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Welcome to the forum Jednlulu.

While I don't have the Wolfman Enduro, I do have another on of their tankbags and maybe the hookup is similar. Mine came with 4 straps. 2 long and 2 shorter. The two long straps I have looped around the vent slots in my fuel tank(one each side) and then attached with the buckle to the forward attachments of the bag. The two shorter(again one each side) I have wrapped around the tube frame and then the buckle end up to the aft attachments of the bag. If I can get out to the shed, I'll try to snap a quick pic.
Hello all, noob here..
My gem is a '95 KLR 250.  Bough 3 years ago with just shy of 4k on the clock.
FINALLY figured out my cold start issue a couple weeks ago (pressed brass pilot had been attempted to be drilled by P.O. and material was lapped over the hole.)
Anyway, I purchased a Wolfman Enduro bag, it arrived today and I'm not quite sure how to mount it.

Looking for any tips, images by other members how they mounted it to theirs.
Thanks for any advice or tips!

Here's my gem (P.O. didn't like the "Ken and Barbie" combo so he painted plastics and tank green...I like the color scheme.)
On second thought...I can't figure out how to insert a picture!!
Canada / Re: I'm back in the KLRWorld .....
« Last post by hotshot on April 30, 2016, 07:56:11 PM »
 :welcome: back.  :biker_h4h1:
Canada / Re: I'm back in the KLRWorld .....
« Last post by RBR SIDE DWN on April 23, 2016, 10:55:54 PM »
Always glad to ride with you J, anytime, anywhere. How's the health?

I have been up to my armpits with work and restoring the interior of the Airstream 310 turbo diesel that you saw. It's completely different now but cut into my riding time in a big way. In fact I had to reregister as my username was in the garbage from non use. :11doh: This has to be the first time I've been on a KLR site in almost two years, if not more. :super:

Hof sold his KLR I guess. Is Chubakka and Cosmo still around?

Camping Gear / Re: Cooking and food on the trail
« Last post by Cway on April 16, 2016, 06:59:08 AM »
I personally don't like the extra weight of carrying a stove and pots. So I improvise by cooking spam over the fire or I carry some aluminum foil and will wrap and cook it on the exhaust pipe of my KLR if I cannot have fire. I have also been known to carry a spool of fishing line and hooks and catch a fish and cook it over the fire. Or boil my fish in my ramen noodles.
Your Ride Reports / Roads & Trails, NC 2016
« Last post by cherokee_chuck on April 12, 2016, 07:37:11 PM »
Friendly link to this rally in the Southeast!
Your Ride Reports / Re: 16 days on the road - the Oz KLRRR 2015
« Last post by oneblackdog on April 12, 2016, 06:09:39 AM »

Forgot this vid

These trucks (trains) will do the highway speed limit, this time it's through road works so less than half that.

Best to stop and wait - visor down

Your Ride Reports / Re: 16 days on the road - the Oz KLRRR 2015
« Last post by oneblackdog on April 06, 2016, 10:15:01 PM »

It was getting on in the day and there was still quite a ride to get to Thargo' - our next stop for fuel and a campsite (and shower - every second day is enough) so we sent Gabe out in front and started to push the pace a bit as riding late in the afternoon or night is not safe out here - lots of wildlife that is fast & stupid.

And we rolled on.... we wanted to get to Thargo' tonight (Friday?) as we wanted to get home on Sunday.... so we didn't side-track into Noccundra (where the rally was a few years ago) and just rolled on, with sun behind us and lengthening shadows in front of us.

Then Rob stopped.

Then Rob started to play with the GPS, and checked the tripmeter. How far had we come? How far to Thargo? In total it's about 375km. Doable on the standard tank. But we all went out to grave site yesterday (about 25km) and Rob & Gabe went to the Dig Tree (about 30km) and Rob & I turned around to help Gabe (another 10+km). We were pushing it a bit, the air filters were a bit dirty.... (actually mine was ok as I took the sock off it)...

How far to Thargo'? How far back to Noccundra? Noccundra has fuel, a pub and free camping beside the river. Noccundra was closer. Thargo' might be too far.

We turned around. We left Gabe to continue on as far as he could, he was going a bit faster than us as he wanted to get to town for a new battery. There was no-one to carry a message.... Gabe had camping gear, food & water.... So we went back to Noccundra. I got all the way back - can't remember if I needed reserve or not. Rob put in his extra spare litre of fuel. And then used the "secret reserve". Twice.

Filled up with fuel at the pub.

Filled up with food and beer at the pub.

And that was Friday.
Your Ride Reports / Re: 16 days on the road - the Oz KLRRR 2015
« Last post by oneblackdog on April 06, 2016, 10:07:50 PM »

And we rolled gently east.... some hardy shrubs, a bit of grass, a small escarpment or three, a little dried up creek... the road was all bitumen now - mostly single lane, but a few stretches of double lane for overtaking. But the there was no-one to overtake. Getting home was just a formality now. The holiday rolled on, but the adventure was over....

Not quite a town, just gas infrastructure

This place collected gas from the wells and pumped it to the next point, or pumped it back into the ground for later.

We stopped for a look and a stretch and a bite to eat and a look around, then homeward bound again. Rob, then me and Gabe... I rode on for a while but couldn't see Gabe in the mirror - or could I. His headlight was quite dim and the road was hilly and windy (in an outback sort of way). I kept looking, I kept thinking I saw his silhouette. But I didn't. So I eventually stopped and waited. And waited. And waited a bit more. Then Rob came back. So we went back to find Gabe.

No accident. He didn't even leave our stop. Battery died. It was an old wet cell - similar to the original. Push starting wasn't enough.


We're a long way from anywhere and everywhere (including phone reception). Jumper leads - no, not me, nor Rob or Gabe. Now there's a lesson.

Fortunately one of the gas well staff came by and stopped for a chat - he was a rider, and it was quite obvious by the mess that we needed help. He had a few things to do first, but came back with a set of jumper leads and all was good.

He showed us some interesting maps of tracks and historic buildings hidden on local properties... there's much to see and do out here if you could get permission.

And we rolled on....

Getting home was just a formality now. The holiday rolled on, but the adventure was over....


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