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Author Topic: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)  (Read 45465 times)

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #50 on: September 03, 2014, 09:38:33 AM »
Hey there ..Most Esteemed Traveller ....I know what you are saying in your belief of living a life which brings no harm to any other living thing ...."The only people that would understand me are the people in India, as most of them are also vegetarian, and the Tibetans or Buddhists who practice the way of Ahimsa (Sanskrit word meaning not to injure)".

But really E ... I have never felt remorse at washing the layers of dead bugs off my visor and windscreen.
ATGATT +change fuel often

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #51 on: September 05, 2014, 11:05:09 AM »
Hey there ..Most Esteemed Traveller ....I know what you are saying in your belief of living a life which brings no harm to any other living thing ...."The only people that would understand me are the people in India, as most of them are also vegetarian, and the Tibetans or Buddhists who practice the way of Ahimsa (Sanskrit word meaning not to injure)".

But really E ... I have never felt remorse at washing the layers of dead bugs off my visor and windscreen.

There is no tong sticking out smiley!!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #52 on: September 05, 2014, 11:06:27 AM »
As I am posting this I’m sitting at a little café called Frog Pond Café on Cape Breton, having just packed up from one of the most amazing camp spots yet!!
You’ll have to wait until later for that ride report, as it will be a while ere I have all that typed up.
Our stay at Gladys’ was wonderful! She is such a wonderful and warm person, and we felt right at home. She let us do our laundry there as well.
She and Jim got along fabulously, and he enjoyed talking to her about a couple of books he had read about angels. Her husband had passed away not too long ago, and he wanted to ease her pain by telling her about them.

After she had made Jim a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, and me some maple oatmeal, we set out toward Red Bay, but not before I took some pictures of the flowers in her yard.


The view from her house

I told her that if I ever came back I’d paint her a new sign.

Sandwich bay

The helicopter was either delivering or picking up supplies for a camp somewhere.

The day was nice and sunny, and a vast difference from the day before!!
The views on the road were amazing, and even though the road was gravel, it was fairly easy going until we hit Fort Hope Simpson.

Yep, we had to add that silly half out to out clock! What the???????

We both pretended to be in England for a few minutes.
I wonder how many pictures Jim and I took that will look the same or similar.
Guess I’m gonna have to wait till he gets back home.

After we got to Fort Hope Simpson the road was going to get worse we were told.
Some folks told us that it actually took them 5 hours to get fro Red bay till there because of all the waiting at construction sites.
Jim and I had gassed up and sat down in some comfy seats outside enjoying the sunshine on our faces.
After all that rain it was total bliss!!
When we finally continued it was around five, and as it turned out, most of the road was clear and the longest we had to wait was about 30 seconds.
The road itself was indeed very rutty!! Lots of potholes and after a while I figured I’d just go fast and fly over them, because there just wasn’t a way around them.
That actually worked, and nothing rattled loose on the bike, which rally amazed me!

Nearing Red Bay

Awesome hitting the other side of the continent!! You can see the trail of dust that Jim leaves behind!

We found a restaurant, and at the door was a map with pins in locations that their costumes were from. I looked and there already was a pin on Kauai. Hmmm, I wonder who made it there, and if I might know them…..
Jim ate for three again, and I had a salad and a baked potato. It was really good!!
They also had a drink with a “secret” non-alcoholic ingredient, and after drinking it I was pretty sure that it was ginger ale. When I told her what I thought it was I watched her face, and I think I hit it right on!!
She of course couldn’t confirm it but she did say I was quite clever, which I guess means I was right. :D

After dinner Jim went shopping there, and he bought a whole bunch of stuff, including some chocolate and a Labrador sticker for me.
I bought a fleece scarf, as I must have left my balaclava at Red Bay somewhere.
Jim liked it too, so I got him one as well.

It made such a difference to keep my neck warm. That is one thing I really don’t like about my fly jacket. No collar!!! What were they thinking???

Afterward we went outside to look at the bay. The sun was setting and it was very picturesque.
Jim decided to keep riding to the ferry and grab a Motel there so he could catch the 8 AM ferry to Newfoundland.
Another motel??  LOL, I have never stayed in that many motels in my life as I have since meeting up with Jim.
I prefer sleeping in my tent, just cause I can breathe easier, and most of the time it’s just quieter too. Luckily we are comfortable around each other, and best of all he doesn’t snore!! He does talk in his sleep a lot, but somehow I manage to sleep through that (most of the time at least).

The next morning Jim got up at a 5:30 and I had planned to take the next ferry as this was where we would go our separate ways for a while anyways.
As it turns out, promptly at 3 some machine in the hallway started making a racket ! So much for turning around and sleeping in ….
I figured I might as well leave too, and see if there was room on the ferry for one more bike,

Taking a shot from behind me

Our ferry

When I got there I walked up to the counter and asked the lady if there was room for a bike, and she said sure honey :D
I paid my cheap ticket and rode toward the ferry where Jim stood waiting in line.
I’m not sure if he was surprised to see me, but I hope he didn’t mind be being on the ferry with him.
We were last to board, and as I was edging my bike a tad further to line up with the anchors I somehow lost my balance, and felt myself teetering to the left.
An older ferry guy was standing next to me, and even though he saw me falling, all he did was just stand there and watch me fall into him and knock him on the ground with me on top of him and Spirit on top of both of us!!
The other guys quickly came to the rescue and got Spirit upright. The guy luckily ws all right and so was I  (other than my pride, or what was left of it, :D )
The bummer was that the fall broke my mirror off, and also the part that hold the mirror on. Go figure, did some major dirt roads, mud, sand, gravel, ruts, and I didn’t drop her once. Then all of a sudden, doing something simple, I drop her!!

Jim strapped Desire down and I strapped Spirit, got my laptop and book, and went upstairs.
I was a tad grouchy now, not enough sleep, just dropped Spirit and I was hungry to boot. Then the only thing they had on the ferry that I could eat was a fruit cup with horribly sweetened fruit pieces. Yuck! So I had to focus to lighten my mood and make it positive again. I was lucky that the mirror was all I had broken, and I was sure I could fix it somehow.

Heading toward Newfoundland

This was the last picture I took, as I had filled up my memory card!
I spend most of the trip downloading all the pics on my laptop, and erasing my memory card so I could use it again.
The ship was European and mostly had the big electric outlets that wont work with American plugs.
There was one I could use, but it was in the hallway next to the door, which would have been pretty awkward to use. I skipped it as I still had a lot of juice on the laptop.

First picture of NL

Once we landed in NL, I stopped at a gas station to fill up and see if I could fix my mirror. It was dry which was a blessing indeed.

Yep, I like the ball bearing mirror mount that Jim has. Very practical!!

I removed the broken piece from the mirror, when Jim pointed out that there was lots of thread left on the remaining piece. We screwed the mirror back on, and I JB-welded the big gap closed. Then Jim fixed the part of the mirror that swiveled by popping the glass out and re-inserting the rod and ball to the inside of the mirror,
I superglued it and wrapped electric tape around it to keep it in place.
I worked great for quite a while, but when the buffeting winds appeared the mirror started sagging. I got to redo the tape!

I said bye to Jim who headed toward Harvey place, and got a top up for my telus phone at the gas station.
I left afterward and headed North to Nordstad the Viking village.

Wow, surf!!!

Yep, another lone cottage by the sea. Somehow these just make me wish to move in!

Breath taking living locations for sure!

I took a few breaks on my way and bypasses a few areas where it looked like I might be able to pitch my tent, but I figured I’d better keep going as the weather forecast for the next day was not as nice.
I made it to Nordstad, and saw a couple of bikes and a few bikers in the parking lot

Yup, Spirit didn’t look anywhere near as packed up :D
One of the riders was also an ADVer named Ktog?? I don’t think that’s how you spell it though, as I couldn’t find him in the inmates.

I went in the ticket booth building and paid my $10 to go check out the houses and ship. I kinds was wondering why they wanted admission to see some old houses

Looks like a hill but was the back of the ship shed. Immediately I thought, Wow, hobbit homes!!

side entrance

This is a reproduction of the Viking ship and it actually made it’s maiden voyage the way that the Vikings came to Newfoundland

Inside one of the buildings.
There where holes in the roof to let the light and air in, and smoke out, like a teepee.

I loved the ceiling beams!!

Chicken pen including chickens!!

All the people there were in costume.

I thought I had taken a photo of the weaving loom, but I guess I didn’t

The rooftops were covered with wild flowers

This guy had his hair cut accordingly, and I loved his costume, the shoes especially!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #53 on: September 05, 2014, 11:06:58 AM »
I left Nordland in search of a place to pitch my tent. I figured it wouldn’t be so hard in a remote land like this. In a way it wasn’t hard, but it did take me a while. Some spots were just too close to the road or ended up being someone’s driveway LOL!

I ended up in a small town called Saint Anthony Bight, and asked a local guy where a good place to pitch my tent would be. He told me about a little park off the loop right outside town on the lake.
I remembered seeing the loop, so I went back there and hopped on the little road.
Sure enough, I found the wooden arch. Shucks, yep, there was no way I would get Spirit all the way down there. But I got her there partially.


The sunset was awesome!! I took a lot more pics then I posted :D

The sound of the waves hitting the beach was awesome, a little like the pebbles beach Jim had been describing. It started raining during the night, but I kept crossing my fingers that it would be dry in the morning.
I just love sleeping in my tent when it rains, think I mentioned that before LOL.

The morning was quiet other than the slight pitter-patter of the raindrops on my tent. It was so peaceful there that I decided to just hang for a day. Riding with Jim was awesome, but a lot faster paced than I am used to.
It was definitely a lot more luxurious than I am used to as well, as he opted a lot for motel rooms. :D At least this part of the trip I actually showered on a regular basis!!

I read and knitted, my favorite past times, walked the beach some when it only drizzled, and checked on Spirit to make she she wasn’t going to thump over.
Occasionally someone would walk by my tent, and either comment or stay quiet about me being there. Everyone let me be though, so I relaxed.
I packed up most of the stuff in the evening time, and went to bed early.

The next morning the rain had let off and there was actually a fairly good breeze.
By the time I had everything packed up, the breeze had dried the tent pretty darn good. I rode Spirit back up the trail and took of toward Gran Falls Windsor. Jim had given me the heads up on dropping by the cabin.

I decided to go by Roddickton to gas up and see a bit of the North east coast.

There were little fenced areas all along the road, like they used to be gardens but got overgrown.

Entering ?Roddickton
Once I had filled up my tank I headed back toward Deer Lake and then toward Grand Falls Windsor


The coast line was gorgeous!! It wasn’t really sunny but just having clouds and no rain was just fine with me.

There was still fireweed along the road edge!

