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Author Topic: "From Casper the Milquitoast to the Green Beast"- Marty, where are you?  (Read 708 times)

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I just found this post from Marty about his klx250s and riding in the Ocala forest. I have an 07 klx250s and I ride in Ocala as well. Marty, if you are around, how is your 331 holding up from bill blue? I've been hesitant to get one because I'm a big fan on nikasil. I've read everything I can find all over the blogosphere but you are the first from my neck of the woods and my same generation bike. My bike is stock, minus race tech suspension. My next move is fmf pipe and header along with a new carb (I'm still trying to decide if I want to do the TM36 instead of the 33/34 because people say it fits right in without modification). I bought my klx because it is lighter and more nimble than our drz. HOWEVER, it is super squirrelly in our Florida sugar sand. More-so than my Honda crf230f and my drz400s. I'm trying to figure it if it is a lack of power problem, tire choice problem, or a rake/trail problem. You really have to really ride it like a bat out of hell to get good traction. What has been the experience with your bike? Did you have that problem prior to your mods? Would you do anything differently?

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