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Author Topic: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)  (Read 45473 times)

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #25 on: July 18, 2014, 06:19:33 PM »
..... But I figured if I wanted to make it to Quebec in about a month time (to maybe meet up with Jettn Jim) I would have to mosey on…...

I love your time frames!   :thumb:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #26 on: July 21, 2014, 04:54:42 PM »
This ride report is proof of how diligent I am in keeping up with it! I actually have to pay here at the library in The Pass to use the internet. $1 per half hour!
But as I am a firm patron of the library system I figured I’d help.

Where did I leave off??
Oh yeah, I left Big River heading to Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Big River, it reminded me of one of my nicest costumes I’d made, that required 14 yards of fabric. It was one of those “Scarlet O’Hara” dresses

The weather was nice and I was glad not to be riding in rain again, kinda had enough of rain for a while.
Pretty soon I got to the shortcut to the park, which turned into a dirt road, Hmmm, the Harley guy said it was paved.

It looked pretty dry so l kept riding.

Yeahhhhhhh, I had to stop and lower the tire pressure.  It wasn’t all that dry in places, and in other places it was super dry and sandy. I don’t like sand, have I mentioned that before??

After a while it turned pretty good and before I knew it I hit pavement again.
The pay booth was not too much further.
The lady at the booth asked if I planned to stay, and I said no, just passing through on my way to Flin Flon. She let me pass without paying a fee.
The road itself was nice, but not spectacular though. I pulled over at a campground to inflate the tires again. I so love my green slime inflator!!

Gorgeous view before the end of the road

After about 40 minutes of easy riding I came to Meadow Lake Town.
What a shock! After being in nature all of a sudden I was in touristville!!!
There were little shops and restaurants, cafes with chairs and tables outside, very cozy! This was really a high-end resort!
Kinda got lost cause my GPS didn’t see any of this, so I asked for direction back to the Hwy.
I was curious about camping prices so at the little exit booth I asked how much the overflow was to pitch a tent for the night. Not as bad as I had thought, but with the entrance fee it would have cost me $25, so I opted not to.

I parked right in front of this deer, and it just looked at me!

Pretty soon I hit Hwy 2 (I think) and headed North to Weywatkin, the last place to gas up the Harley guy told me, before I got to La Ronge.
By now it was pretty late and I was tiring

The sun was fast on its way down, and I really don’t like riding at night, not only that, I discovered to my dismay that only one setting of my headlight works.
Seeing as I painted over the little drawing I don’t know if I now have my regular or my brights on. I have the top part of the button pressed down.

I kept turning in little side roads and one after the other turned too muddy or sandy, and almost all of them had bear poop on the tracks. Hmmm, nope, so not going to stay here!

I was hoping to find a spot with trees, so I could have some shade, and put up my tarp in case it rained
Then I saw a little tent sign with the letter 2 Km underneath.
I kept my fingers crossed that this place wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg.
Two Km later I saw the turn off…………
This is a campground? I rode Spirit around the little loop and saw 2 open spaces between the trees, and 2 toilets. No sign anywhere about having to pay!! Yippee!!
One of the open spaces had a teepee frame on it, so I picked that one.

My tent fit right inside of it, and I fixed my tarp over it just in case.

Pretty soon a car showed up with a canoe on the top, and the guy picked the other empty spot. My did would be happy I had a fellow camper and was not all alone.
After I finished setting up it was dark, and I cooked my dinner quickly as I was hungry to the max!
Then I checked my cell phone. I had reception!!! Awesome!

Around midnight I crashed, and I slept like a log.
I vaguely heard the canoe guy leave early in the morning, but I fell right back asleep again.
As I had such a nice spot I decided to stay for a day.  It rained on and off, and I spend the day knitting (again) and reading.

Started on Brain Sanderson’s Way of Kings, pretty awesome book so far! I now the sequel is out, but probably not yet on e-format at the library.

I walked around when the rain stopped and saw why there were sooooo many mosquitos at the campground

Interesting little (actually pretty big) bug in the tent
I packed up everything I didn’t need and put it in my cases.  According to the weather forecast it was gong to be sunny the next day.
I woke early and packed up the rest. I wouldn’t say it was sunny, but it was dry.

When I got to Weywatkin I found the gas station, but it turned out that the pump was no longer in use. Shucks! I would have to go to La Ronge now to gas up.
Luckily it was only 20 miles further than the turnoff to Hwy 165 that headed to Flin Flon.

I got to La Ronge a couple of hours later and filled up my gas tank. It took me a while to get out of there as people kept coming up to talk to me and ask me where I was going and where I was from. Finally I said my goodbyes and  rode away.
They had a huge grocery story in town I was told so I headed there in search of some almond milk. It was closed on Sunday! Bummer.
I turned around and headed back to the gas station to get some paper towels and fill up my water canteens.

As I headed to Hwy 165 I was both nervous and happy. At least I didn’t totally ex out the route I wanted to take. I hoped that the road would be dry.
As I turned off unto 165 I was happy to see that the road was in really good shape. l kept my fingers crossed.

I just had to take a pic of Spirit and the open road!
The speed limit was 80 Km an hour and I kept it at 70 pretty much, until the road got tricky. Again I stopped to let the air out of the tires, down to 20 Psi
I thanked my lucky starts that it had been dry for a little while, cause I saw what this road would have looked like when wet! There had been some heavy cars that left their tracks and I pretty much kept Spirit riding over their tire tracks, which were about a foot wide. Left and right of the nicely flattened area the dirt was sometimes a foot high, but mostly about half a foot of mud, gravel or sand, depending on how wet it was.
Occasionally I had to fight to keep Spirit upright as the tracks crisscrossed, but other than that it was really easy.

Hit another easy stretch

After about 100 Km (really short road) I hit pavement again.
Stopped again to put air in.
I kept on noticing oil on my bottle and the frame, and I couldn’t figure out where it came from.
I figured as I had spilled some on my engine guard that it must be flying off it and unto the frame. I really should not have assumed and looked, but I’ll tell you later why I was leaking oil. I did check the oil level and it was good.
The weather was really nice, even though my android weather told me rain, rain, rain  in Flin Flon and surrounding areas. I am so not going to look at that thing again!!!

The road to Fin Flon reminded my of a patchwork quilt!

The closer I got there the more rocks I saw. This was exactly like going to Yellowknife!

It was very pretty driving by all that water.

I was in Flin Flon before I knew it, and nowhere did I see a sign saying Welcome to Manitoba! Sniff

I did find the tourist info center and got a map of Manitoba. The kid didn’t know anything about camping or which routes where the nicest, so I left to crass the road and go into Walmart for some almond milk.
They had just closed!! Oh well, I still had one little 8 ounce carton.
They also had camping in Flin Flon, but camping right in town just doesn’t do it for me, even though I would have like a shower.
I headed South toward The Pass, looking for a place to camp. Another campground was also $25, nope!
After a while I noticed a sign saying  picnic area, and I turned off into the dirt road.
I was really a short road and ended up at the lake.
There were no tables or anything, so it didn’t look like a picnic area, but boy did it look like the perfect camping spot!
I decided to just pitch my tent and if I got booted out, so be it!

It was the perfect spot, and even better was the fact that there were hardly any bugs!!

View from my tent door

I was really comfy and happy there, the sound of the water lapping was very soothing and not having to swat away mosquitos in my tent was just awesome!
After cooking dinner and eating I walked around a bit. There was a hill behind my tent and I walked up it

The sun was setting and I got a pretty nice shot of the sunset

I slept like a rock and woke around 8, but really 9 Manitoba time.
I took it easy and made pancakes, but before too long it got too hot. There was not a cloud in the sky!! Amazing!
I did my morning check for Spirit, checked the oil, still good but a little lower….. so I added a little.
Check the tire pressure, both good, and waxed the chain.
Then I looked at the oily frame and water bottle again. I had just wiped those yesterday!
Then I saw why!!  “#*^%oghlfjb32)!lgrrrhidssht*&%!!!”
My stupidity is going to kill Spirit one of these days, if it hasn’t done so already!
I could have cried!!!
Dimwit I told myself! I had totally forgotten to reconnect the fat hose that goes from the engine to the airbox, and oil had been leaking out of there.
I took it of and checked the inside. The part that had been hanging out was dirty with oil and sand, but the inside near the engine was just oily, and I could not detect any griddy stuff. Maybe the pressure coming out of it stopped dirt from going into my engine. I sure was hoping so, but what worried me was the fact that it had rained with that hose out. I can only hope that because it was kind of under the seat somewhat, that no water got into it.
I cleaned up the inside of the hose with paper towel, and put it back on.
Maybe just to make sure I’ll change the oil in The Pass if they have a Walmart or Canadian Tire that sells Rotella-T

I left around 11 Manitoba time, and headed for the pass.
The road was pretty boring, but still nice.
The pass is a nice size town but I still had no reception. Then a lady told me, yep, Telus has no service here. Shucks!!
I found this library and figured I’d type up my report first and the pay for the internet to upload the pics and my report.
An hour later, paid for internet and I couldn’t upload the pictures. The guy at the library was a jerk, didn’t even offer to return the dollar.
Went back to McD and uploaded everything there.
No Walmart or Canadian tire here, not sure if I can find Rotella-T here.

I’m gonna head south and see if I can bypass Winnipeg.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #27 on: July 21, 2014, 07:28:48 PM »
Flin FLon the only town in the world named after a fictional character,   I slept for free at the campground in town as I had met the postman and his wife who worked there at a bar one RAINY night, great couple.  She gave me a key to the washroom and I left it under a rock near the office. Actually it was raining SO hard that I just threw my bag on the bathroom floor and slept right there!  :bugey: Quite a sight I was to the ol' men coming in for their morning seat time, good thing I had lost my smell in the accident.  :winker:

"The town's name is taken from the lead character in a paperback novel, The Sunless City by J. E. Preston Muddock. Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin piloted a submarine through a bottomless lake where he passed into a strange underground world through a hole lined with gold. A copy of the book was allegedly found and read by prospector Tom Creighton.