Somehow Newfoundland reminded me of Kauai, and I felt a twinge of homesickness.
I can see what makes this place special, it has almost the same energy as Kauai.

after hours of riding and taking breaks I realized that there was no way I’d make it to Grand Falls in one day.
I looked around for places to camp, and on a whim looked at a campsite at Green Point, and saw it was only $15. I did not see a shower there, but the location was nice, and I was too tired to go and look for a deserted road.

The campground was pretty packed but I found a spot that gave me a little secludedness (hmm, don’t think that is a real word but I’ll use it anyways)
The was a family with 4 kids camped next to me, and they had the time of their lives screaming at the top of their lungs. I remembered when my kids were that age, and what a difference it makes with what you can tolerate. Now it almost got to me, but I told myself they are having fun and it is still early.
I get so used to the quiet that loud noise is something I have to mentally deal with and let go of.

Steps from the beach to the campground

Still Fireweed here as well

it was a beautiful sunset

I slept great until about 3 AM when the father of the family next door decided to start his truck and park it the other way around. What the???? It took me a while to fall asleep again, so I woke up a bit later and not so rested the next morning.
Thank goodness it wasn’t raining, even though it was very cloudy. I packed up my tent and was out of there by noon, right as it started drizzling. Perfect timing!!

Sometimes I think the rain adds a different dimension and feel to photos. This shot would have been beautiful in the sun, but now with the rain and cloudiness it just feels even more amazing.

Just amazing!! I loved this stretch of road from Rocky Harbor to Deer Lake

I’m guessing some sort of rockslide happened

I made it to Deer Lake in no time and found a Burger King. I was longing for some fries, and wanted to download my camera pics and charge my laptop some.
After ordering fires and a salad, I was told they were out of salad, and there was nothing else I could eat. Bummer. Then I realized they had smoothies so I ordered one of those. The girls there were so sweet, they gave me that on the house as they were out of salad.
As I was sitting there the weather cleared Yippee!!

The ride to Harvey’s cabin was sunny and beautiful, but nothing like the Rocky Harbor/Deer Lake route

Found the turn off to Harvey’s cabin

As I am writing this part I am on the ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia so I’ll end it here as I really want to go upstairs and enjoy the sea breeze.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #54 on: September 13, 2014, 06:34:29 PM »
I am in Moncton now, staying with Riverman, and finally get around to posting at least part of my RR.
More later tonight as I got to run into town to the thrift shop to find a suitcase.

The dirt road to Harvey’s cabin was very potholey, and I was hoping my GPS would not lead me astray as it sometimes does when punching in GPS coordinates.
This time it was dead on and I got to the cabin easily.
Jim was working on the garage, putting the siding on, and Harvey was clearing out the area.
I had meant to help them and put on shingling or whatever, seeing as I had done it before, but Harvey wouldn’t have it, he told me to relax.
Yeah, I have to admit that I was wondering if he was just being a good host and wanting me to just relax and have a good time, or if he didn’t trust me with a hammer and nails………
I decided that he was just being a good host, even though I would love to have helped.
So what does a girl do when at a beautiful little lake that has a canoe tied on the dock? She goes for a paddle!
I asked Harvey if I could and he said sure, do whatever you want. I hopped in and grabbed the paddle.

I asked someone what those stones meant, and it is called an Inukshuk (not sure if I spelled that right) it’s made in the image of man, and it has been used to guide/navigate the traveler. Nowadays it’s more of a welcome sign


I had fun paddling, but at the end of the lake the wind was strong, and no matter how I tried I could not turn the nose of the canoe because the wind kept pushing it back. So in the end I said screw it, and crawled to the nose of the canoe and paddled dragging the butt along with me. As soon as it got less windy I crawled back and turned the canoe around. Yep, got to do things a little different when you can’t do something the normal way :D
After I docked the canoe, I decided to cook up a vegie stew with all the vegies I had found at a convenience store before heading to the cabin.
A huge bag of potatoes, carrots, turnips, and cabbage for only $10; it weighed a ton!
The stew came out great, and I ate early as the men were working until dark.
After they came in and ate Harvey pulled out a big bottle of rum, and that was a sign for me to hit the sack!!! As I don’t tolerate alcohol very well, I normally just don’t have any. Once in a while just to be more social I’ll have a quarter glass of wine or so.
I slept in a bunk bed that night hoping I wouldn’t forget if I had to get up in the middle of the night and pee :D

The next day we all went to Grand Falls Windsor, basically cause the food had run at the cabin. The ride there was uneventful. Once we got to Harvey’s house I met his wife Florence who had just gotten home for lunch. She is a wonderful person and I liked her at once. I also met their son Michael. I got my own room and Spirit and Desiré got a nice heated garage!
Harvey took u into town to Canadian tire to get oil for the bikes and some other stuff.
At first I had not wanted to start working on Spirit, I was getting tired of working on her I have to admit, even though it was just regular maintenance.
Then I figured I should. I changed the oil, and found the filter once more relatively clean for having gone over 3000 miles with the same oil.
Then my spring arrived and yes, it looked a lot thicker than the other spring!

Harvey Jim and I jumped into Harvey’s truck and went to town to get the spring installed on the shock. The first place we stopped at didn’t have the tools to do this, but the second place did.
Jim had some errands to do too, and after we got back we had dinner.
As I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do the next day I felt in limbo. I was tired, mentally and physically but really should get the shock on Spirit. The tire Jim had ordered for me hadn’t arrived, so here I was with a bald tire, and seeing as we had so much rain I didn’t feel comfortable riding around with it. I had wanted to go to St. Johns but the weather in that part of the island was worse.
I decided to put the shock on anyway and maybe wait for the tire.
Then Jim told me I could just use his knobby that still had a lot of thread on it. We were both silly, because neither of us remembered that he now sported an 18 inch wheel on the back. I had already taken the tire off when we realized that.
Meanwhile the neighbors had come over to watch us work. The ladies were impressed with my mechanical skills and the neighbor lady said she wouldn’t ever do something like that. That’s what her husband was for. Haha, I had to laugh. She was honest about it and didn’t feel in the least that it was a negative thing.
I guess I am a tad too independent at times, even though it is nice to have someone else do something for you.
I left Spirit on the jacks cause there wasn’t much else I could do. I hoped that the tire would be in the next day, but Harvey and Jim had planned to get to the cabin early, and I wasn’t sure how he would feel about me staying there while he was gone and Florence at work.
I slept well that night (Florence opened the window for me, as I have a hard time sleeping without a breeze)

The next morning Jim offered to buy me a new tire and we went looking first at some guy’s place who had a trailer filled with tires, old and new. None that would fit Spirit, except for a really teensy one and an old stiff one that I felt would start cracking the minute I started riding.
We did find one in a store, and it was a Kenda. I figured it would be interesting to see how those ride.
Again Jim saved my neck, as he has done countless other times! I’ve got to make it up to him one way or another!!
It was really sweet of Harvey to help me out like that, riding around all morning looking for a tire; I knew he wanted to get back to the cabin to finish the siding and all.

Harvey had pulled me aside earlier and told me that it would be hard for me to stay at the cabin as Florence and Michael were there too. He said also when the family arrived it would be noisy, crowded and lots of people smoking. (I guess he had noticed me edging away from the neighbor yesterday cause he was smoking in the garage)
He then offered to let me use the trailer in Badger. Wow, that would be awesome!
He gave me directions before left for the cabin. He took off before Jim and I because it would be slower going for him with the trailer down the dirt road

The tire was definitely a lot harder to put on than the Shinko, but mainly because it was an 80 instead of a 90. Jim helped me with the last bit.
Then I packed up my stuff and loaded it on Spirit to see how the new shock was.
Hmmmm, It needed to be adjusted for sure.

Jim adjusting the rings

The shock looked awesome, but adjusting it was a pain in the neck!!
The wrench did not quite fit between the frame and the airbox, so it was impossible to get the notch to rotate enough to grab the next one.
Both Jim and I realized that the wrench would have to be altered.

Jim went and grounded the handle of the wrench out so that we just had enough room to turn one notch. There are 12 notches to make on full rotation. And I had to adjust the bike I think 5 or 6 rotations. So yeah it took a while.
I guess the shock is meant for those riders who set it once and leave it at that. It is not designed to adjusting it easily while on the road.
Once it was set to the right height however I found that it was a wonderful shock. I could reach the ground, and I could use the kickstand normally. Even with the load off I could tiptoe and reach the ground. This would work!
Jim left to go do some shopping and then to the cabin, and I finished up packing Spirit.

When I left the house I ambled along the roads slowly watching my speedometer. I had remembered thankfully that I wanted to make a photo of the mileage and wanted to be somewhere quiet so I could stop when I wanted to.

Now how is that for a reading!!

I rode to Sobeys and did some shopping myself but unfortunately did not find much of any food I could eat for on the road, Seeing as I had a trailer to myself for a couple of days, I got some salad, avocado, cranberries, dressing and lots of other goodies that needed to be refrigerated.
I found the cabin no problem, and made myself at home.

View from inside the trailer

Amazing how nice it feels to have a place to oneself! I am really turning into a hermit at my old age!! LOL. I got settled and relaxed for a bit before heading over to the cabin. I almost missed the turn off.
Once there I spend the day helping Jim with the siding and relaxing at the cabin.


