it's back to the casino, hoping that's where the cap was.  Yup, right there, even right-side up, no dirt on it.  I don't know whether to feel cursed or blessed....

So it's back to Clarkston, see my old buddies at the Honda shop.  The rear brake pads are soaked, but they have some new ones.  I plan to put 'em on later.  Find a car wash, blast everything off as best I can, including the rear brake.  Surprisingly, it comes back to life, not perfect, but good enough.  After a bit of use, it was like new.

Back outa town, pick up the pieces.

That's the  :Aarrg:   :banghead:   :Hap1:   -laf   :rollinglaugh: oil cap story. 

On to the Magruder Disaster....
Stablemates / Re: Scratched the itch
« Last post by larry31 on December 30, 2016, 05:46:29 PM »
Interesting comments on which bike to buy. 
He ended up with one.
Stablemates / Re: Scratched the itch
« Last post by hotshot on December 30, 2016, 05:14:24 PM »
Hope you enjoy your new toy. I've had the hots for a red one just like your's minus the side boxs at my dealer. It's just alittle  bit out of my budget. I keep saying one of these days.
Your Ride Reports / Re: Chasing Trials
« Last post by rarepartbuilder on December 29, 2016, 09:05:05 PM »
Bob... you are leading by example... if that gps  line ever heads north east ... shoot me an email and we make sure some rolling the throttle days simply happen  :smiler:
 got to say..i'm enjoying the read... umm umm ... December here slammed in like a lion... with mucho... less than desired weather ..even for the heated gear die hards  :ricky:..

If ya dont mind..i'd  like to dedicate this to your thread ...keep it coming

Stablemates / Re: Scratched the itch
« Last post by Yellow Jacket on December 28, 2016, 10:08:30 PM »
Heck of a bike you got there Mac, looks like you've moved up to the big league. I'd like to get a look at it before it gets all scratched up.
Stablemates / Re: Scratched the itch
« Last post by MacGyver on December 28, 2016, 06:44:22 PM »
Hey, I know you're not pointing at me with that comment!!
No sir I was not, however, I know you are capable of helping "break"in a new bike.  :poke: :Hap1:
Come on down and take her for a spin. :biker_h4h1:
Stablemates / Re: Scratched the itch
« Last post by oldstove on December 28, 2016, 05:18:56 AM »
:Hap1:  I wish I could. Dreading the first scratch in the beautiful paint..... but it's coming I know.

Hey, I know you're not pointing at me with that comment!!

Congrats on the new wheels Mac. Hoping to get to see it sometime (soon).


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Stablemates / Re: Scratched the itch
« Last post by MacGyver on December 27, 2016, 07:03:07 PM »
Thanks guys, will give updates. I haven't ridden on the road yet since I don't have a tag but have ridden in the woods behind my house. It's amazing how even though she is "big boned", it still maneuvers fairly well in the trees. Even still, there is a LOT of motorcycle there. Time will tell. Still have the KLR for the rough stuff.  :ricky:

Next question is, will you be able to fit that 10-gallon IMS tank on there?  haphap
:Hap1:  I wish I could. Dreading the first scratch in the beautiful paint..... but it's coming I know.
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