When Tom Creighton discovered a high-grade exposure of copper, he thought of the book and called it Flin Flon's mine, and the town that developed around the mine adopted the name.

The character of "Flinty", as he is locally known, is of such importance to the identity of the city that the local Chamber of Commerce commissioned the minting of a $3.00 coin which was considered legal tender amongst locally participating retailers during the year following its issue. A statue representing Flinty was designed by cartoonist Al Capp and is one of the points of interest of the city. In 1978, the National Film Board of Canada produced the short documentary Canada Vignettes: Flin Flon about the origin of the city's name."
Flinty here near the Campground...

HUGE underground mines are under the city the size of football fields. Mining still being the main employment there: "Today, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited (now known as HudBay Minerals Inc.), is still the major employer in the area and mining is at the heart of the economy."

If you go East out of town on 10 toward the Cranberry Lakes and Cranberry  Portage you can see the Worlds Largest Tipi:
Then take a left onto hwy 39 for a ways past many more lakes, then scoot down hwy 6 which will spit Lake Winnipeg and Lake Winnipegosis BIG WATERS! And lotsa great Walleye to eat!  :drooler:

North of Winnipeg you can start cutting across to the East and Southeast missing the greater part of town.
I loved that ride up there!  :claps:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #28 on: July 23, 2014, 04:17:47 PM »
..... But I figured if I wanted to make it to Quebec in about a month time (to maybe meet up with Jettn Jim) I would have to mosey on…...

I love your time frames!   :thumb:
Haha, yep, I don't like to hurry!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #29 on: July 23, 2014, 04:20:05 PM »
I just spend two blissful days at a beautiful and free campground half hour north of Mafeking on the lake.
It was just gorgeous and peaceful!

My ride from The Pas was uneventful, and I rode for quite a while. Funny how thoughts pop up in your head if there is nothing to do other than riding, especially if the scenery is really not that captivating.
I've even had total strangers talking to me, and suggesting I write a book about my travels. To me it would just seem like a boring book, but it seems many disagree. Maybe I should take a go at it and see if I can even write anything logical  :Hap1:

It was getting late as I had spent way too much time in The Pas, and again I started going down little roads, but nothing felt right to me.
I almost pitched my tent in an acceptable spot, but the mosquitos were bad. I had to pee, and my butt looks horrendous now! I envy guys!!  haphap
Somehow I felt that I needed to keep going, that I shouldn't settle for something less than I found so far.
The road all of a sudden got really bad, they were redoing the tar, and had made the sand wet. It was now thick almost hard mud with lots of groves. No fun! Glad it was only a short while.
On the map there was a small icon of a tent way north of Mafeking, and I thought I'd just pay for a campsite and take a shower. When I finally got there I was stunned. It was awesome!!

Not a soul in sight

No idea what flowers these will become

Had a dragonfly land on my sleeve and stayed there for a long time, until I accidentally dropped my camera on him, oops! Was trying to take a really close shot and it slipped out of my hands.

I spend the day dong nothings, like knitting, Finished Spanky's hat, drawing, reading, eating and relaxing. Even though I love riding and seeing beautiful things and surroundings, I love pitching my tent and doing nothing the most.
LOL, probably not something a lot of people do when traveling. Everybody seems to be on the go all the time, it sounds exhausting!

I was debating staying another day at the campground when the crew came to clean the bathroom and mow the yard. I decided that maybe I should just mosey on. One of the crewmen was also a rider, and he gave me some info on routes to take. He shared his cherries with me, which was really sweet. He said he was jeoulous and would love to find himself a girlfriend just like me. I didn't quite know what to say to that! :eek1
I told him that he would one day, seemed to be the only thing appropriate.

I took my sweet time and must have gotten another 20 or so mosquito bites. I look like I have contracted the chickenpox!!
Trying not to scratch is quite a challenge!

After having packed up and saying but to the crew i headed for Swan River.
Along the road were tents,

I am guessing these are the beehive tents too, even though they look way different than the other ones in Alberta.

The only bummer right now is the there is no Telus service here in Manitoba!! I looked for one of those cheap go phones at a gas station or supermarket, but I guess it's not as common as in the US.
Looks like I wil be able to have reception once I am north of Winnipeg.

Well, this is all for today folks, till later, I am heading to Duck Mountain….

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #30 on: July 25, 2014, 07:32:47 PM »
NG, I can't tell you how fascinated I am with this part of your ride report. Almost 40 years ago I had thoughts of riding this very same area. My plan was to go north from Winnipeg to Flin Flon, then stay as far north as possible while heading west until I connected up with the road to Yellowknife. Really, who wouldn't want to ride to a place with a name like Flin Flon. Never did make that ride but 20+ years ago I did head up to Thompson, Manatoba. Weather turned bad just north of Moosehorn and I decided to head west instead. A very nice couple let me use an empty house trailer to stay dry that night. He owned one of a very few tow trucks between Winnipeg and Thompson so did a pretty good business with it. That's about 250 miles. I did spend a night in my tent on a very nice small lake in Riding Mt. park.
Did you know that that area is the garter snake capitol of the world? I remember seeing as many as 20 dead ones in the road per mile. Years later I saw a film about all the snakes in that region, millions of them. Just like in that Indiana Jones movie.
Yours is the only ride report I've ever read from that part of Canada. Years ago I did read one about riding up to Yellowknife. I remember one of the photos was of a very dusty road with a sign saying "Dust Free Passing Zone, 25 Miles"
Enjoy your adventure and keep up the posts. YJ

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #31 on: July 26, 2014, 04:00:15 PM »
NG, I can't tell you how fascinated I am with this part of your ride report. Almost 40 years ago I had thoughts of riding this very same area. My plan was to go north from Winnipeg to Flin Flon, then stay as far north as possible while heading west until I connected up with the road to Yellowknife. Really, who wouldn't want to ride to a place with a name like Flin Flon. Never did make that ride but 20+ years ago I did head up to Thompson, Manatoba. Weather turned bad just north of Moosehorn and I decided to head west instead. A very nice couple let me use an empty house trailer to stay dry that night. He owned one of a very few tow trucks between Winnipeg and Thompson so did a pretty good business with it. That's about 250 miles. I did spend a night in my tent on a very nice small lake in Riding Mt. park.
Did you know that that area is the garter snake capitol of the world? I remember seeing as many as 20 dead ones in the road per mile. Years later I saw a film about all the snakes in that region, millions of them. Just like in that Indiana Jones movie.
Yours is the only ride report I've ever read from that part of Canada. Years ago I did read one about riding up to Yellowknife. I remember one of the photos was of a very dusty road with a sign saying "Dust Free Passing Zone, 25 Miles"
Enjoy your adventure and keep up the posts. YJ
Thanks Yellow Jacket, I'm glad I'm posting something about the area you like!!  :smiler:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #32 on: July 26, 2014, 04:02:28 PM »
I'm in Gimli now, and no, I did not just get eaten by the dwarf!  :Hap1: (I think only Lord of the Rings fans will get this joke!)

Anyways, after posting my last RR, I walked back outside to find the heat just blasting me!

Just to show how warm it was, the asphalt was melting!

I headed to Duck Mountain, and hit the dirt fairly soon

It was real easy riding though, nice and solid with not much gravel.
All in all I found the road not too impressive, I had hoped to see more hills and such, but other than a slow incline at times I did not realize I was on a mountain.
The area definitely draws a lot of locals in the summer. There was a huge campground with swimming area in the lake, a playground and such, even a boat ramp.

I didn't stay long as I just wasn't feeling it.
The road through Duck Mountain PP was rather short, and before I knew it I had gone through it.
The last 10 miles or so were freshly grated! I discovered that a certain speed lets you go through that stuff without too much wobble, so I kept plowing on. I've got to get better at riding it!!
One of these days I'd like to ride the Himalayas, and that's really gnarly roads, so I'd better toughen up!!

I stopped at a small gas station on my way east (I think it was in Dauphin) where I got some gas and batteries. I got a shock to find out that in Manitoba the tax is 13% The owner of the gas station, and Indian feller, felt sorry for me, and gave me the batteries for free! Awwwww. We had been talking for a while about my trip and where I was going, and he figured I had to be low on funds.

I kept riding for a while but it was getting darker.
All of a sudden in the corner of my eye, I saw a little gravel road going up and disappearing. I made a quick U-ey and rode up it. It was a gravel pit, or should I say gravel mountain!
I kept riding on the grass around the mountain of gravel and behind it was the perfect camping spot!!

There was a little broken down storage shed or so behind it, with some odds and ends furniture strewn all over the place.
Left and right of the grassy field where barbed wire fences with cows behind them. I felt really safe there so I pitched my tent in the high grass, which is quite a feat really!
I loved my little spot!

I fell asleep in no time and slept really well.
The nice thing about having no time frame is that I can do whatever I want to do, and I didn't want to pack up and move again, so I stayed. Not having shade is a bit of a drag, but that day was really windy, so I sat outside most of the day (and got sunburned) and relaxed.

As I am rather trigger-happy as far as the camera is concerned and decided to snoop around and see what I could find that might be picture worthy.
It's amazing the wealth of beauty one can find in a wild grassy field!

It's funny how I am so used to seeing things at large, but really looking into the little things in life, the things not seen unless really looking, those things are just as amazing as the highest mountain tops and the biggest lakes.
There is so much beauty in the small things, not only that, but every little thing, be it a bug or a small flower, it feels as if I've discovered something never seen by anyone else. Which is both true and silly. Of course people have seen a grasshopper or a nettle flower, but it is also true that nobody will have seen that particular one!
So I really enjoy looking at the world up close, as well as from far away.

I spend a really blissful day there and was ready for another day on the road the next morning when I woke up.
It was drizzling a little so I took my time packing. After a little while the tent dried (there was lots of wind) and the sun came out.
Once back on the road I headed East again. I needed a shower (baby wipes help, but not where your hair is concerned).