Jim up in the rafters

When it started getting darker I had to tell Florence not to cook for me. I was tired, craving some alone time, and the trailer was beckoning me.
I wished everyone a good evening and hopped on Spirit.
Once I got to the trailer I felt like I had gotten home. Amazing how a little place like that can make you relax and just be.
I had been longing for the Salad and tofu I had bought, and whipped up an amazing salad with all the ingredients, yuuuummmmm, I can eat like this every night!
I crawled in my sleeping bag afterward with the intention to read, but realized as soon as I lied down, that all I wanted to do was close my eyes.
Even the loud noise outside of the sewage plant behind the trailer did not keep me awake.
When I woke up in the morning I took my time.
It was Saturday and Harvey’s family would arrive, and the place would be a zoo.
I’m not comfortable around a lot of people, noise gets to me, and I haven’t quite figured out yet how to tune it out. Eckhart Tolle suggested in his book “The power of now” to just let it go through you, to pretend that you’re air and that it flows right through you without it bothering you. Hmmm, not getting it yet!
So I got there around noon, but there was no one in sight other than Harvey and family. Turns out they were all at another cabin. Phew!! I helped Jim some more, this time with installing the garage door, and went to the party later. I rode Spirit down the trail, very bumpy trail, so I could ride back out in case it got too much for me.
As it turned out only about 20 or so folks were there, including Harvey’s family, Jim and I. There was actually something I could eat, some mashed potatoes with apple, rice, and I had brought my own Indian food as well.
Afterward I had snowballs, which were totally gluten free and vegetarian!! Wow, yummy.
I forgot to ask Florence for the recipe!!
Then while I was sitting with the ladies at the bonfire Jim and I were called to the deck in front of the house.
They had a surprise for us!! We were to be skreetched in!! What the???
Harvey held a paddle that had some sort of dead slug thing on it, maybe a mussel?
Anyways, he asked Jim, “Dyawannebeanufndlndr?” Say what?  Haha, I did understand that though. Jim said Yes!
Then he held the paddle before Jims face and Jim had to eat the slug…..
Then,  he asked me the same thing, and just out of curiosity to see what would happen if I said no, I answered no. He ignored that answer and held the paddle in front of my face. Luckily Florence went and put a candy on the paddle, and I grabbed it with my mouth and sis not quite eat it but held it long enough. Too sweet!
The he made Jim and I repeat some other slang sentences that I had no idea what they meant. Jim drank skreetch (the rum left on the bottom of a barrel and supposedly tastes horrible, and I got some ultra sweet syruppy drink that did indeed taste horrible. Then they handed us a certificate, a pin and a Newfoundlander hat, and we were officially skreetched in

Jim was just saying something when the picture was taken

I ended up staying longer, and Harvey pulled out his guitar and started playing and singing, “Bye, bye miss American pie,” and everyone started singing around the campfire, including myself. Everyone was very drunk and having a great time.
There was another guy there called Jim as well (I called him Jimbo) and he had walked up to me drunkenly, and told me life doesn’t get any better than this!
I could see from the look on his face that he loved this moment and was as happy as a clam, but my heart filled with sadness when he said it because I realized that for me this wasn’t so. All I really wanted was to get back to the trailer and have some peace and quiet.
I guess I am just not much of a social person. And my happiest moments are somewhere in nature with the wind blowing in the trees, the sound of the river or a brook and the birds singing.
Then I realized that I also love spending time with my kids, because I love them.
And I guess that is why he was so happy. He truly loved all the people around him and enjoyed their company. I was just a stranger in a strange land :D

Around midnight I was ready to get out of there, but there was no way I felt comfortable enough to ride that rough road in the dark. I asked Florence for a ride back to the cabin (I could stay in the bunk bed again with Michael on the top and Jim in the other bed in the room.
Turns out Michael had eaten was to much and was feeling really sick , so Florence drove of both to the cabin.
I went to bed shortly after, but was woken not too much later by Jim and Florence having a lively drinking and talking session! LOL.
I eventually fell asleep again.

The next morning Michael gave me a ride on his mom’s ATV to the party cabin where Spirit was patiently waiting. I hoped on her and took off for Harvey’s cabin. Well I should rephrase that, tried to take off. The gravel in the curve was really deep, and I found myself not moving forward all of a sudden. Spirit’s rear wheel was spinning and not getting any traction and thump, there I went!. Luckily Michael and Pete (?) where right there and helped me up and pushed her out of the gravel hole the tire had dug. This time I actually made it to the dirt and to the cabin.

Harvey, Florence, Michael and I went blueberry picking after breakfast; Jim wanted to stay and work on the garage.

Everyone was wearing rain gear, as it had started drizzling.

Harvey had given me his old one-piece coverall, which had a hole in the crotch.
It did not take too long before I had a wet seat, and had to stop to fill the hole with a plastic bag Jim had given me (which I forgot to return, oops) It stopped me from getting any wetter. We picked blueberries in the rain for over an hour, and decided to go back to the cabin instead of riding around the lake. It had just gotten too cold.

As I had not had enough sleep I was longing to go back to the trailer and rest for a while, so I said goodbye to everyone and headed back to Badger.

Ahhh, bliss!! I made myself another salad, kicked back and had a wonderful evening.
I swung by the cabin the next day just as Florence and Michael were leaving. They invited me to a BBQ that night at their house.
I hung around a bit helped Jim and Harvey at one point, and relaxed. When Jim was done the both of us headed to Harvey’s home for dinner.
It was a wonderful dinner and afterward the neighbor came by and us three girls started talking about our kids and such. I showed them pics of Travis and Tamara (my kids) and of the costumes I had made etc.
Florence and I hooked up on Facebook too, she was going to send me the snowball recipe.
We said out goodbyes and I took a photo of them.

Jim rode before me lighting the way. I think he was going too fast, as there were plenty of moose in the area, but we got to the turnoff to the trailer in one piece.
There Jim met this guy who was starting a motorcycle store in Badger, also an ADVer who was glad to meet Jim, but didn’t even acknowledge me even though Jim introduced us. ?? that was a tad weird, but he was really into telling Jim all about his shop.

After he left Jim and I hugged goodbye as well, as this was the last time we’d see each other in who knows how long.
I rode to the trailer ready for another section of my journey. This time alone again.
It had been a Joy riding with Jim, and sharing the beauty with the land.
He is an amazing guy, and a lot more adaptable than me!!
I get along with everyone and enjoy their company and getting to know them, but only for a certain amount of time, and then I need to retreat.
Jim can spend hours among people and be totally at ease and talk a lot.
I seem to run out of things to say after a while.
He’s definitely more connected to the world than I am!!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #55 on: September 13, 2014, 06:35:46 PM »
The next morning I got Spirit all packed up and chain greased and was really ready to hit the road again.

Saying goodbye to my wonderful little retreat

Heading back toward Deer Lake I made sure to stop and take a picture of this. I had seen it on my way to grand falls, but failed to stop then.

Who would have thought!! A Hawaiian beach on Newfoundland!!

The weather was great and I had planned to make it to Port aux Basque in one day.
A long stretch for me!

Just had to take a pic of the amazing cloud formation

Once I got to Deer Lake I stopped at the same Burger King again. The girls had remembered me from last time.
Once rested I hopped back on Spirit and headed for Corner Brook;
There I found the Dominion store that Florence had told me about.
Wow!! What a variety of food, and they also had those Indian dinners I liked, and also Indian snacks and such. I stocked up for another 12 days.
I was in heaven!!
Feeling happy about not having to worry about where to buy food, I ambled toward Port aux Basque

I loved this road!!


I did take a little detour along the coast via Black Duck
It wasn’t as pretty as I had hoped, but it was nice not having any traffic on the road with me.

I must have aimed at something cause I was not taking a photo of this cloud on purpose. Still it’s quite a nice shot

Looked like I was heading toward rain!!


The mountains looked so Mystical!!

When I got almost to Port aux Basque I was pretty darn tired, and didn’t feel like hunting for a spot to camp. There was a sign saying JT Cheeseman provincial park, and I turned unto the little dirt road.
The camping was lovely and quiet, and only $15, so I went for it.

As it looked like rain, I decided to tarp up so I wouldn’t be stuck with a wet tent in the morning.
There was a little wifi there, and a pay phone.
On a whim I decided to make a reservation for the ferry.
Good thing I did as I was supposed to be there 2 hours before. Luckily the camping was only 10 minutes from the ferry
I got u at 7, having packed most everything in the evening, and was out of there by 9.
It did rain in the night, and my tent was only slightly damp in areas close to the edge of the tarp.

It was a very misty ride to the Harbor

As I got to the booth and gave them my name, the guy kept glancing behind me and waited. Finally he asked where the rest of the party was. When I told him I rode by myself he was really surprised. LOL, I get that a lot it seems.
Lane 11 was all mine he said

Yup no other riders.

I went into the big building to see about a Nova Scotia map, and when I came back out found two other bikes parked near Spirit.
Two guys, Alex and Ed were there, and they were heading back to I think Ontario, but also via Cape Breton.
A guy and his wife in a motorhome were pulling a trailer with a bike in it. He told me the ferry fee for him was $500! Yikes!!
He was really sweet and gave me a map of Nova Scotia and we talked about where to go for a while. He told us about a little ferry we should take to head to Cape Breton. He mentioned that he once bought a booklet with ferry tickets for cheap, $1.25 per ticket, that he still had. Now the ferry cost $5. I jokingly asked him why he told us that. He was pondering where he had them and disappeared.
About 15 minutes later he was back, and handed each of us a little ferry coupon. Awwww.

The ferry, no rain but really fine mist was in the air

At around 10:45 they started boarding and we were first to go.

I loved the way we could anchor the bikes. We got 4 straps each and 4 anchor points.
Spirit didn’t move a mm!!
I grabbed my laptop, some snack bars, chips and camera and went upstairs.

One last look at Newfoundland, knowing I’d be back in the Spring

I walked all the way to the front and scored a table with outlets in front of the window looking out to the front of the boat. Yippee
Ed and Alex showed up a bit later, but went to find another spot to sit; closer to the door as they smoked.

I made myself at home and started downloading my photos from the camera to the laptop. Before I knew it the boat had started moving.
There was definitely a lot of rocking motion, and I was hoping I wouldn’t get seasick. I basically told myself not to, mind over manner. I did get a tad queasy occasionally, but pushed it away

More later, especially the rescue videos, as I still have a lot to type up

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #56 on: September 24, 2014, 10:14:31 AM »
APB ....anyone heard from or seen NomadGal lately ?? Hey "E" ..where are you ...
ATGATT +change fuel often

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #57 on: September 24, 2014, 03:02:25 PM »
She's back in Hawaii now and should be posting up her last couple segments of the Ride... haphap

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #58 on: December 25, 2014, 04:04:47 AM »
Well, I thought I had posted the end of my journey, but I guess I didn't  humph1
I also post on ADV so I guess that's where the mix up is.
Will post as soon as I have a minute.
But for now

Mele Kalikimaka

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!
Nothing Much changed here, I'm still on Kauai, still haven't found a place to live. and still staying with a friend
(who is hoping I'll find something soon  :smiler: )
I will be checking out a place the day after Christmas, keeping my fingers crossed that this is a nice place with a nice person.
Have to do the room mate scene as the rents here have sky rocketed due to lack of housing availability.
I miss the snow, and Spirit, but do have some work, and will hopefully be able to save some for spring time.

Lots of rainbows on Kauai

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
Means Happy New year
Will continue this thread in the spring once i am back in New Brunswick

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #59 on: December 25, 2014, 08:28:37 AM »
Cool to see you back in Hawaii- I start a trip tomorrow and have 2 layovers in Honolulu, can't wait!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #60 on: December 28, 2014, 08:21:18 PM »
Very nice

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #61 on: May 18, 2015, 04:19:54 AM »
Two more weeks, and I'm on the road again!!!  :ricky:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #62 on: May 18, 2015, 05:23:33 AM »
Is that two or four ?

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #63 on: May 19, 2015, 12:45:38 AM »
 :smiler: fixed

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #64 on: June 03, 2015, 07:25:17 PM »
I'm in Moncton!!
Just a brief "ride" report today, more like a fly report  :Hap1:

The day I left was rather crazy. Got up early as Mel decided to do a photo shoot of Mokan and Nokan, and a short film shoot early in the morning. Of course he had to have me there to help the guys into their costumes.

These are their heads, the mouth opens and closes and the eyes move left and right. (so far)

Then the guys he hired to portal the characters had way too big a heads to wear the puppet heads, so I ended up being one of the characters. As you've probably guessed, this took longer than he anticipated. I finally put my foot down and told him I needed to get back home to take a shower and clean the bathroom ere I left.
Got to the airport in time though.
Then I found out that even though you may book certain seats during your reservation, it doesn't mean that you actually get them!! Turns out they erased my seats and put me slap dab in the middle between two rather obese persons!!! Needless to say I could not breathe without touching either of them. For someone like me, who doesn't even like being around more than a few folks, the situation was rather distressing. I looked around me to see if there might be another seat open somewhere, and noticed that the whole row behind me was empty. Hmmmmmm, then decided to ask the air hostess if I could sit there if none showed up. She said I could, but that they were waiting for those folks to show up. I decided to put my bag of home made cupcakes on the seat behind me, as a "I got first dibs" message. After five minutes of watching the isle and see if anyone else boarded, the door closed. Well, I don't think you've ever seen any one jumped up that fast! I climbed over the person sitting next to me, and grabbed the empty window seat.  haphap
The air hostess saw me and walked up, shaking her head and laughing. She told me I must be a very lucky person (she doesn't know the half of it!!). I spend a blissful 4 1/2 hours flying to San Francisco.

The pilot got us there in record time, as it normally takes 5 1/2 to 6 to get to the mainland from Kauai.

In San francisco I found a deli that had fresh dolmas in their deli section, as well as tabouli and other good vegan stuff. I got the dolmas and they were delicious!!
The flight to Toronto was long, I did have a window seat, but crawling over two guys to go to the bathroom, is not much fun. I was glad I had my hidden object game on the laptop, and kept myself busy and awake.

The moon above the clouds

A socket in the seat in front of me!!! Awesome! I charged my laptop during the flight.

Air Canada also had some pretty good meals, and I opted for the spinach salad. My luck they still had one  :smiler:.  I gave her my debit card, and it turns out they only take credit cards, sniff. I handed her the salad back, but I guess she felt sorry for me as I had been so happy that there was a salad left, and told me to go ahead and just eat it. So I got a free dinner to boot!!

Once in Toronto I went through customs no problem, and waited for my suitcase a while. I kept noticing a speaker message playing every few minutes and decided to listen. It said that passengers coming from Oahu or San Francisco didn't need to get their luggage from the baggage claim but could go straight to their connecting flight.
I waited a little while longer to make sure my suitcase wasn't there, and walked to the other terminal.

This time there was a little plane getting us to Moncton!! Cool

Wow, tiny tires!!

The flight was short, but the guy next to me was rather intrusive, he had his legs all relaxed and spread out taking up half of my foot space!! I know I should have said something, but decided to just squash myself against the wall and window and enjoy the flight.

In Moncton I stood at the carousel for a while, until it became obvious that my suitcase did not make it there.  :eek7: :puzzled: :eek7: :puzzled: :eek7:

Went to the baggage claim window and filed for a lost suitcase. Should I have waited longer, was the broadcasted message wrong?
According to the guy there, yes, you always have to pick up the luggage when going through customs.
Paul (Rory's friend and storer of Spirit) walked up, he had come to give me a ride to his house. Very sweet, and as it turned out very lucky for me, as I would have just stayed there for however long it took them to find my suitcase.

I was exhausted and my brain just about shut down as I hadn't slept, but remembered to ask Paul if we could stop by Canadian Tire to get some Rotella-T.
Paul and Marilyn live in an old but beautiful farm house, and gave me a room to myself. I tried to stay up but didn't manage, and took a two hour nap.
We had a wonderful evening together with a good dinner and lots of stories, and by nine I was done for and crawled in bed. Slept 12 hours………...

 Today after a good steel cut oats breakfast, I started working on Spirit.

Changed her oil, cleaned the air filter (much needed) and put in her battery.

Then around lunch time I got a call from Baggage claim, they found my suitcase! It was still in San Francisco!!! Whet the….????? It should be here tonight he said.

So now I am about to put the air filter back in as it is dry, and hopefully she'll start right up!!

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #65 on: June 04, 2015, 12:45:05 PM »
 :clap: :claps: :clap: :claps: :clap: :claps:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #66 on: June 04, 2015, 06:48:13 PM »
Please keep the pictures & words coming. They make for a good read every time. :biker_h4h1:
Pushing for 100,000 miles

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #67 on: June 09, 2015, 09:27:55 PM »
Lets see….. what day is it??  haphap
It’s Tuesday, and I am currently in Camden Maine sitting on a comfy seat in a house that belongs to a friend of mine from Kauai, actually the same friend who gave me Spirit. The ride here was awesome, a great start of this next chapter of my journey.
Let me go back a few days…..

My suitcase arrived two days after I did, but at least it got there, yippee!! Everything was still in there, customs must have wondered about the camping stuff in there  :smiler:
That same day
I went grocery shopping on Spirit (it was the day before leaving) and  I felt a little wobbly while riding (should have known it wasn’t me!) I figured I’d been off her for almost nine months, so it was normal. It felt great riding again.
I found a little health-food place far out of town, and I parked in the dirt parking lot (of course without checking the ground first), and when I went to put my feet down, I discovered to my dismay that they weren’t reaching the ground! By the time they finally did Spirit was leaning over too far for me to hold her, and I had to let her go down. Luckily a guy saw what happened and helped me get her up, I had just filled up the tank, which made her really top heavy (drawback of the 7 gallon tank)
Well, no harm done, and now I had dropped her once, I figured I had gotten it out of my system and that would be it (little did I know). Found my way back no problem (Thanks again Jettn Jim!! That XOG is a lifesaver!!!)

I packed up fairly early in the morning, a little nervous, but also excited, to be out on my own on the road again. I said goodbye to my wonderful hosts

Paul and Marilyn in the garage

Both of them working hard getting the nails out of the wood, so they can burn it in the winter to keep the garage warm.  He stores a lot of motorcycles here in the winter for a variety of riders.

Paul was worried for me, which I found really sweet, I felt we were two kindred spirits. Marilyn his wife reminded me so very much of my step mom Henny, who passed away a little over a year ago, that I had to stop once in a while and watch her. She didn’t look exactly the same, but similar, but her mannerism and voice were very much the same.

I waved bye, as they were about to go spray the ground around the Christmas trees, bummer, but yeah…

As I was bypassing Moncton I really felt like something was wrong with the front tire, and slowly it dawned on my that I had a Heidenau on the front, still he same one Doug had given me, and those always feel and look solid, but I hadn’t given her a real pressure test (what was I thinking, or not thinking?) Luckily there was a gas station shortly after my little eureka moment, and I checked it. 20 psi, no wonder!!
Of course a tire would lose air sitting for such a long time. I filled her up and checked the back one, 35psi! This tire had not lost a single psi!! Go Shinko!!!
I hopped back on Spirit, and wow, what a difference, we were good to go.  :ricky:

As usual, the first moments of riding are always accompanied by a variety of  thoughts: Why am I doing this? Will I find a place to camp for the night? Is Spirit going to give me problems again? What will the weather be like? Are there bears around? Etc, etc. But luckily as this was the third time starting out after a prolonged break, I could draw from my experience and tell myself that everything was going to be great. I wasn’t going to worry about anything and just believe that a great camping spot would appear when it was time, that Spirit would be great, and that this time I would just enjoy the ride west where I would eventually find a place to settle down.

The peaceful feeling of a wide-open road, without traffic

My plan was to head toward the St. Martin area via the coast, and find a spot to pitch my tent for a few days.

The Chocolate river, you can see why

Lots of brown clay dirt

Looks like there are a lot of covered bridges in New Brunswick

The beams under the bridge were seriously warped, but it looked like they were supported by metal cables now, so the bridge wouldn’t collapse.

As soon as I entered into Fundy National Park I hit road work! Go figures.
Parts of that road were really rough, with fist-sized rocks piled together. No problem for Spirit, but boy, I sure would have hated riding a Harley or Goldwing over that!!

Spring is in the air!!!

I decided to take the little detour and check out St Martin, another covered bridge.

Amazing rock formation

I took the road up the hill, hoping to see some nice views, but after a while realized that it was just a suburban area, and went to turn around using someone’s driveway. Should have looked better as it turned out that most of it was rocks and sand. Needless to say I felt Spirit slip sideways in the curve, and again I didn’t have the strength to stop her from topping over. Ahhhh, twice in two days!! A young fella stopped his car and helped me get her up; it was a struggle as she kept sliding in the sand while we tried to lift her. I ended up taking the bag off the back, and that helped. He wanted to wait until I was off again, but I told him to just go ahead, that I would be fine, and I was. I got her turned around and headed down hill again


Close-up of the cliffs, gorgeous!!

Spring came late here; the leaves on the tree look barely a week old

There were more houses here than I had thought there would be, so finding a quiet camping spot around here turned out to be futile, I would have better luck past St. John, so I kept on riding.

As I was going down hill I passed a little beach to my left, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a picnic table sitting in some grass. I decided to find a spot up the road to turn around and take a peek

View from up the road


Now why on Earth did I ride up to the beach?????
I did good though, I pushed her back manually, not sitting on the bike, and got to a spot where I had a big enough area to turn the her around facing forward. Then I started her up and walked alongside until I could park on somewhat solid and even ground. Yippee, made that hurdle!! I had to boost my self esteem after I had dropped her  :wings:

I rode through St. John, and headed for Dipper harbor.
On the left side of the road I suddenly noticed a nice smooth dirt road heading toward the bay, I turned around and took it.

Wow, what a nice road, and it looked very promising as for as finding a camping spot goes. I noticed one area to the left with a fire pit, but it looked messy. The road dead-ended near a factory with locked gates and blocked off with huge boulders. Didn’t look like this entrance was used anymore. So I turned around and happen to stumble upon and overgrown driveway to the left. I parked Spirit and walked up the little road. It was perfect, and by the looks of it no one had been driving on this road for a long time.
Still, it was spring now, and maybe someone might show up and go to wherever the road went. I walked down it a bit but it kept on going, so I turned around.
I decided to check out the spot with the fire pit, but when I got there it was worse then I had seen in that quick drive-by. It was littered with beer bottles, soda cans, trash bags, and other pieces of garbage. Absolutely disgusting!
So I decided to take my chance on the overgrown driveway.