As I was riding through Manitoba Narrows, I saw a touristy spot with a store and a huge camping area.
I stopped in the store and asked the guy there if there was a laundromat, and the owner of the store let me use the one in the camp ground.
The washing machine was only a loony and a half!!! Awesome, but best of all, there was a shower in the ladies bathroom!!
And not a coin one, just a normal shower. Yippee!!! I tossed my dirty clothes in the machine and took a nice leisurely shower!! Once clean I scrubbed my jacket, as it was no longer high vis yellow!!!
I spent a long time there, as the dryer did not work too del, and required more coins than the washing machine did.
Still at around 5 my jacket, mu clothes and I were clean!
I had also purchased a bunch of snacks at the store while waiting, so that way I felt I gave them at least some of my money :D
I hit the road again and was aiming for lake Winnepeg.

As I got to the lake I realized that this might not have been a bright idea. This was a very touristy and populated area!
I wnt on some dirt roads leading to the lake, but there were no camping signs everywhere!
At one spot I stopped to take a picture, it was beautiful there

I walked through the grass to take another shot, and got assaulted by bugs!!!

I closed my helmet really quickly as I didn't want them in my face.
You can imagine how fast I got out of there!!

I stopped at one camp ground, but it was expensive and too crowded. I didn't realize that it was Friday…..
As I kept going south on 222 toward Gimli I noticed another sign saying Camp Morton Provincial park.
Turns out that the office was back 2 km, and already closed as it was late.
I stopped to ask someone how much the camp ground was, and was told $17. I decided to just stay there.
But now I faced the question where to stay, as the list of sites still available was from the day before.

I got really lucky then, as campsites 9-12 were already taken by a big family gathering, but 9 was still empty as those friends never made it. I was offered to take their spot!
That was so sweet.
Kate made a run to Sobeys and asked if anyone needed something.
I asked if she could pick me up some tofu, and handed her some money.

I pitched my tent and made some dinner.

Fran is the gal who offered the spot to me (in orange shirt), and Kate is the young girl to the left.
Later on we all played a dominoes game (involving trains) It was cool, and I won the second game (beginners luck I guess).

Thousands of dragon flies hovering in the night sky

close up of a bug, the same kind that were on my helmet earlier. Fran told me they only live 24 hrs and don't have a mouth!
Now what would the purpose of their lives be? To live and not eat? Are they only some other bugs food? Very odd!

I went to bed around 11 but had a tough time ring to sleep as a girl started screaming at the top of her lungs, and her dad was cussing at her telling her to stop.
Then he hopped in the truck and left!!!! She screamed even louder for about half an hour. I felt like calling the cops, but had no cell phone reception. She fell asleep after a while, and the dad returned.
I think she was mentally challenged, as her sounds were high pitched and didn't sound like a language at all, as if she couldn't talk.
Still, what a way for a dad to react to a situation like that! (I am guessing it was a dad, if it was a nurse or so, or camp leader, well, I'd have his ass fired!!!)
After she quieted down (it was midnight by then, some campers showed up and pitched their tent next to mine, making a lot of noise and then decided to make a fire and drink.  :eek7:
I put some earplugs in and went to sleep!

Today I decided to go into town and find some internet.
I headed to Gimli (which is really a touristy place) and took a bunch of pictures.

This one was definitely my favorite!

There was a little tent site with booths selling all kinds of stuff
This one made me laugh!!!  haphap

Hopefully tonight will be quieter, and tomorrow I'm heading to Sellkirk, as I have been told it has a health food store.
Afterward Ontario!!
Yep I am getting closer to Labrador!!

Before I end, I want to say (again) to John S (Arrghhh can't remember who you are on here :cry ) thank you soooo much for another donation. You are spoiling me!! Glad to know that I'll definitely make it to Labrador now, it will fill my tank quite a few times!  :smiler: (Hondo, we need a heart smiley!!!)

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #33 on: July 27, 2014, 08:41:50 PM »
I didn't get very far today  :Hap1:
Fran and Rick invited me to stay at their place for a night and get a shower etc.
I figured as I still have a ways before it's mid August (trying to meet up with Jettn Jim in Quebec at some point) I would be able to just take my time.

There was a little trail to the beach from the campground

The beach itself was very pretty and the sand soft. In Hawaii the beach is more grainy because of all the small coral pieces.

The gang was having fun while cooking dinner, one of the things was making little animals

I made the giraffe!! It's like lego's, but the legs and neck are little plastic strips you fold into a triangle lengthways

The clouds turned very dark, and before I knew it rain came down hard!!! We all huddled under the motorhome awning, but that didn't do much good.
I crawled back into my tent as soon as it eased off a bit and grabbed my Nook to read.
It was a stormy night, and the lake sounded like a rough ocean with the waves crashing on the shore.
I have to admit that I missed that sound!!! It was so soothing to hear, but the wind on top of that was pretty deafening.
I slept like a log!! (always do when it's stormy) and woke up fairly early.

Was packed up and out of there by 10
The ride to their house was short but it was a nice ride along the coast line

I got myself situated in the camper, which is awesome ( a little home to myself) and went to the local market with Fran.
There were little craft, and produce booths. It wasn't a large market and we didn't spend much time there, but it was neat meeting some local folks.
When we got back to the house Fran took me for a walk around the yard

I can't help it, I just love Lilies!!

Doesn't that look like a little bitty cauliflower in the center??

Then Fran and I went for a short ATV ride around the property.

A genetically correct tin man hanging from a tree, I think his name was Wilson?? LOL : :Hap1:

I loved this old stove. I bet cooking on this thing was pretty easy, but I'm guessing your legs would get pretty hot while standing there stirring away.

You can't tell by the photo, but the little pansy is not bigger than your thumbnail!!

I can take my time tomorrow, as I will be visiting an Earth house at noon.
Rick and I got to talking about houses and I told him I really wanted a Hobbit home. He then mentioned there being one only a few miles away, where he did the Electrical wiring.
The home is off the grid, and only has solar for electric and windows for heating in the winter.
Can't wait to see it!!
After that I'm heading toward Sellkirk, where there is a health food store. Running low on Tasty Bites again!
I can't believe how close I am getting to Quebec and Labrador!!
Still, Ontario and Quebec are pretty huge!!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #34 on: July 27, 2014, 09:09:19 PM »
When you mentioned Selkirk earlier I thought you were talking about Selkirk Ont., near Niagara Falls. Couldn't figure out how you would get there in one day. Finally figured out there is a Selkirk Man. as well.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #35 on: July 28, 2014, 01:14:29 AM »
Many thanks for the reports!  I really appreciate 'em.

I'm super interested in the Earth House, we built an Earthship greenhouse here (NM) and it's been fantastic.  I can't help but think such ideas would pay off up north as well.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #36 on: July 28, 2014, 10:33:12 AM »
When you mentioned Selkirk earlier I thought you were talking about Selkirk Ont., near Niagara Falls. Couldn't figure out how you would get there in one day. Finally figured out there is a Selkirk Man. as well.
That's funny!! I didn't know. Yep, I do not have a flying carpet!  :Hap1:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #37 on: July 28, 2014, 10:34:00 AM »
Many thanks for the reports!  I really appreciate 'em.

I'm super interested in the Earth House, we built an Earthship greenhouse here (NM) and it's been fantastic.  I can't help but think such ideas would pay off up north as well.
I'll post pics if they let me!!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #38 on: July 29, 2014, 02:54:50 PM »
I'm in Kenora Ontario right now after an eventful yesterday  :smiler:

Slept in as I had some trouble with mosquitos during the night, LOL, pesky little buggers!
Fran had made some fried green tomatoes in the morning, I had to think of that movie. She cooks outside in the summer so the house doesn't heat up so much. Quite clever! It tasted really good!
Around noon we left to go see the earth house.
It was really close by, which makes it double so funny that I had even mentioned what my future house would look like.
As we turned into their driveway other than their sheds, you could only see a big grassy hill, and an antenna  haphap

As we walked around the other side the front of the building came into view

As you can see, it is still a work in progress as they are doing everything their selves (other than the electric) That's Rick in the foreground
The dogs heard us coming and we hoped that we hadn't woken up the baby.

Once you walked into the covered "porch" area, you could feel how hot is was in there. In the winter that would be wonderful!

If it got too hot, there were vents in the ceiling you could open up

A very huge Hibiscus

I didn't take too many pics as I felt it was a little too intrusive. The house was very nice, but there were things I would not do in my place, like a concrete floor.
I'm sticking with my dome plan so far, and other than the dome being built out of three layers of brick with tar in between the layers, and the 4 support walls out of brick, everything else in the house will be out of wood.
It's good to dream right???  :Hap1:

I said goodbye to the young woman who showed us the place, to Fran and Rick, and rode toward Selkirk.
As I arrived I happened to see a Safeway there, I decided to stop (gut feeling) and see if by any chance they sold Tasty Bites. The health food store Grandma Carol's didn't.
They didn't have Tasty Bite, but they did have lots of other similar meals

I was in heaven!!

They also had a RedBox, and after a quick google, Yep I had reception again, I found out that Kenora also had a RedBox.
I got two movies, one of them "Winter's Tale" and looked forward to a nice movie night in my tent

I bumped into Fran and Rick again, and told them I had found what I had been looking for.
Finally I hit the road again.
The scenery changed, and no longer was I only on straight roads, there were actually some curves here and there!!

I found an awesome spot at the lake and I had just finished pitching my tent, when an official looking truck appeared……

Crap! I walked up to the rangers and said, it's okay to camp here right??
Both their heads shook no. LOL
We got to talking and asked them where a good legal spot would be. Of course they mentioned the obnoxiously loud and full campground in town, but I told them that there was no way I would ever be able to fall asleep there, and that I was looking for some wilderness camping.
The guy told me that for a "more personalized experience" I could continue for another 14 kilometers and be out of the park, where there were dirt roads that I could go on and camp. LOL, I had to laugh about his phrasing.
I told them I'd be finished in half an hour and they said okay.