I pitched my tent and shortly after it began to rain. Just for a little and then the sky cleared, but along with it came the cold! Boy was I freezing! I cooked a little supper to warm up, and crawled in my sleeping bag early. I was glad I had decided to bring my fleece blanket with me again.
I fell asleep shortly thereafter, but woke up about an hour later when car slowed down and stopped right at the entrance of the driveway……… crap!!
But whoever it was, they took off again after a few minutes, phew!! That would have been a nightmare to pack up again in the dark.
I fell asleep again and slept like a baby till morning.

There is something so amazingly wonderful about waking up in the woods, with the sound of birds chirping around you and knowing that there is absolutely nothing that you have to do! I just lied there, being content and peaceful, enjoying the warmth of my sleeping bag and the comfort of my sleeping pad, just being, and not worrying or planning. I finally felt a bit more human. As my little spot was so peaceful I decided to just kick back a day, I needed it after months of working without weekends. I read and crocheted and watch a movie on my laptop.
It rained that day, so I was enjoying the soothing sounds of the rain on my tent.

I just love the little shed that attaches to my tent, it really makes it into a home!

I would have stayed another day if it hadn’t been for the fact that I wanted to meet up with my Boss/friend in Maine.
On my previous trips I got up and tried to get out off wherever I camped, by 10 AM, not this time! I was way too relaxed, and just took it one minute at a time.

Little mountain of moss, had to take a pic

 I was all geared up by noon, and slowly meandered to Deer Island.
I saw on the map that there was a town called Utopia, I just had to detour and swing by there. Unfortunately I did not see the town name anywhere, only a sign with Utopia road

I headed to the ferry that would bring me to Deer Island.
From there I would take the ferry to Campobello island and then the bridge to Lubeck Maine.

The ferry dock


Nice view from the dock side

On the ferry

Spirit, and hanging on the dry-bag, my new green crocs, with magenta straps

Not exactly trust inspiring

During the ride, I inquired about the ferry to Campobello, and found out to my dismay, that the ferry hadn’t started up yet, and probably wouldn’t for another couple of weeks! Shucks!! So here I was going the wrong way. The ferry ride was free, so I decided to just tour the little island and then take another ferry back. They went every half hour, so the wait wouldn’t be too long either way.

The ferry ride lasted about 20 minutes, and I was the last one to get off.
Deer Island is a quaint little place, but very picturesque. I had fun just cruising down the roads, even ended up on a dead-end one.

I couldn’t decide which picture to post, so I posted both of them  :smiler:

I felt like moving right in

After a whole hour I had been on almost every single road, so I grabbed the ferry back.
The ride to Calais was uneventful, and fast (took the freeway)
The border crossing was quiet and before I knew it I was in the US, yay, my cell phone worked at a normal rate again!

I found the visitor center and stopped by to get a map of Maine. While there I inquired about forest campgrounds, and they gave me a map of public lands campsites. The closest one was Rocky lake, and as it was past 6 already I decided to head out there.
I found the turn really easily (or so I thought) but after riding on dirt for about 5 miles, I realized that I was passing the rocky lake but saw no turn offs.
A lady was driving up and I waved her down to ask, but she didn’t know about the campsite, but the guy behind her did. Turns out I had turned right too soon, and that I had to get back to the road and take the next dirt road to the right.
I found the campsite no problem. It was on public lands, so it was free.
Turns out though that while riding I lost the camera battery that I was charging.
I had totally forgotten that I was doing so, because I would have disconnected to charger and packed it away.
Jettn Jim had given me a great camera for Christmas years ago, and with it three batteries. I guess that he knew that eventually I was gong to lose one!!!

It was a gorgeous camp ground, with one big drawback……..

I couldn’t get Spirit past the boulders!

Luckily I was the only one here, and Spirit only about 15 feet from the tent.

This is as far as I’ll get tonight, I’ll post the rest of my report tomorrow

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #68 on: June 10, 2015, 04:57:41 PM »
Other than the mosquitos, nobody bugged me. I t was a nice and quiet night, with occasionally the sound of a faraway loon.
I didn’t want to miss my friend in Camden, so I was packed up by 11, and headed South. It was very overcast, and it threatened to rain, but it remained dry (for a while)

Cute little library

I took some coastal detours, which weren’t as spectacular as I had hoped. It was very suburban, and there were few stretches without any houses.

Right as I hit Hwy 1 again I saw this corny little blueberry place

When I hit Elsworth I noticed a sporting good store and dropped in to get some fuel for my stove. Seems like only certain stores carry the dual fuel tanks like the MSR.
When I got out of the store it was raining and I donned my raingear.
I don’t mind riding in the rain, but it does limit the picture taking.

Another one of those spiffy bridges

I got to Camden around 5 and discovered to my dismay that I had zero phone reception! Turns out that AT&T sucks in this area. Bummer. Luckily my cheap little emergency tracfone had reception and I called my friend Geoffrey. He answered!! In itself a miracle…….
Turns out I was very close to where he was. I did have some chai and tomato basil soup before I headed out there at the local deli.

I’ve been here a few days now, relaxing (well not really) and getting some things taken care of.
My Hawaiian registration expired, and I went and registered here in Maine. So from now on I will have a Maine license plate just to throw everyone off.
I think I’ll hang my Hawaiian on my bag, just as a conversation piece.

Geoffrey, the neighbor across from him called Jorey, and I rode the bicycles to Stromsurfer’s house to go and say hi.

I really don’t like bicycling, too exhausting! So as I had hopped off to walk a hill, I noticed this gorgeous flower in someone’s yard.

The guys, Geoffrey, Jorey and Mike
Mike has a cool BMW with sidecar, I told him now he could get a dog to come along on his trips.
We spend a little while there, and he promised to swing by the next day to come check out Spirit

This morning Geof and I went up to Mnt. Battie to check out the view

A tower with a view

short little stairway t the top, but what a nice view up there

guy with yellow jacket down the hill is Geoffrey, enjoying the view


Mike came by around one to check out Spirit, and stayed for just a little while.
I had to jump on the back before he left.  :smiler: Very nice bike!!!
So here’s where I stop for today.
I’m not sure if I’m heading out tomorrow or the day after. It’s supposed to be nice weather for the next few days, so that’s a relief.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #69 on: June 10, 2015, 11:47:41 PM »
Many, many thanks!  Love your writeups.   :mol:

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #70 on: June 17, 2015, 12:13:04 PM »
As I write this I am sitting in my tent, stealth camping in the Adirondack National Forest. The rain just eased off (it had been raining since last night, but I was dry and snug as a bug), and now the forest sounds reappear again. The calming rushing of the river, which is about one hundred feet from me, and sounds of the birds twittering in the trees, give me a contented and peaceful mood. An occasional car passing by make me aware that I am not too far away in to the woods.
But anyways, let me get back to where I left off.

I wanted to go to Portland to go to the Whole Foods store there, and Geoffrey said he had to return some boots at LL Bean because they hurt, so he said that if I didn’t mind his company he’d drive. Mind? Heck no, I could just kick back, relax and let him deal with traffic :D.
I was hoping to meet up with my friend Jen who lives there, but that unfortunately didn’t happen as we got stuck for hours right here


I am guessing that what I am about to tell you will shock you!!
You never guess what I bought………..
Well, I can only blame Legolas, Catniss, and Robin Hood for this crazy notion!
Did you guess it yet?
I went and bought a bow and arrows :D
I’ve always admired the character Robin Hood, and then Legolas and Catniss for their accuracy with a bow. It had been a long time wish of mine to learn how to use a bow and arrow. To be one with the arrow as a Zen quote says.
And no! I am not planning on shooting it at any living being, man or animal. Nor am I planning on using it as a weapon for defense. If my mind ever goes there, and stays there, I will ship it of to a friend and will use it once I live somewhere near a archery range.

When we were in LL Bean we walked by the counter with the bows behind it, my eye caught a beautiful wooden one. The sales guy, sensing my interest , walked up to me and asked if I’d like to try one. Try one????? It was then that I saw the closed in shooting range behind him. Wow, me, try to shoot a bow?? Yes sir!!
He took me inside, and I had to sign a piece of paper first, which I did, and then had me try one bow.
Just pull on the string and see if you can pull it to your cheek. I did, but pulled it too far as I thought it harder. Nope not the bow for you he said. It was a 20lbs bow (not in weight but pull), so he gave me a 30 lbs one. This one I pulled to my cheek as well. It wasn’t hard, but not as easy either, and I felt it was the right size.

He showed me how to hold it, how to load the arrow, and how to release.
The target was only about 15 feet away I think, maybe twenty, and I hit the square but not the circle on my first try. I was too far to the right. He gave me 6 arrows to shoot, and by the end I had hit the outer edges of the circle three times; but still too far to the right. I had a hard time estimating how far to the left aim the arrow.
But now I was hooked, I would be able to learn how to shoot accurately.
We went outside and he showed me how to string the bow.
Meanwhile Geoffrey had come back from returning his shoes, and wanted to order lunch. I ordered a salad and went back to the guy who was dissembling the bow. Then I got anal and asked him if I could look at a few other ones, as I really liked the different wood grains. Then as I was choosing he suddenly said, “Do me a favor and do this test for me.” I had a feeling something was nagging him, so I did,
Basically you make a small circle with both hands, and center and object far from away into the circle you just made. Then you slowly bring your arms to your face, keeping the object in the center. Now when you do this, you will realize that your circled hands come to a stop either in front of your right eye or your left. Funny enough, mine stopped in front of my left eye. “Do it again”, he said with an object even further away, same thing. “Well”, he said, “You are a lefty!” Turns out that the reason I kept on shooting too far to the right, was because my left eye was doing the aiming. Back to the shooting room we went, and handed me a left-handed bow.
Awkward! You’ll get used to it he told me. I aimed and shot…….dead center from the middle, horizontally speaking, a little too high, but in the center.
Yep, you’re a lefty! I shot a few more arrows and all within an inch of each other. Now I just have to get the height right. My left arm isn’t as strong, so I tired easily.
Then back to the counter. At first it looked as if they didn’t have a left-handed bow, but then he found one, the only one! I guess I didn’t have a choice as for as wood grains went :D. Still it was a beautiful bow. Part of me was still thinking I should go with the right, but then I figured if it really didn’t work out, I could always go and exchange it for a right-handed one. They have an easy return policy.

I can’t believe I splurged and bought a bow. But then Geoffrey handed me his LL Bean card that had the money on it from his returned boots. He said he’d never use it and to go ahead and use it toward the bow. I bought an arm guard and three more arrows, as the arrows that came with it were junk, according to the sales guy.
Meanwhile my salad had arrived and Geoffrey and I enjoyed our lunch.

We spent another hour walking around the store, and I sat outside the store for a while in the sun, waiting for him to get his business on the phone done.
I felt guilty having splurged so much money on it, but then I told myself I earned it. I worked my butt of these last nine months.