It took me indeed half an hour to pack back up, and I was soaked through by that time as it was really hot, in the nineties!

Once back on the road it was only a few kilometers to get into Ontario!! 14 km??? The guy was a tad off.
I kept riding for a while until a dirt road beckoned me. I swung on it and in no time got to a nice cozy spot

There was a sandy track that looked like some ATVs had been riding on.

I had my tent up in a jiffy, eager to try out my new meals and kicking back watching a movie.

Looked like I had parked myself smack-dab in the middle of a huge blueberry field!!
Hmmmm, bears might definitely be around!!

The new food was very spicy!! Had to add a few raisins in the meal and eat some chocolate afterward to quench the burning!! LOL
I packed up all my food, and crawled in the tent to watch my movies. It was heavenly!!
I slept great and woke up around 8.
It's weird, years ago I was a bit of a Keanu Reeves fan, and for some odd reason the last week or so he's been in my dreams.
Then it dawned on me this morning that he grew in Ontario. LOL, what the subconscious mind doesn't drag up in ones dreams!!!

A shot from the other side

I was out of there by 10 and headed to Kenora to return the movies to RedBox.

I was really enjoying the few curves here and there

As I rode into Kenora I noticed a huge white tent in the distance, not sure what it was.
I found the tourist info and got myself a map of Ontario.
Ha, Dryden was like a stone's throw away. Oh well, I guess I won't be meeting DrydenRider54, as he is out of town till Thursday, unless I find some awesome spot to hang out for a couple of days.  :smiler:
I found Safeway and returned the DVDs. I also found aMcD and used their internet. Too bad hardly any of them have electric plugs, so I hope it will be sunny so I can charge my laptop again.
It's almost three and I'm going to hit the road again, but not before saying Thank you sooooo much Geoffrey for putting quite a few full tanks into my Paypal account!!
I'm pretty sure that now I'll actually make it to Newfoundland!!
I'm so glad for everyone's help, you are all making my dream come true!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #39 on: July 29, 2014, 10:14:47 PM »
Wow, that is a really cool Earthship!  Thay have the right idea.  Concrete floors are great for thermal mass, but... is that a KLR topic?  :puzzled:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #40 on: August 02, 2014, 08:10:12 AM »
It's Saturday morning almost 8, and I am actually awake, and sitting in a real bed at Finndian's girlfriend's house in Wawa.
I had a great few days since I last posted, so here it goes.
After leaving Kenora I discovered that Dryden is not exactly a stone's throw from Kenora : :Hap1:

The road was getting more interesting and had some twists and turns and ups and downs. I did miss that!

I eventually got to Dryden, after having gotten poured on, and took a picture of the downtown sign, just so I could show Dryden-Rider-54 that I'd been there.
I parked at a little rest stop just at the edge of Dryden to lube my chain and to check my tire pressure, there were beautiful flowers planted there, still wet from the rain. I couldn't help but take some pics of them.

After leaving Dryden I was just cruising along when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a street sign

I had to make a U-ey and take a pic. My son's name is Travis, and I'd been missing seeing a street with his name on it was kinda cool. I figured he'd get a kick out of it.

I kept riding for a while and decided at one pint that I'd had enough and wanted to crash. Of course when you are looking for a place to stealth camp, it might take a while at times. I kept turning in here and there, but nothing looked right. I even checked out a few rest stops with tables and such, but all specifically said no camping.
The at the last rest stop road work was going on and they had detoured the entrance. Once I got there I rode up the hill and saw a wonderful little spot. It was late and a few other folks had the same idea as me and had made camp there as well.

I pitched my tent near a table right next to the river and after a quick dinner fell right asleep.

The next morning (I did not get thrown out!) I discovered why the river was that loud!!

just a few yards from where I was camped!

There was even a second one, but hard to see through all the bushes and trees.

Because I had plenty of time before meeting Jettn Jim, I decided to hand there for a day and relax.
There were a lot of folks stopping by that day to see the little waterfall. Towards the end of the day the thought of maybe spending my night in my hammock and hide between the trees, entered my mind.
So I broke camp and set up my hammock so I wouldn't be visible, and also hid Spirit in between the trees.

Not sure if that had been a smart idea!! There were so many mosquitos there that they made me miserable, and I had just lost my repellent. The night turned out to be really cold, high forties and I was really cold in my hammock, as it doesn't have one of those down blankets suspended underneath. I even had my little foam pad in the hammock.
It took a while but I finally fell asleep, woke up in the middle of the night cold, and fell asleep again later.

Yep, hammocks just aren't comfortable for me. I think they are great when it is warm, and when I absolutely can't pitch my tent.
I crawled out fairly early and broke camp in the middle of a sunny patch so I wouldn't get bitten too much.
It took me still more than an hour to get ready, basically because I dragged everything in the sun before packing up.
I was glad to be on the road again, away from those pesky little buggers.

Crossed yet another time zone!!

I was nearing Thunder Bay, and rode the scenic route past Kakabeka Falls. I had been there with my kids years ago when they were little, (touring for three weeks in an SUV camping all the way).

I spent a while in Thunder bay buying more food for the road and mosquito repellent, even found Off botanicals, a lotion with Eucalyptus oil and no Deet! I also had to get a phone top up card, as my bank had put a hold on my account because I'd forgotten to mention that I was going to Canada.
Thunder Bay was a tad too crowded for me, so I hurried on out of there.

I found another little rest stop, and cooked dinner there. I was really hungry and figured that this way I could just pitch my tent somewhere and crash without having to haul my cooking gear out.
I was tempted to stay there as it was quiet and remote, but I had wanted to put a few more miles on, so I could meet up with Finndian in Wawa at a decent time the next day.

It was getting darker, and my camera takes odd pixels pics when it gets darker.

I ran into another rest stop at the lake, and noticed another camper there as well. There were no signs there that I couldn't camp, so I pitched my tent in a remote corner next to the water. It had gotten dark by now and as soon as I was done, it started raining as well. Boy, talk about perfect timing!!
I slept like a baby with the sound of the rain and the lapping of small waves agains the shore.

The morning sun looked awesome on the lake

Tent view from the lake

The sun was right in my lens, so it looks a little weird but still cool

I left fairly early, but had to pack a wet tent as the dew and the rain make both sides wet! I figured I'd put it up at Finndian's place.
The road toward Wawa was awesome! I even saw a sign to some falls and even though it said boardwalk closed due to painting I went there anyways. There was no painter there and the ropes had been removed, so I went down the boardwalk anyway.

It was worth the little hike and ignoring the signs :D

I stopped at a rest stop to eat some chips I had bought earlier and rest a bit.

Amazing to see Fireweed all the way here as well. If you look closely you'll see I even got a bee in the pic

I'm guessing there are beavers in the area!

I made it to Wawa and found Finndian's work place (after my GPS sent me somewhere else), he had given me the address. Turns out his shop has ATV, skidoos, and a couple of used bikes. Awesome!
I asked if I could borrow an oil pan so I could change moil, and he gave me one.
Changed my oil in no time and to my delight discovered an absolutely clean oil filter!!! not a sliver or grain of dirt in it!! I don't think I've ever had the filter this clean when changing my oil! I was so happy to see that!!

Gord (Finndian) closed his shop at five and we went over to his girlfriend Mary-Ann. She rides as well, and it is always great to meet another woman who rides!! His mom came over later with his youngest daughter and we had a very nice dinner together. His mom is quite a traveler herself, so here we were, a bunch of nomads sitting at the table.
Mary-Ann and I spend a while talking about riding and life, it's funny how many things we had in common. She is a do-it-herselfer too. :Hap1:

I took a nice bath and crashed in her son's bed who wasn't there.
I slept great but woke u early (forgot to lose curtains) I'm glad though, cause now i could do my ride report before I leave.
Gord and Mary-Ann are leaving today with the kids to go camping in Michigan, so I am glad I had the chance to meet them before they left.

Now I'm slowly heading toward a place where I'm to meet Jim. It's the start of a dirt road heading toward a small lake that I had picked out to meet at.
Gord told me about a nice side road that avoids Sault Saint Marie, and that has some nice camping. So I am heading there today.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #41 on: August 06, 2014, 04:55:21 PM »
I'm in Val-d'Or!! Yippeeeeee!!
Funny how your mind makes up the worse scenarios and boy am I glad I just ignored it and chose to go the dirt way from Belleterre to Val-d'Or.
Anyways, let me go back to the time that I was leaving Mary-Ann's home.

Gord (FINNDIAN) Mary-Ann and the kids were leaving at noon to go to Michigan for the long weekend.
Gord came by early and helped me replace the headlight bulb which had burnt out. I thought I had to remove the fairing, but luckily Gord showed me how to pull out the rubber cap and then the spring. The rest was easy.
Afterward I packed up the Spirit and quickly got a few things taken care of, i.e. loaded up my prepaid phone, talked to my dad, and got a hold of Jim to finalize out meeting place.
Time speeds up on me occasionally, and I'm afraid that I was making Mary-Ann nervous by not having left yet  :Hap1:, sorry Mary-ann!!
We were all out of there at noon.
Gord had given me some roads to ride and that's where I was heading. I had forgotten to put in my ear plugs so I stopped on the side of the road to put them in, beep beep, there passed Gord and family!  haphap
I enjoyed the road along the lake, gorgeous!!

I found the turn off to a road around a little peninsula to the right, and I thought I could ride around the coast. Unfortunately there were a gazillion homes there, and the gravel road dead-ended. I had missed a turn. I rode back and found the turn I missed, but that road turned into a very dark tree covered mud road that I decided I did not want to take.
So I turned around and got back on the Highway.  :smiler:

Gord had told me about Hwy 556 that bypasses Sault Set. Marie, and goes through Ranger Lake. It's mostly dirt and ends up on Hwy 129 where I would be able to find a camping spot along the river.

After a few miles or really hard, teeth chattering washboard (which my XOG really didn't like), the road turned easy to ride and quite relaxing. Before I knew it I hit 129 and went South.
I kept looking for the spot between two sharp turns, and I found it. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, it was utterly crowded!! Yep, so not my style….. haphap
I kept going al the while looking for a little side road to the river.
I was getting closer and closer to Iron Bridge, when I noticed a very dark and narrow dirt road
I made a quick turn as I had already passed it, and rode through the sandy ditch onto the little road. Luckily it wasn't very long, and I had to duck occasionally as it looked like nobody had been here for a while.

I ended up at a wonderful little spot at the river

Looking back where I had come from. Perfect!!

I pitched my tent, where by the looks of it, some folks used to camp and had left a couple of chairs
It was wonderfully peaceful, the birds were twittering and the sound of the river, albeit pretty loud, was soothing.
The mosquitos weren't bad, and the mosquito lotion I had found at Walmart, Off botanicals, was working great!
There were plenty of flowers around the tent and the river and I couldn't help but put them in my camera's lens  :smiler:

I also discovered that the previous "tenants" had made a "bathroom"!!!
A tarped in square with a roof that had collapsed, but the pit and the really beautiful toilet with seat, was still there. I cleaned it up a bit, and enjoyed going to the bathroom in style!!  :Hap1:
I slept great, again, and once I woke up decided that I wanted to hang for a day.
As it was getting too hot in the tent, I opted to hang my hammock between the trees for some shade.


I spent my day hanging around (literally) reading and crocheting, and closing my eyes while listening o the river and the birds.

View from within the hammock

As I woke the next morning, i had a very unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach, I couldn't explain why. I kept looking at the trees and the river, but I felt like I was being watched. I kept my bear spray handy, and my ears open to the sound of snapping branches, but heard nor saw anything. I fired my tent off so the sun wouldn't have to work too much, and packed up quickly. By now my mind was literally screaming get out, I still had no idea why.
As soon as I was packed up I rode out of there, and once I hit the road the feeling subsided. What the …..?????  :eek7:
Oh well, hard to tell what is in my mind and what is really there sometimes. Still, I have learned to listen to my gut feeling.

I rode toward Greater Sudburry and decided to make a little detour into Espanola to buy some food for on the road. I had a hard time finding what I was looking for, no Tasty Bites or anything similar. Bummer. Afterward I continued and took 144 North toward Timmins. Halfway there was the turn off to Shining Tree and Gowganda. I figured that I should have no trouble finding a place to pitch my tent.
Of course while I was riding I glanced at my speedometer, yikes, already that many miles??
I thought I'd gas up at Cartier, but there was no gas station. Well hopefully there will be one at Shinging Tree or Gowganda.
Luckily, right at the intersection of 144 and 560 was a gas station! Phew!!! I've got to do a better job at keeping my tank full!
There was a rest stop too, with some huge bushes with some lovely flowers.

Couldn't decide which to post, so I posted them both  :Hap1:

As it was getting toward sunset I stumbled upon a rest stop but it had a no camping sign. However, right across from it was a small gravel road.
Hmmmm, I was thinking of how nice it would be not to have to offer my butt cheeks for breakfast to a bunch of hungry mosquitos, so and I walked down it a bit to see if I would be able to pitch my tent alongside of it. Sure enough, there was a spot big enough for my tent!
I walked back to Spirit, hopped on and rode on the little gravel road.
I put my tent up in record time as the mosquitos were horrifying!!

Made myself a late dinner and immediately crashed, I was tired!!
The next day I rode to Englehart and New Liskeard to see if I would have better luck finding some vegetarian meals, but only found some packages of rice noodles. I did find a bulk food store where I stacked up on a bunch of goodies to make my oatmeal out of.
Seeing as my 12 volt adapter was also biting the dust I looked around for a new one, hoping that maybe that was the reason why my GPS would not turn on, or if it did would stop it from turning off immediately. I felt rather lost without my GPS. Back to reading maps I guess.

I got into Quebec at 5:30 and stopped by the tourist info. They were closed!!???
Hmm, on the internet it said they were open till 6! Guess the page is old….
I stopped at a gas station to see if they had a map, but they didn't. Finally at a little town before Laverlochere, I found a small local map, but it had the dirt road on it that I wanted to take, or at least had one of them on it.
Turns out that the other dirt road washed away so the only one I could go on was toward Val-d'Or.
I was nervous as heck, what was I getting myself into?? My French is not too good and even though I had asked some locals, nobody seemed to have taken that road.
I got to Belleterre in no time, and from there took the road to Laforce. As I was almost there (my XOG miraculously started up again) I saw a sign saying Cascades (waterfalls).
I just love waterfalls, and even though the narrow little road looked iffy, I decided to go and take a look.
Hmmm, I almost wiped out at the end as I hit a patch of sand, but I plowed through it and made it to the top.
After parking Spirit at a little table I waked off to find the fall.
Yep, not easy to get to, and I was in no mood to keep hiking between the shrubs in my hot jacket which I didn't wan tho take off as there were plenty of bloodsuckers about.
I took a pic from afar.

It was getting late as I got back to the bike, and I looked around…..
"This is really a nice spot", I said to myself. So I decided to stay and hoped nobody would throw me out.

pitched my tent under a tree and parked Spirit close the the tent. The moon was already up.
Of course the big plus that came with my little camping spot, was an outhouse!!
Once dark the mosquitos left, and within no time the temperature dropped considerably!! No idea how cold it was, but the inside of my tent got wet quick!!
I checked my cell, but had no reception, bummer!
I did however sleep wonderfully!!

I woke up rather early, a bit before 7, and was at odds with myself. Should I leave or should I stay??? I loved the spot, but  had no idea what the road to Val-d'Or would be like, or how long it would take me.
I did want to get to Ste.-Anne-du-Lac a day before Jim got there, so I could relax and be rested. In the end I opted to leave and packed up between rain bouts (the tent dried luckily).
The ride going down hill toward the main dirt road went smooth, the rain had tightened up the sand a bit.
Did I mention I was a bit of a nervous wreck starting this dirt road??
On the map were so many turns and turn-offs that I was afraid to get lost, as my sad GPS no longer turned on.
Still, I figured how bad can it be.
Before long I actually saw a sign that said Winneway, perfect!! Little did I know that even though it was a dirt road, there were signs everywhere, and the road was not nearly as long or confusing as the map made it look.

The gravel road itself was indeed gnarly at times having been freshly grated (why oh why do they do that???) but there were lots of solid hard packed stretches too.

At one point I saw an animal smack dab in the middle of the road, it did not move, not even when I stopped next to it to grab my camera.

Hmmm, what are you?? He was not scared at all, actually he was rainy his hackles at me!!

Stopped to take a pee when I noticed a while bunch of these, yum!!

Before long I got to Rapide Sept, and then to Val-d'Or.
Al that fear and worry for no reason.!! I gassed up and put the air bcd into my tires and found a Burger King.
I got lucky!! They had an electric plug!! So here I am, having eaten a huge batch of fries (they were out of medium baggies) and a huge cup of iced coffee (the kid had forgotten that I had paid for a small). My lucky day today!
So here I am, close to Ste.-Anne-du-lac and it is only Wednesday. LOL.
I'm gonna find a place to kick back a couple of days and ride into Saint Anne on Friday to get the lay of the land so I can tell Jim where exactly to meet me.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #42 on: August 10, 2014, 08:30:30 AM »
Hanging in a conference room with Jim!
We met up last night and had dinner till midnight at a pretty cool restaurant pub that made it's own beer (15 flavors to choose from). Not that I drink beer, but Jim sure was loving the Jalapeño beer.
Then because it was so late Jim opted for spending the night at a motel. Turns out that all the motels/hotels in town were full!! He talked the owner into letting us stay in the conference room. At first we thought just to put our pads on the floor, but they brought in a couple of fold out beds, short but comfy!

Anyways, let me backtrack real quick.
I left Val D'or fairly late, but couldn't help notice that it really was a quaint little place. I loved the lamp posts!!

All of them had flower baskets hanging down from them!

As I was riding South in search of a camp spot a huge double rainbow appeared!! Awesome!!

I didn't have my camera in panorama mode, so you're just gonna have to visualize the whole thing  :Hap1:

I found a free little campsite with outhouse right off the road. There were other people camped nearby so I felt pretty good about the location.
Pitched the tent and crashed there for a couple of days, relaxing and waiting for Jim to head out.

The road toward Mount Laurier was picturesque, but mostly trees and lakes the whole way down.

Once I got to Mont-Laurier I had the hardest time finding a laundromat. My cell kept on giving me the wrong location. Boy was I ever missing my XOG!!
When I finally found one of them it was closed.
I went in search of the second one, and had to cross this bridge. Too bad the fencing was in front of the view.

The other one was still open, but it had gotten late. I opted to come back the next day to do my laundry then.
The ride toward the Parent turn-off was fairly short and went on the dirt road for a ways until I found a spot to pitch my tent.

A fallen down tree! Perfect! Not many people would be driving past here.
I pitched my tent while being swarmed by mosquitos and bugs, but once inside the tent it was peaceful and bug free.
I cooked myself a nice diner as I had bought fresh mushrooms, veggies and tofu!
I slept like a baby and took my sweet time the next morning to get packed up.

The laundromat was quiet, but luckily for me there was a guy there who happened to have change for a $20 as the coin machine was broken. Serendipity!!
The bathroom was a mess!!! someone had crapped and then tossed a plastic cup into the toilet with a rag in it!! People?????
As I really had to go I figured to just go and grab one of my vinyl gloves and yank the crappy (literally) cup out of the bowl and flush. Gross!! Afterward I figured I was entitled to use the bathroom to "shower" and wash my hair.

It was 4 when I was all done with everything and hung out at McD waiting for Jim who showed up a little after 8.