Afterwards I went to whole foods and Geoffrey to Verizon. Got lots of Tasty Bite meals!!! Turns out we dawdled too long at LL Bean, and missed the window to visit my friend, who as it turned out had other plans for the afternoon. I didn’t know, but I figured I’d meet her again some day.

Shopping is exhausting!! Went to bed early and started packing the next morning.
Geoffrey said goodbye before I finished as he was driving north to Dover-Foxcroft to visit his friends.
I was out of there around noon, but knew I didn’t have far to go. His sister has a condo at Sugarloaf, a skiing resort, and I could stay there a night.
Route 17 was an easy going back route, some traffic for a Friday, but not too bad.
The route wasn’t exactly picturesque, so I didn’t take any pictures for a while, but when I did, my camera froze on me. What the???? There was no pace to stop, and I really wasn’t in the mood to figure out what was going on. As the scenery was not exactly mind blowing I figured I’d fix it once I got to the condo.
It only took a few hours, and the condo was easy to find.
It was totally deserted!! The inside was really nice!

living room and dining table


Bedroom with queen and bunk-bed

And a bathroom and washer and dryer room

It was so comfy there, and peaceful.
I fell asleep on the couch at 6 PM woke up once to crawl in my sleeping bag on the bed, and slept till 6 AM. I guess I was tired :huh

In the morning I just had to assemble my bow, I hadn’t even had a chance to do that.
It took me a while to figure out, as the string mounts backwards, I had forgotten.

Here it is!!

Close-up of wood inlay

I had a relaxed morning and figured out what was wrong with the camera; the scene dial was between settings. Duh, I twisted it to anti shake, and was good to go.
I whatsapped Pam, Geoffrey’s sister to whom the cabin belongs, and asked her if she had the condo online. She does, it’s on Home Away.
I figured if anyone riding in this area needs a wonderful place to crash, you can reserve it online.

I was packed and out of there by 11.

My new bow on top of my dry-bag.

I rode around the lakes and through Eustis then around the Rangely lakes area.

 Whoa! Look at that color!

A dam that generates electricity

The other side of the bridge

Just following the river

Another biker in front of me

Look at the big cloud on top, it follows the curves of the mountains almost exactly!

I was so intend on sight seeing that I totally got ”lost”. Well, I found myself almost in Berlin, and could not find it on the map. Turns out I had crossed the border into New Hampshire without knowing it.
I bought a map of New Hampshire and figured out where to go from here.
Past Berlin was a Forest Ranger station, and I stopped by to get some maps with camping areas. Much to my dismay, NH does not have primitive free or cheap campgrounds. Most of them were in the $22 to $35 range. Yikes, that much to get stuck between two RVs? No way!
I chose Hwy 16 South and turned unto 301 West. Just past a tiny town called Bartlet is a narrow road called Bear Notch road, which ends on the Kangamangus hwy.
That little road was awesome (closed in the winter).

Bear Notch Rd

The Kangamagus Rd was nice too, but way too crowded. And I have to admit, I have been to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Kangamangus does not hold a candle to it.
That’s the problem of having been to some really amazing places, after a while something that would have been awesome if you had never seen anything else, turns into something just so-so. Still, it was a nice ride.
As NH was rather pricey, I decided to just head into Vermont, maybe it would be cheaper there?

I found a dirt road that headed into a campground (well at least on the map it did)
Turns out, there was only some sort of lodging house that you had to reserve.

I ended up backtracking and went North of Groton on a road that had quite a few campgrounds. I was tired, and did not see any dirt roads that weren’t driveways.
For tonight I would just pay the fee.
The First campground was too crowded, it was Saturday after all, but the second one, called “New Beginnings” was quiet in the horse area.
I had been riding around the campground and got lost. Met Pete on a Kawasaki who decided to camp in a lean to, but ha not brought any camping gear. Turns out he knew the camp ground manager who later provided him with a mattress and blanket. No screen???? Yikes, I could not have done that. I think he got munched on during the night, as his face was rather red in the morning.
Pete bought me a little Vermont State Park sticker, as I had only a $20 bill but no other cash.

It was $20 for the night, but I had a whole field for myself. Across from me was a horse paddy with two horses in it, and the owners were in an RV that was attached to a horse trailer; very interesting contraption.
They were nice folks.

I pitched the tent amidst the mosquitos, turns out today was the first sunny day they had had in month; it hard been raining for weeks.
I sure was glad I camped there, and not in the tent area, as there was a group that was doing al sorts of stuff like karaoke, and dancing to YMCA till 10PM.
I slept amazingly well.

The next morning I let my tent dry in the sun, washed my mugs, and talked to Pete for a few before I left.
I kept riding on Hwy 302 until Orange, where I took Hwy 110 south. This is a really nice little road, quiet and picturesque.

Following another river

Then once I hit Bethel, I found a 10 mile road that lead to Hwy 73.

This little road went over a pass, and it was a gorgeous road to ride on. The feeling I got from this road was, I want to live here!!I kept imagining my hobbit home overlooking the hills. There were a few houses on it, but most of them set back a bit.

I had planned to ride to Brandon, where (I found on the internet) there was supposed to be an archery range.
After an hour or so I pulled over to stretch my legs for a bit, and munch on a fruit bar, when I looked at Spirit. Oh crap!!!!

Now those of you that are utterly bored, take a look and see if you can find what is missing. This will be the quiz for the day :D
I will let you know at the end of this RR what it is that I forgot.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #71 on: June 17, 2015, 12:14:05 PM »

A little past Brandon on my way to the archery range

Turn out that the address for the Range was someone’s house! Darn, and nobody was home either.
Oh well, so much for that idea.

I hopped back on Spirit and kept on riding toward the New York State border

Across the river is NY state

I didn’t realize that I had to take a ferry!

I arrived just as the ferry pulled out, but the next one was only 15 minutes later, so I didn’t have to wait that long.
Turns out they didn’t take debit or credit cards (sign on the wall) so here I was, no cash, so no ferry. I wondered if they would take my $10 Canadian bill I had forgotten I had.
A car pulled up behind me, and I walked up to ask if by any chance they were Canadian. I figured if they were, maybe they could change the ten-dollar note for me.
They weren’t, but when they found out why I asked they offered to pay my ride.
They didn’t even want to take the Canadian money.

Mike and Heidi saved the day!
They were from Pennsylvania, and I told them I was heading there to visit a friend.

Nice sailboat, brings back memories :D
The ride was short

 Ticonderoga landing

In New York State! Adirondacks, here I come!!

I stopped at a little pizza place and had a salad; it was very good!
Part of me wanted to stay and write my RR, which I still hadn’t written, but part of me wanted to go and find a nice place to camp for a few days, and then write.
The latter part won, and I headed out. I took 74 west and then 9 North toward Keene.
Then as I was riding I noticed a dirt road to the right, and a little while later another dirt road exiting. Hmmmmm, one of those half circles?
I turned around and got on the dirt road. Looked promising. I parked spirit and walked down the road a ways, as there was a muddy spot that I would have to ride through. Turns out that the road went into the forest and there was just the most perfect place to pitch my tent!
Excited I walked back to Spirit, hopped on, and was just going to gun it through the mud. Welllllllll……….
That did not go as planned. Before I knew it I slid and ended up with Spirit’s front wheel in the grass to the right and the rear tire sideway in the mud with Spirit dropped at a 45 degree angle.
I tried to lift her with everything on it, but couldn’t. However, I did move her a bit. So I took all the bags off, while keeping Spirit propped against my leg. I did not want her to drop down any further. Once she was lighter I lifted her straight up, it wasn’t too hard. Then while holding here I walked around the back to the left side of bike, and started her up again. It took a few tries, but I got her rear wheel out of the mud and into the grass.

I let her cool down a bit while I carried the bags across the mud.
Then I hopped on again and rode her through the grass onto the dry part of the road. Easy peasy!!
I decided to just quickly load the bags on as it would have taken me longer to carry all the stuff to the campsite.

According to the news it was going to rain, so I put up the tarp as well

It even had a fire pit (with litter and all)

As it was still dry I thought I’d shoot a few arrows at the ground.
I almost lost the first one as it went under all the pine needles.
But I had done a pretty good job at aiming!!
I practiced for about half an hour, using the funky arrows, just to strengthen my arm.
Yep the arrows are funky, they wobble in the air, the nice ones don’t!
It started raining shortly after, and it rained all night.

Well, here is where I started. I spend the day reading, knitting eating and writing my RR. I hope it’s sunny tomorrow so I can ride out of here into the Adirondacks.

Well……. it not only rained all night, but all day too! I didn't mind, figured I needed the break. The rain eased off later in the day, and it was dry in the morning.
I decided to pack up, it was drizzling slightly but started to clear up on the horizon, at least I thought so. By the time I had broken the tent down and packed, it started to POUR!! Buckets all at once. Grrrrrrrr!! I was glad I had left the tarp till last. I waited a whole under it, with the mosquitos buzzing around my ears. It didn't let up, and there was no way I wanted to ride out of here through that muddy patch in the rain. So I finally told myself to just bite the bullet and pitch the tent up again.
I was shaking my head at myself. 4 hours of work for nothing, lol. But I was glad with my decision, as I found that I did have 3 packets of tissue paper on me, which I had forgotten. You see, I had run out of toilet paper, and only had a few baby wipes left. As for water, it rained so hard that I bout one of my canteens under the tarp where the rain gushed down. It filled up in no time!
This time around I left Spirit in the rain and put a tarp over her. The way I had set up the tent, I could go out and stay dry for a couple of feet. I also was able to hang up my wet stuff under the tarp.

So here I was wet and tired (with rain washed hair), but at least all of my stuff was dry. That dry-bag is amazing!!
I laid down on my mattress and was happy I had stayed, maybe tomorrow would be sunny.
I relaxed till about five when lo and behold……… was that sun hitting my tent??

Yes, some sun!!

It stayed dry for about two hours and then it rained again, :cry bummer
By nightfall it cleared up, and the night was chilly. It was worth it!!! I woke up at 6 the net morning with the sun shining between the trees. It was gong to be an awesome day!!
I was packed and sacked by 10 and made the muddy area without any problems (with my heart beating in my throat however!).
The ride to Lake placid was gorgeous

I gassed up in Keene, and made it to Lake Placid shortly after. I would have missed it if I hadn't been looking at the XOG. Turns out I must have missed the turnoff to the town, so I looped around.
Found a sporting good store, and across from it two places to eat. I stopped by the diner first, but they didn't have much for me to eat, and the girl instead of asking me if I needed any help sat down on one of the tables, whipped out her cellphone and started texting. I tried waving her over, but she didn't see. So I got up and asked her if they would be able to make potatoes in a pan with vegetable oil instead of on the grill with the burgers.
She looked at me as if I was crazy and bluntly told me no. So I said thank you there is not much for me to eat here then and left.