It's still early but the both of us are doing out RR and having a cup of coffee.
Pretty soon I'm going to put my new chain and sprockets on that Jim brought with him. and maybe do the valves. It depends on the weather and location of where we can do this. Otherwise somewhere on the dirt road under some trees with a tarp over our heads might work better!!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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Far out...The Nomad and the Jet on tour together...a spectacular combination of good karma and sweet vibes. I know that the "Force" is with them....ride well Amigos.
ATGATT +change fuel often

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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After leaving the motel in Mont-Laurier, Jim and I headed North toward Ste.-Anne-du-Lac.
We stopped at Mont Michael, bought some snacks at a little convenience store, and ate them across the street at one of those rest stops. This one however was right in town with nice "gazebo" structures with benches beneath them. I took off before Jim as I am slower on the dirt, and we agreed to meet up in Parent.
Once I hit the dirt I lowered my tire pressure, looking back all the tie expecting Jim to come barreling by. No jim…..
Oh well, he must have started talking to some pretty girl walking by I figured.
The road was squirrelly and it took me a while to get my dirt groove  haphap

I got to Parent around 5 and all the while no Jim.
Now I started getting worried that maybe he just went to fast somewhere and crashed!!
I decided to buy some juice and sit on a bench reading right at the entrance of the Town so I could see Ji coming. Luckily there was only one road coming into Parent.
I sat there till after 7 while watching the road and hoping the black clouds did not decide to empty their load of water on me!
Finally I heard a bike (after hearing several ATV's fro a distance thinking it was Jim) and yes, it was him. Phew!!!!
What had happened was that Jim did not pass me while riding, so he thought I had taken another route. He turned around and took another dirt road just to me sure I hadn't crashed somewhere. Awwwww…. that was so sweet of him! :raabia
I guess I had been riding a lot faster than he thought I would be so that threw hi off.
I was glad he was finally there, but by then I was pretty tired, and so was he (I think he added another 100 miles of dirt by backtracking).
We set out toward Hibou, and were looking for a place to pitch the tent.

Following Jim into the sunset, I felt like Tonto!

After a little while Jim turned left on a little driveway where a house was. What the???
Turns out that the house was deserted, but even better, there was a deserted Indian cabin below the house near the lake.

Jim unpacking. We made the cabin our home for the night.

Somehow the picture I took of the cabin didn't take. I'm sure Jim has a bunch
The moon rose not too much later and reflected on the lake. It was beautiful!
We put my tarp on the floor, and how tent foot print and piled our pads and sleeping bags on it.
As I lied down to go to sleep I could feel my body still vibrating from riding on dirt. Boy that sucks the energy right out of me!!!

The next morning I woke up and went blueberry hunting. There were millions all around the cabin and it took no time at all to fill up my bowl.

Made Jim and I some scrumptious apple/banana/raisins pancakes topped with Agave syrup and Blueberries

After having packed up this Moth? Butterfly? landed on my bandana

One last photo of the beautiful lake

We made it to Hibou not too much later as it was not that far from where we had camped.

In case you are wondering why no pictures………..
I was holding on to my handlebars for dear life!!!

Once we made it to camp Hibou, the folks that ran the place, Daniel and a woman whose name I forgot,  told us that the cabins were all booked….
They kind of frowned upon us wanting to pitch our tent, and didn't know how much to charge us for that, so they told us that they would let us know the next day after having talked to the owner. We walked around camp with Daniel who showed us where we could maybe pitch out tents.
We found a spot between the trees with a view of the lake away from everyone else.
After pitching or tents I strung the tarp above them and parked Spirit partially under it too.
They even had showers!!! Awesome.
Jim said that now would be a good time to do the valves, as there was no wind and we had the tarp over our heads.
It didn't take too long luckily and we ended up changing two shims. Still, working on the bike again, albeit regular maintenance, got to me. I was glad Jim did the shims, I took care of taking her apart and putting her back together again.
At one point Jim jokingly asked if I carried some sort of mosquito vestibule as those pesky buggers were everywhere.
Should have seen the look on his face when I told him I did!.

I set up the little bug "tent" and sat underneath ready to make some dinner.
Before I got started Jim got to talking to a couple of guys, Mark and Michel, who were bringing us some food!!
Stir-fried vegetable rice, no meat or egg!! JIm got fried Walleye on top of his rice.

Yup, JIm's in heaven!!

I took a lovely shower that night, not realizing that the window cover did not work once the light was on………
Luckily there were shrubs in front of the window, and even if there weren't I"m not exactly built like Marilyn Monroe, LOL.
The next morning the weather had changed, the wind had come up and Jim was wondering how big the waves would be on the big lake.
He had planned on taking me on the lake in a motorized canoe that he was going to rent.
Turned out that renting the canoe was a heck of a lot more than we thought it would be!! $130 plus gas!! Yikes.
We decided to break camp and head to Obijiwan and then back unto solid road toward Alma.

The road to Obijawan started out real loose and gravelly, but got better after a while. Still, even though I've gotten better at riding dirt, I was happy once we hit pavement!!
On my map of Quebec it showed a campsite on our way toward Saint Felicien, not sure if I spelled that right!
We almost missed it, but I am glad we didn't as it was a wonderful, albeit neglected and no longer maintained, camp ground.
We found a spot between the trees, right across the lake, and again put the tarp above us.

We had just finished eating when the rain started.
I slept wonderful as the sound of rain just knocks me out!!!
We spent the next day in our tents reading, eating and relaxing.

I do have to mention one really funny episode, that made me crack up!!
At our deserted forest camp ground at the lake, Jim took it in his head to go take a bath!! So here is is while it's raining, running butt-naked (nope I was in my tent and didn't watch) through the campground into the lake.
Like I said, even though I didn't watch, just hearing him make me laugh so hard! He is seriously funny at times!!!
Hope you don't mind I wrote that on my RR Jim!!

On the third day I felt the urge to pack up and go, even though it was still raining. I wanted to see how easily I could pack up in my new tent with the tarp above, and i I could stay dry.
Well, the pack up went pretty smooth, but I sure didn't stay dry! LOL.
I think I shocked Jim by packing up as he was all cozy in his tent ready to relax another day.
We had run out of toilet paper, and I had run out of books to read, so the thought of not having anything to read for a whole day did not sit well.
JIm packed up as well, but I could sense he wasn't too happy about packing up in the rain.

We rode to Alma and Chicoutemi/Saguenay where Jim got a Motel. We were both soaking wet!!
The rest will be on my next RR

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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Thank you, wunderful photos.
I breath to wander.....

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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 Now where did I leave off??
As I am writing this, not posting this, I am camped near a small cabin on route 500 toward Happy Valley. Jim Just packed up and headed toward Happy Valley after having spent the day in the tent while it was raining. He had had enough of reading and listening to music he said, and was in the mood for a pub and some human company (well, other than me, to spread to light to  :Hap1:

I’m trying to rack my brain as to where I left off with my ride report. It’s easy once I am online and can check. I think I left off that we got to motel The Parasol, in Chicoutemi.

Jim treated me to dinner at the restaurant that was in the Motel. I had a wonderful salad while he had 2 appetizers, rather large, and a huge meal. The hostess and the waiter were really amazed that he could eat all that.
In the motel room we had hung our soaking wet tent stuff to dry on the curtain rod (I am afraid that we made the floor a tad damp).

The next morning we worked on Spirit after quickly packing up our stuff and getting out of the room by the required time. Jim put a new rear sprocket (front was still in excellent shape) and a new chain on her. I worked on putting the starter wiring, it had rattled loose on the way to Obijiwan, back in the frame. I had bypassed it quickly while on the road.

Jim with my rear wheel after having put on the new sprocket

Jim had gotten me a bright halogen light bulb, but when I put it in the low beam didn’t work. I think the poor bulb bit the dust on the dirt roads. I put my new light back in, as I had just gotten it I Wawa.

New chain on a really dirty Spirit!!
We were done in a couple of hours and went into town to find freeze-dried meals for Jim and Tasty Bite or something similar for me. We bumped into a health food store that sold awesome vegie wraps that were made with rice flour.

I found an IGA extra and scored! Tons of Indian ready made dinners. At a sporting goods store we found freeze-dried meals for Jim.
We also got to talking to some folks who said that the route we had wanted to take to Labrador City was not feasible, and that the end of it that connected to 389 was not there.
We decided to go to Baie-Como

crossing the bridge out of Chicoutemi, I really liked that little town!

We missed the turn that headed North back into Saguenay, so Jim looped us around a back road

We didn’t ride too far that day as we had left pretty late.
We noticed a pull off on the side of the road and I asked Jim to see if there was a place to camp down the steep dirt road.  There was, sort off!
It was a really great spot with a river or creek on reach side, and a roofed picnic table.
We pitched our tents next to each other as that was the only way we could both sleep somewhat horizontally. For some reason I forgot to take a picture.
The sound of the water was soothing and I slept great!!!

The point below our campsite

The next morning a fisherman was standing in the river, and after him a few others showed up.
One of them told Jim he had to have a fishing license and another permit, otherwise they would take his gear. A little while later the county guy showed up and said that we normally should have paid to camp there, but he would pretend that he hadn’t seen us. That was very sweet.
Turns out that every camp area has a different town attached to it where you have to get the permit. That system works great for the locals I guess, but when you are travelling like us, not knowing where you’ll end up, it’s not too practical.

We got on the road at a decent time I think, I kinda forgot
The road to Baie-Comeau was gorgeous!!!

In Forestville we stopped at a diner where Jim again ate a lot of food, and me a salad again but this time with potato skins as as well.
There were some gorgeous flowers outside the diner and I just had to photograph them.

We set off again and the scenery got even more awesome!

When we crossed a bridge we saw an amazing river and parked our bikes in the parking spot.
There was a small wooden viewing area and I took a couple of pics and decided to walk down the trail I saw in the bushes.
It was a short wet hike, but the view below was amazing, and amazingly wet too! It was like standing near a waterfall!!