The place next door looked more inviting

I went inside and was warmly created by one of the girls, she told me to just sit down anywhere

I picked the window seat

Turns out they where willing to put some potatoes in the oven for me with onions and mushrooms. It was delicious!!
What a vast difference between the two places.
I must have ut out some good energy as the place became crowded after I sat there. Plus, they had wifi!!!

The girl to the right had some great positive energy, she was an awesome waitress!!

So now I might go to ADVRich's place that isn't too far from here. It has a great place to pitch up my tent he says and a shower!!!

Oh yeah, what I lost?? Or rather forgot?? My mugs!!! Sniff sniff, I really loved my green enamel mug.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
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Well, things are going to change very shortly, as I am flying to Amsterdam on July 3rd. More later

After my delicious brunch I did indeed end up at ADVRich’s place near Bloomingdale NY. He had not gotten there yet, so I cruised back to Saranac to get a new mug and some meals at a local Healthfood store called Nori’s. Awesome little place!! Found my favorite Tasty Bite meals and some other great stuff. My new mug is a double walled one, with lid and carabiner as handle that I can attach to my dry bag.

When I got back I started to pitch my tent in the yard, it was rather overgrown, and within minutes Rich showed up. Turned out the place was like a vacation house, or trailer that was totally built in.  I ended up just drying out the tent as I got one of the bedrooms to crash in.
Rich rode up there on his bike, it was an older one but looked immaculate! Grrr, now I don’t remember what bike it was, but I’m gong to say also a Kawasaki………
He was heading to the HUBB meeting in Ontario the next day.
We made spaghetti with gluten free noodles (he also doesn’t do the gluten thing) and pasta sauce with tofu. It was delicious! Afterward we talked about, biking, camping and other things. I got to take a much-needed shower, and slept great!
Rich left around 9 the next morning after offering to let me stay there for as long as I wanted. The weather was nice though, and after a few days of rain I really wanted to enjoy the sun.
I left around 10 and rode toward Corning where another biker friend of mine lives.

Gorgeous view from Norman Ridge Road, near Rich’s house

At first I had wanted to do some back roads, and or dirt roads, but as it was supposed to rain later that day I decided not to. I rode around the long way, via Paul Smith and Tupper lake, then down to Long lake and Indian lake.

I just love the long endless up and down roads

float plane on Lake Pleasant

And another one

As I was nearing the end of the Adirondack, the clouds started darkening the sky

I hadn’t planned on riding the whole distance, but as I really didn’t see any spots to camp once I was out of the Adirondack, I decided to just go for it.

I stopped at a little rest stop on route, and as I was mounting my bike I noticed this little bugger hiding under the rocks. It had gotten warmer again, and the rain clouds had disappeared

I got to Gunny’s around 7, after having been thoroughly drenched by a squall, and ended up having a really cute little trailer to myself for the night.
It felt weird to go from one person to the next, as I normally like to just camp out.
Gunny’s wife Viv, and son Robbie were really sweet, and their lively grandson Vinny was a sweet little guy, filled with questions and energy.
I warmed up some Indian food and around 10 Gunny got back home. He had had a long day at work.
Seeing as he was tired I wished him good night not too much later, and I crashed as well, I had gone a long ways that day!

The next morning brought some bad new as far as weather goes. It was gong to rain, and the next day Saturday even more. Bummer! I had wanted to go for a ride with Gunny and Pete, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
My Dad had googled Corning and told me that there was a world famous glass museum there, so I decided to swing by there.
Gunny and I talked for a while before he had to go to work, and I took my time packing. Jettn Jim lived not too far from Gunny, and I wanted to swing by his place to say hi and finally meet his wife. I also needed a new front tire, and hoped that Bloomburg was a big enough place with a motorcycle shop.
After having packed up I said bye to Vivian and Vinny, and rode toward the Glass museum.

Holy cow was it ever packed!! I got claustrophobic between all those people and almost decided to bail. But as glass blowing really fascinates me I hung on in there.

At the entrance, and about 10 to 12 feet tall

Close up

I almost bought it, until I turned it around and looked at the price $95!

Tree of life inside the glass ball

Made me think of Henny, my father’s wife, who recently past away (she loved owls)

Glass chair but with real fabric cushions

Too much glare from the windows, but gorgeous beaded necklace

I loved the colors, intriguing, but yeah, ahem, weird!!

Really old glass piece from Egypt

Also old

Glass paperweight opening like a lotus flower

I loved the under water scene

Another paper weight, floating roses

Just awesome!! I really want to learn how to do stained glass windows

I watched two glass blowing shows, amazing how it melts, but stays on the stick, how the glass grows when the guy blows in the tube. And all that at 2400 degrees fahrenheit!! Yikes, no room for error I’d say!

After a couple of hours I had had enough, and hopped back on Spirit.

Took the back routes

Yeah, I thought I had taken a wrong turn, and tried to do a U-ey on a very steep road
Bad idea! I was going too slow, and couldn’t put my foot down.
Gas poured out of my tank, and I also noticed oil on the road. What the?????
Grabbing the handle bar I rotated the bike on the Pelicans (tough cases!!!!) until the wheels were facing downward. As I had taken a back road, with not much chance of anyone showing up, I had to get her up myself. After tossing the drybag, tent and other bag off the bag, I was able to lift her fairly easily, and get her upright. Then I just gripped the clutch and let her cruise down hill a few feet, and to the edge of the road where I was able to get the kickstand out.

The road was a mess now with spilled gasoline and oil, and I didn’t want anyone else to crash, so I gathered as many leaves off the side as I could, and covered the spill

I was hoping the dry leaves would soak up the oil.

I packed the bags back on Spirit, and after a few coughs she started up again.

Before I knew it I was at the border of Pennsylvania, filled up the tank, and bought a map. I check the oil, but hadn’t really lost much.

I got to Bloomsburg around seven-ish, and met Jim at a diner on Main street.
Had a great dinner with him and two of his friends.
Afterward I pitched my tent in his yard (I really like my privacy) and finally met his wife Sherry who is awesome!

I’ve been here a few days now, having helped with putting new shocks and springs on the van, with figuring out what was wrong with the water pump not working in Sherry’s dad’s RV, and other things.

Had lunch with Jim

Got a new front tire yesterday at the tractor place in Bloomsburg that also sells bikes, tires and accessories

Look what else they had there!!
I just loved this bike!!

Today I'll put on my new tire, and hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow, so maybe Jim and I can go for a ride.
Afterward I'll set out for Toronto as my flight to Amsterdam leaves from there.
It's unbelievable, but the same flight, leaving from New York City instead of Toronto cost $1000 more!!!! I don't mind riding back into Canada :D
My folks are looking forwards to seeing me, and I am happy to see them again too, it's been 9 years since I was there last.

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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #73 on: July 04, 2015, 05:58:25 AM »
I spose I best start posting up again...  :think2:  haphap

Oohkay finally got the pictures uploaded of Esther's visit... Was a great time and I hope she got some rest though she did some maintenance on Spirit and helped me work on a new suspension for Monique.

New Maine license plate, left mirror/choke bracket, XOG Ram mount, oil and filter change, new front 705...

Old Hawaiian plate on coolant reservoir cover for memories...

Helped me take Monique's suspension from this...

To this...

A couple days before she left we took a ride up into northern PA...

We rode up into Rickets Glenn State Park:  Ricketts Glen is a National Natural Landmark known for its old-growth forest and 24 named waterfalls along Kitchen Creek, which flows down the Allegheny Front escarpment from the Allegheny Plateau to the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians. 
Ricketts Glen's land was once home to Native Americans. From 1822 to 1827, a turnpike was built along the course of PA 487 in what is now the park, where two squatters harvested cherry trees to make bed frames from about 1830 to 1860. The park's waterfalls were one of the main attractions for a hotel from 1873 to 1903; the park is named for the hotel's proprietor, R. Bruce Ricketts, who built the trail along the waterfalls. By the 1890s Ricketts owned or controlled over 80,000 acres (320 km2; 120 sq mi) and made his fortune clearcutting almost all of that land, including much of what is now the park; however he preserved about 2,000 acres (810 ha) of virgin forest in the creek's three glens. The sawmill was at the village of Ricketts, which was mostly north of the park. After his death in 1918, Ricketts' heirs began selling land to the state for Pennsylvania State Game Lands.   

We stopped at one of the Falls, Sullivan Falls as we looped back down and around exploring some dirt forest roads...

Esther walked to the base of the falls to get another look and introspect I suspect... :D

Then we rode on... it was one of those perfect cloudy dry air days, which was a pleasant break from the heat and humidity of the prior week.

We rode then cut through the old villages of Jamison City and Elk Grove as we wound our way over around and up and down the mountains of north central PA on our way to Eagles Mere. It is a fancy little town laid out as a resort town in about 1877. It sits on a lake that host an Ice Toboggan slide during the winter. We were getting hungry yet could not quite find what we wanted there.
We rounded the lake and headed into the Worlds End State Park passing through Forksville, home of the famous Archery Festival and 150 yr old General Store. This is in the area where they have an annual Timber Rattlesnake hunt.

As we headed further north I remembered Shunk... a tiny hamlet sitting in a bend in the road. Nothing unusual about it except for a garage full of old exotic bikes!  I have been riding past, looking in the windows for years, and hoped to show the place to Esther... boy did we get lucky!

As we were looking in the side windows I noticed signs I had never seen before...

Oohkay so this Ed Spencer fellow is somehow involved... about this time we hear a call out and it's this little man asking if we can help him to line up his motorhome to this small 2-bike trailer. "That'll save me from hollering for my wife". We do that and I explain how I always stop by peaking in the windows, he then says here come on in and opens up the overhead door.

First thing he does is say you shoulda came by about two weeks ago... there were 200 people here cellebrating my 90th Birthday! He goes right into showing us a metal sculpture and a few other things folks had gifted him. He was very proud of it all.

This was all just AWESOME! There were many many old Triumphs... some Honda's, Bultaco's, a '29 Indian and more!  :super:

I look back up at this poster tell him that I was a motocrosser in the 70's and 80's and ask what style he raced?

He explains how he won that race in New Hampshire at about age 28... it was a 100 mile Road course with some dirt.
Wow cool beans! About this time another guy pulls in on an older Honda Pat Hopkins... that was real cool because he could tell us more about Ed. Turns out that Ed is in the AMA Hall of Fame in Ohio... well no S**t!!!  Now this is all adding up!
"It was a race to remember! No one in the history of the event had seen a closer race - the top four riders finished within 3 seconds of each other. Harley's and Triumphs were two greats doing battle at tracks across America and this race was no exception. The win at Laconia was an amazing achievement. 'I found out I officially won the race when I got the check in the mail,' Fisher said, back then winning Laconia was worth $1,000!"