Managed to take a shot of Jim riding under the rainbow

We arrived at Baie-Comeau after 5 I think, as the tourist office was already closed. After filling up our gas tanks we headed North on 385 having decided not to take the iffy dirt road that started from Cartier.
Immediately the road turned windy, like any other mountain road. Awesome. We hit rain of and on, and I was hoping that we’d have a little bit of dry time to pitch our tents.
Jim spotted a dirt road to the right, and we hopped on it. After riding down it my GPS showed that it  was looping us around to the main Hwy again, but right before we did, we saw another small loop off to the right. Perfect! The weather was helpful too, as it didn’t rain.
We both found a spot to pitch our tents, albeit further apart than normal, LOL.
We just ended up hollering back and forth.

The next morning Jim was up at 5 AM, and by the time I woke up he was ready to get out of there. I felt like relaxing a bit more as I was not even fully awake at the time. We would meet up at Manic Cinq.

Part of me felt a bit deserted, but I realized that we are two different people even though we are also very similar in a lot of ways. And even though Jim wanted to travel with me I realized that my version of traveling with someone is different than his version of traveling with someone.
I had to make myself realize that when friends travel together this is probably how things go. We each go out own way and meet up at some point in time.
Part of me felt that this was not really traveling together, but then I really talked to myself and found that there are some nicer aspects of traveling this way. I could now relax and go at my own pace without feeling “forced” (by my own self) to go at Jim’s pace. I could enjoy doing what I liked doing, i.e. reading and taking pictures of flowers etc., and ride at my own speed while stopping when I felt like it.  For me traveling with Jim was something new, and even though we are just friends, part of me wanted our traveling arrangement to be more like how couples travel, even though we are nothing of the sort. Jim’s kind of my little soul sibling for lack of a better description.
(I am saying little as he is 5 years younger than I am so I can)
I relaxed and read a while, made myself breakfast, and waited for the sun to come out and dry my tent.
After a while it got lighter and the sun peeked out as well. Awesome!

I looked at the area Jim had camped (habit to see if he had forgotten anything) and noticed this gorgeous mushroom/berry still life.

It was nice and warm by the time I hit the road, perfect for picture taking!

small waterfall off the rocks on the side of the road

Enjoying the wide-open road!

I was thoroughly enjoying the road not thinking much of anything just being one with the beautiful views when I noticed a biker heading my way.
LOL, it was Jim!
“Have you seen my toothbrush?”, Were the first words out of his mouth.
I told him I hadn’t, and that I had even walked around his tent space.
He had put it in his pocket, but found out after having spend the morning having breakfast and talking to the hostess, that it was no longer in there. So he rode back about half and hour’s worth to find it as it is his favorite traveling toothbrush he has had for years.
As we were talking he checked his pockets again, and it wasn’t in there, then he miraculously found it in the pocket area of the back armor. It must have slid down in there somehow. He was happy to have ran into me cause it made him find his brush.
We set of to Manic Cinq together, but before long he left me in the dust as I just didn’t want to make Spirit go fast. She really does well fast but I am just worried about taxing her heart.
When I got to Manic Cinq Jim was in a diner eating, again! I told the hostess that I was fine, that it really was too hard for me to eat out. Riding with Jim puts me in an awkward position as he always wants to pay for my food. I treated to dinner once, but it puts me in a precarious position financially. Having him pay for dinner all the time does not feel right either.
I am totally happy with eating my snack bar for lunch and warming up my Indian food for dinner.
I decided not to gas up there, as I knew we would hit dirt soon. I had enough gas to make it to Gabriel. I told Jim see you soon, and set off again.

Manic Cinq has a huge dam

The size of it is staggering!

The road turned into dirt heading up the dam

Once on top I stood on the fence so I could take a picture of the view. The gates were locked.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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I rode over a huge bridge that came right after the dam, and one side had a dried up view of a once big river, and the other side had the gorgeous view of two lakes

The rest of the road to Fermont and  Labrador was supposedly gravel.
So far it was easy riding, yippee!
Some time later Jim passed me.

Yep, this is going to be one heck of a long ride!!

Long but gorgeous

Before long I got to Gabriel, a small town with a gas station, the last one till Fermont.
Jim was at the gas station having bought some snacks. He bought me some chips and juice as well.
A couple stopped by and Jim got to talking with them. They were from Ontario I think but on their way to either Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. She was a student and he was still looking for work.
I told Jim that I would go ahead as he rode a lot faster than me anyway, so I left, but not before taking a pic of the beautiful view at the back of the gas station

The road had turned into asphalt right before the diner, and it looked like it was going to stay that way. I pulled over and filled up my tires again.

Whoa!! Really?? Guess they were saving money on the bridge.

Yep you could look straight down and see the river

It was getting later and I still hadn’t seen Jim yet. I had turned off a few dirt roads and looked for places to camp, so I figured he probably passed me by some time then.
I knew that he really wanted to get to Labrador City, so I figured that I wouldn’t see him until then.
I had just passed a lone cabin on the side of the road, and made a U-ey when I saw Jim heading toward me. I pointed at the cabin and turned on the gravel driveway.
The cabin looked deserted and when I turned the knob it opened. Looking inside I saw that it had been used as some sort of way station for the weary traveler.
Jim came inside too, and like the cabin. There was a French sign on the wall that translated roughly into keeping the place clean, and the name of the owner. But I couldn’t quite decipher the whole message.
Jim had a friend (or family member) who had passed away a year ago tat day (or he thought, he couldn’t remember) so he really didn’t want to stay at the cabin but go to Labrador City so he could call his wife. I told him I really wanted to stay. He said that it was only an hour out, and that he might be back afterward as it was cheaper to spend the gas than to pay for a motel.

I unpacked Spirit and got myself settled in the cabin.

Made myself dinner and lit the candles that were on the table and put Teddy there for company (a much quieter companion I might say, just teasing Jim, I enjoy our conversations) and had a wonderful evening by myself.
I put a candle in the widow to make it easier for Jim to see the cabin if he came back, but my gut told me he wouldn’t.
I fell asleep as soon as I lied down; I was exhausted!

The next morning was chilly so I started the woodstove. Everything was there, dry wood, birch bark, the perfect fire starter, and tons of paper.

The cabin was toasty warm in no time, too toasty!! I quickly opened a window as it started getting uncomfortably hot. I had pancakes with blueberries for breakfast, and made myself a new bottle holder liner, as the bottom had broken out again. The wool liner I had made earlier that week had already chafed loose and broken.

Mushroom between the blueberries.

Then I packed up and headed for Labrador City.
Was I ever in for a surprise!! The road turned into dirt again!!! I thought the rest was paved……!
So here I went and got rid of some tire pressure.
As it turned out the road was perfect. It did look like it might have rained the day or night before. If that were the case, then no wonder Jim didn’t make it back, it would have been a nightmare.

Still it was a really nice stretch of road.

Another one of those half finished bridges

Had to take a pic with Spirit on one. Good thing it was a quiet road!!

There was mining going on further down the river, making the water fairly red!!
Soon afterward I hit a huge construction area and paved road followed after that.
I rode past the turn-off to Fermont and right into Labrador!!

Jim had holed up in a fancy hotel and because he had overslept ended up having to stay for another night. So lucky me, I got to room with him again, take a shower and wash clothes.
The internet was horrifying so later on in the evening I went next door to McD and downloaded most of my pictures.

Well, that’s it for now, as we are about to go on a 500km dirt road to Cartwright, and afterward to the ferry that will take us to Newfoundland.
Still, that will be a few days from now.

Also, a very warm and heartfelt thanks to Jo C. and Dusan S. for your wonderful donation. I really appreciate it!!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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I should really be writing every night after I pitch my tent, or in this case (and others) when I’m in a hotel or Bed & Breakfast room. I find that if I don’t write things down immediately that I tend to forget the little but important things.
Well, I’ll try to see if I do still remember my thoughts from a few days ago.

I made it to Labrador City and met up with Jim at Wal-Mart (what did we do in the days without cellphones???). He had gotten to town late in the night having ridden that dirt road in the rain and the dark. Then after some drinks in the bar he overslept and had to pay for another night, so he figured I could stay there as well.
We got the stuff for cleaning the airfilters, and He was going to change his oil. I only had 2000 miles on it, so I figured I’d change mine in Newfoundland as nobody sold quarts of Rotella-T.
Jim dropped me off at the Hotel while he went to change his oil behind Canadian Tire. I took a wonderful shower :D

Once Jim got back he got to cleaning the filters that we had taken out (they were filthy!!!!) in ziplock bags with mineral spirits. Since Jim lost his sense of smell, that was no big deal to him, but boy!! I could smell that stuff way down the hallway…..  First order of business, open the window! Yep that long dirt road to Parent and Obijiwan sure did a number on them, plus I had a lot of other dirt roads that I had taken after leaving Just Jeff’s place in Lac La Biche.

Afterward I spend the evening downloading my pictures and writing part of my last report. The internet was too slow, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to post anything from there.
The next day we backtracked a tad so we could see the “wall” in Fermont that we had been told about.

It wasn’t really a normal wall, but an apartment wall.
It had been built this way to keep the wind out of the town in the winter, and lot of housed were built on the other side, really close to the “wall”.
To me it seemed that everyone was practically living on top of each other, not a place that would sit well with me if I may be honest.

Jim was riding on reserve and luckily there was a gas station nearby. We gassed up for the road (Jim kindly filled my gas tank too ) and headed for the open road toward Goose Bay.

We rode at our own pace and after a while I lost track of Jim.
Turns out he had stopped somewhere to go fishing.

There was a stop sign at a railroad and it’s a good thing I stopped

I enjoyed my solitary ride down the road, and occasionally found a reason to stop and take a picture 

Some I took while riding.

Don’t we just love these steel grated bridges. This one wasn’t that bad, some others were.

After a while the road turned into dirt. I saw some road workers at their truck on the side of the road, and asked them how long this stretch of dirt was. I didn’t want to air down just to find out that it was only a few miles long. Turns out it was about 60 Km, about 40 miles.
I started out just keeping the air in my tires, but some parts were just too squirelly, so I aired down.
I have to admit that before I hit dirt, I actually started to nod off here and there. The road was not exactly captivating after a while, so having it change into dirt woke me up quite a bit.
Then it started raining!! That really woke me up as the road got a tad muddy here and there. At one point I had to stop due to roadwork, and got to talking to the young native kid who stood there stopping traffic in the pouring rain. I told him they should have given him an umbrella.
He fully agreed and we got to talking. He was so amazed that I was from Hawaii. I asked him if he had seen a guy on a bike like mine with cases, but black. He said he had about 2 hours ago. I figured that Jim had gone ahead to Goose Bay, but I knew that it was just too far for me to go there that day. I was exhausted.
Finally I was allowed to go, and I said Aloha to the kid. He hollered slow down after I left, oops!!

As soon as I hit pavement I looked for a place to pull over to air up my tires again. The perfect spot showed up in a jiffy!!
As I was airing up I caught a bike riding up to me out of the corner of my eye. It was Jim???? Huh??
I guess it must have been someone else on a black dual sport bike.
Jim never aired down, so he was good to go.
After riding a little while longer we started finding cabins, but they were all locked. And some looked like the owners got there frequently.
Finally we found another cabin, locked as well, but remote with an outhouse, that looked like no one had been there in a while.

We pitched out tents there, Jim in some nice soft moss, and me in sawdust (soft too).
Of course there were tons of blueberries all over the place. Yum!
We sure were not having the best of weather as it was raining again the next day. Not heavily, but enough to not want to break up camp.
So we lounged in our tents and ate and read. I even made popcorn, which unfortunately burned, but it was still it was good.
Then around 6 PM Jim decided he had enough of hanging around, and that he really wanted to find a pub and get something to drink. He said he was sure that he’d find a drinking buddy.
Of course that same old twinge, he’s leaving me again??
LOL, what’s up with me??
I started thinking about how women are raised in society, and even though I am a strong and independent woman, who enjoys being by herself and camping out in the middle of nowhere without qualms, I still freaked out a tad at the thought of being by myself again.
I thought it funny that once I team up with a guy, I have a tendency to loose my own voice. I wonder if there is something ingrained in women, (through society, not in upbringing in my case) that lets us have men take over and make the decisions and such, and we kick back and cruise. LOL, that is just so not me, but I caught myself doing exactly that.
So traveling with Jim is quite an eye opener, and making me realize things about myself that I didn’t see before.
Of course, the first thing I did once he left, was run to the bike and get out my bear spray and fog horn, LOL!!
I spend the night reading and finishing my ride report that I had started at the hotel.
The sky had cleared earlier, and I hoped that Jim had gotten to Goose Bay in one piece and dry. I packed up as much as I could, so I could leave on time in the morning.
Somehow it took me a while to get to sleep, but when I finally did I slept great.
I woke up to rain and realized that I would be packing a wet tent!
Still, by the time I got ready to break down the tent it had stopped raining, and I was able to dry most of it off with my REI towel.
I was out of there by 10

The road to Goose Bay was really nice, and no rain.
I stopped at the visitor center in Goose Bay and got a good map and info. I checked my messages, and it turned out that Jim  was across the street from where I was.
Turns out that he indeed found a drinking buddy, and had barely had any sleep that night. LOL
We didn’t linger in town that long, just enough for Jim to get some smoked Char, and brake fluid. We filled up our gas tanks, and ended up at Tim Horton’s (where I finally got to post my last ride report) to check our emails and such.
Jim ordered me a new tire as the one I have now is getting low on thread again.
Lac La Biche doesn’t even seem that long ago!!! Still, by the time I get to Newfoundland I’m sure I’ll have a bald tire!
Jim ate a ton of doughnuts!!
It was pretty late when we got out of there…….

I was very excited to be on this stretch of dirt. Even if I hadn’t met up with Jim, this is a road I would have done on my own.

This bridge was the worse one yet!! Our bike were weaving left and right, unbelievable!!

Jim under another rainbow

If you look closely you’ll see that the red road is turning into a black road

Yep, Jim had to do a hair raising stunt and ride up a rock hill to get his picture taken!

You can see his tire track

Now back down!

Someone had put a large man-sized doll on a rock! Looked pretty darn real!!

As we were riding down the Labrador Coastal Hwy I started realizing that the road was all there was!! There were no rest stops, not side roads, no places to pitch a tent, nothing! Just the road.
Hmmm, we were both getting tired, Jim due to lack of sleep, me cause I still don’t’ like to ride for more than 200 miles a day.
We kept on looking at areas, and Jim even tried walking on some green “grass” on the side of the road, which ended up like walking on a trampoline with water squishing below his feet. Yep, swampy!!

I got ahead of Jim a little, and loo and behold, a side road!!
I waited for Jim to catch up and he was just as surprised as I was.
He went ahead and I followed,
All went smooth until out of the blue the road went up very steep. Not only that, but it was very rocky, with boulders jutting out here and there. I Yikes! I couldn’t brake so I did the only thing left, gunned it!!
I couldn’t believe it but I actually made it up the hill! What I saw there was worth the pee in my pant scare, namely a wonderful area for us to pitch our tents!!
It was a wide open gravel area, and we lucked out. No bugs and no rain!!
By now the sun had set, but there was still enough time to pitch our tents.

It cooled down quite a lot that night, but I slept great!!

I woke up at around 8 in the morning but Jim had been awake since 5 and had already eaten oatmeal twice, made coffee and was ready to go.
This time I told him that I was worried about making it down that rocky incline, so he was kind enough to hang around a bit longer.
Unfortunately it started to heavily mist, and our dry tents got wet. Darn!!

In this desolate spot, a flower found a way to grow, just amazing!!

As it turned out, I should not have worried because I effortlessly (well if you don’t count me biting on my lips to keep from screaming) made my way down the hill without crashing.
We were off to Cartwright!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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We stopped at a river to fill our water bottles, and Jim took some time to go fishing! I kept on sending vibes….. fish, go away, only pain will come to you if you if you near. I kept this up for a while but decided to walk around for a while. As soon as I did Jim hollered, “Esther! I caught a fish!” Yep, I did so not want to see that!! Luckily he didn’t kill it and set it free. Still, to me that just seems inhumanly cruel to cause a fish that much pain and terror, even if he is being let go.
Jim and I definitely do not see eye to eye on that subject, as he is an avid hunter and fisherman.
It confounds me, because he talks about living through your heart, to love all beings, people and animals alike.
I cannot conceive how loving someone or something would make it okay to hurt or kill them. Even though saying thank you for giving your life to an animal after you’ve killed it makes you somewhat sensitive to what you’ve done, still, not doing it in the first place………
But I guess as far as most of the world goes, that is just normal.
The only people that would understand me are the people in India, as most of them are also vegetarian, and the Tibetans or Buddhists who practice the way of Ahimsa (Sanskrit word meaning not to injure).
After I had filled all the water bottles, Jim was done fishing. He found more broken bottles and he hooked fish, and he packed then all on his bike!! He is very eco conscious, I have to admit to that. Not many people seem to care about a clean Earth.

We hit the road again.

We got to the split in the road where we took the left turn to go to Cartwright.

As soon as we got to Cartwright we filled up at a gas station. This little place was really one of a kind!!

The owner carried a ton of different bearing in his shop

There were wheel bearing for the KLR!!

Well, Jim and Peter(owner of the gas store) hit it off!
They spend an hour talking about fishing!!
I really didn’t know what to do, LOL. There was no camp ground there, so I couldn’t go there and pitch my tent while those guys where shooting the breeze, not could I go to a motel and book a room.
Part of me wanted to turn around a go back down the road where I saw a place I could have pitched my tent, but it was getting really cold, and the mist was rolling in. I got a bit grouchy cause I tired, but tried to stay cheerful and just focused on inner peace and just flowing with the time, all the while trying to stay patient and not get annoyed.
I guess I got to learn just waiting around when traveling with Jim, cause he sure likes to talk!! I find that I don’t’ really ever have much to say when I meet people. The things I am interested in are not really your usual topics.
Oh by the way, are you a lucid dreamer? Let me share some LDs with you, and you can tell me about yours. LOL
Or, have you ever achieved astral travel? Any tips you can give me that work, cause I am having a hard time doing this.
Yep, I cannot imagine those topics to go over too well!!
I’ve got to face it, I am an oddball who has a hell of a time connecting to people at times.
I can talk bikes at least!!!!!

Peter told us where the inn was, as Jim really didn’t want to turn around in the fog, and we rode into town to find it.
Turns out it was booked, but the motel owner Tilly called her sister who had a bed & breakfast. She had a room available!!

The B&B

The lady who ran it, Gladys, had just lost her husband, so Jim talked to her about a book he had just read about a lady who could see angels.
While they were talking I took some of my stuff up to the room and breathed in the silence for a little while.
Afterward I walked to the restaurant (Jim rode his bike). The air was cold but clear. I loved breathing that cold fresh air, it made my cheeks all rosy and gave me energy. There is something about cold clean air, I loved it in Fairbanks as well. The crispness gives me a total sense of well being, I can’t explain it, but the closest I can get, is that you can actually feel the air entering your lungs and rejuvenating you.

View from the table in the restaurant (felt like I was in prison, LOL)
I had two small garden salads (it was all they had I could eat) and Jim had a ton of fried food.

We left around 7 and headed back to the B&B.

Desire is parked dangerously close to the edge!!

Jim and Gladys talked some more, and I got to talking to her about crocheting a bit.
Then I took a wonderful shower while Jim went back to the bar to meet Peter.

It’s past midnight right now, and I haven’t even checked my email.
Hopefully I can do that in the morning while the laundry is going.
Afterward we’ll be going to Port Hope Simpson, and then Blanc Sablon to catch the ferry to Newfoundland!!

A very special thank you to James S. for your donation!!   :shog: I keep being surprised!! Glad you are following along


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