"Ed Fisher was one of the leading national road racers of the 1950s. Fisher won the Laconia Classic in 1953 and was a top contender at many of the other road races of the era. Fisher was an Indian factory rider during the latter days of that manufacturer and when Indian’s racing program was trimmed, he became one of Triumph’s first East Coast factory riders. Fisher’s association with Triumph led to the opening of a motorcycle dealership in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, which he owned until 1998. Fisher’s son, Gary, also became a leading road racer in the 1970s. The Fishers were the first and only father/son combination to win the Laconia/ Loudon Classic AMA national road race."
More of that article here:

In this article called, The Unstoppable Ed Fisher:

A couple of guy's had stumbled upon Fast Eddie's mini motorcycle museum and then on a second trip had finally met him. They all decided to go out for lunch and at just shy of 90yrs old here's what happened!
 ‟Just honk if I'm too slow” he told them. So this senior citizen hops on his 1975 Gold Wing and disappears. They try to follow but Ed smokes them all. They couldn't keep up. A few tried, but they all acquiesced. And so a tradition was started. The following year, the scene replayed, but this time Ed accomplished the same on a Bergman scooter!"

I hope you all enjoy the articles as much as we did meeting Ed:eek1:bow He still races at Daytona at 90years old in the OT class!!! WOW add another icon to my list.
His race bike for the last 45yrs...

Love the wheel weights...

The '29 Indian Scout 101...

A friend traded the Scout for Ed's original 61 cubic inch twin-cylinder 1912 Excelsior. ‟He wanted the Excelsior and I wanted the Scout so we just switched.”

Someone had put an old Indian head Nickle over the kill switch lever in the tank, 'which opened a valve and de-compressed the bike'.

I loved the "old" futuristic looks and the way it's exhaust hangers were designed... Ariel Leader.

The '66 T100 Tiger, SS or Daytona 500cc (not positive which model) it was scrambler style and had a friction steering damper. The Daytona 500 was capable of 110+mph stock and 150mph in race trim!!!   This bike he was taking to the 2015 AMCA National's in Oley Pa  along with a Super Cub...

My father would have sooo enjoyed talking old time bike racing with Ed...

Pat mentioned that Ed had an old 1917 Reading Standard V-Twin, with Carbide lights, that he had just lent a museum downstate PA.. would have liked to seen that bike too. The article above shows the bike...

The 1975 first year Gold Wing... one of the very first at number 054, that Ed has had since new and rode to Prudhoe Bay, AK and California back in the day. It has never been titled, he has ridden it all these years with his dealer plate!  haphap

Anyhow this was one spectacular day.. Ed was just amazed and adored our Nomadgal for  what she was doing and how mechanical she is as she helped him tweak thew Tiger Cub he was preparing for the nationals. As were were suiting up a rag topped Harley rider pulled up and asked if he could look at all the old Iron... seems that the magic is still in the air in Shunk!  :super:


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Re: Just following my nose! (good thing it's not crooked)
« Reply #74 on: July 07, 2015, 01:17:29 AM »
I am in Amsterdam, hanging at my Dad’s! It was extremely hot yesterday, which came as a bit of a shock! Anyways, let me backtrack a bit.

I was stoked that I had a new front tire, and happily put it on.
That little jack is definitely the handiest gadget I have on me!!

Jim’s jacked up truck, pretty rad!!

I took a hike to town to go to an internet café so I could upload my pictures to photobucket.

This tree will be warm come winter!!

Beautiful fountain downtown.

I found the Fog and Flame coffee shop that wonder above wonder sold some amazing gluten and dairy free cookies. Delicious!!

Jim and I ate at a few places, one of them called the Wanderlust Cafee which had really good vegan food and smoothies, another place was called the bakers guild which had rolled brewed coffee and great cereal.

 The day before I left we took a long ride in the area. Even though he posted about our ride, I thought I’d post a few pics as well.

following Jim into the woods

I still have a soft spot for mushrooms  :smiler:

Jim perched precariously at the edge of the waterfall


As Jim already wrote, we stopped by this old garage and looked into the windows when this old guy appears and asks us to help with hooking his trailer up. Afterwards he opens up the garage and lets us take a look.

Loved this old scooter

And my favorite! 

Desiree and Spirit in front of the shop


We got back late, and Sherri was home from work already sitting on the front porch with Grammy. Jim took off and got back as I was climbing into my tent, he had made me two bottoms for my water bottle holders. :D He’d put them in in the morning.

Gammy made me a cup of coffee every morning and brought it to the tent

The weather forecast was terrible, so I thought I’d hit the road in the morning as it was supposed to be dry then. Hopefully it would be sunnier up North.
It took me a while to pack up, al the while Jim was painting and installing the little bottoms into my water holder tubes.

I left rather late, but I didn’t mind, I wasn’t planning on going that far.

Took a little break in a bench near the river

I got tired fairly early and didn’t see any dirt roads or places to sneak into so opted to just pay for a site. I passed a camping and found out it was $30, and decided to go look for something else. The owner showed up and saw I was leaving and told me I could stay for $20 after I told him it was too pricey for me.
I pitched my tent away from another camper who had a Harley camped near his/her tent.
The owner and his wife came by later. He was a bit grumpy but she was nice.


I slept great and as I was breaking up camp the next morning noticed that my neighbors where about to leave. He tried to start the bike, but the only thing I heard was some coughing and then clicking. He kept on trying so finally I told him to stop trying as it sounded like his battery might be empty, or his starter not working. He was all agitated and frustrated, but was happy when I told him I carried tools and a charger. I took my charger to him and had to cut the clamps off the wires, as it didn’t have a pigtail connection. (still have to get it and connect it). I was able to just connect the bare wires to his pigtail and charge the battery. As I looked at the charger I noticed that according to it, the battery was full. I told him, so he tried starting the bike again, and it did. Well, we really didn’t know why it didn’t want to start at first, but he was happy that he had a running bike again.
They took off shorty after, thanking me yet again. I was glad I had been able to help, so maybe the next time he won’t be dissing other bike owners other than a Harley owner.

I took my time packing up and was back on the road around 11.

Yep, getting up there


Took this photo for my mom, showing that here too they had an Aldi :D

There were hundreds of windmills in this area, pretty awesome!!

When I entered Oswego I saw a tourist bureau and decided to stop by to see if there were any public lands campsites around. The older couple that was there couldn’t find anything. I told them never mind, and sat on a bench outside for a little while eating a snack. After a few minutes the husband came out and handed me a booklet in which he had found a park called Singing Rivers. It was only a couple of hours from where I was, so I was happy to go that way.
It took me a wile ere I found it, as the sign was very inconspicuous, and the park not visible from the road. Turns out I had to go over a wooden bridge into the park.
I loved it!! Nobody was there, the sites had tables and fire pits, and mostly….. flushing toilets!

As I was expecting lots of rain I put the large tarp over my tent and the little one over Spirit

The river was pretty loud at night!! Well, during the day too  haphap

Jim’s little wooden bottoms

I had found coconut milk powder in the health food store in Bloomsburg, and it tastes amazing in coffee
I hung in my tent the next two days, reading and doing beadwork. It rained off and on, but only heavily at night.

Bead work

On Monday morning I packed up the tent under the tarp as it was drizzling.
It makes such a difference to have a tarp.
I was on the road around 10 heading toward Canada.

I stopped in Ogdensburg at another Joann’s as some of the beads I had bought lost their color while beading. i.e. the metallic ones. Well, I guess that’s what I get for buying cheap beads!

A castle looking like building. Gogeous!

Bridge into Canada

The border crossing went smoothly, I even declared my bow and arrow.
She did ask if there was any chance of me leaving Spirit in Canada forever. Uhmmmm, nope!

That night I ended up heading to Frontenac Provincial park hoping to find a cheap or free forest site. Well I was sorely disappointed…. People were only allowed to canoe or hike into the campsites. Well, I was not planning on dragging my stuff in 10 miles and leaving Spirit in a parking lot, so I kept going and found a family camp ground. The tent site was at the end of the campground away from everyone else, so I decided to just pay for it. It wasn’t cheap either, but everywhere I went were houses,  water and swamps. No dirt roads I could veer into. The ones I did see were people’s driveways.


I covered the tent the next day before the rain came down

little boat ramp at the lake there

I spent two days there as the next day predicted thunderstorms and rain. As it was, the rain was minimal so I could have easily left. Still, I didn’t want to get to Mark’s place too early.
He said he had a room for me and that I was welcome.
That last night in my tent at the camp ground, Mark texted me and told me he had to withdraw his hospitality as neither he nor his wife were gong to be home. He thought I’d be there in the weekend.????
I found that odd as I assumed that he knew when my flight was and that I had asked him if I could get there a day or so early as I had a few things I wanted to do in town.
Of course, I immediately started worrying about what I was going to do now, and why he changed his mind etc. I figured he must have never read my RR in which I said I’d be flying out on Friday the third.
It took me a while to find my peace with it, and I told myself all would be well.
I had gotten new neighbors too that day, and the men were up yacking till about 1:30 in the morning! Needless to say I did not sleep much that night.
The next day I PMed Maggot to ask if I could camp in his yard. I also went on the tent space and sent a message to Azia requesting tent space.
Maggot got back to me and told me to head on over.

Saw these at a gas station! Thought I was in Amsterdam already LOL


I stopped in a small town called Lindsey and bumped into a guy on a bike who had about a million questions for me.
He treated me to lunch all the while grilling me with questions.
I went to his place after to meat his wife and see all the bikes he owned. He also had a KLR, but all the bikes in his garage needed some TLC!

I loved his overgrown house!
I also saw his room with pictures from all over the world. He has been to a lot of places on his bike, like Africa and Australia.

Rick and his bike

I got to Ken’s place around 6:30, (his neighbor pointed to his house for me) right in time for dinner  haphap

All in all I am glad about the way things turned out, I loved meeting him and his family, wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!
I heard back from Azia too, and hope that we can get together for coffee once I am back there.

Hanging with Ken’s family was great, his wife is really sweet even though she has both her feet in a cast and is hobbling and “wheelchairing” around. His kids are awesome and really fun, and were asking if I’d come back after visiting Holland.
The night before I flew out the temp was down to 4 degrees Celsius! I slept great though.
Ken had a suitcase and a backpack I could borrow which saved me having to buy them.
Because I wanted to take a beginners course in Archery in Amsterdam, I needed to take my bow and arrows with me.
The arrows are 30 inches long and just barely fit into the large suitcase diagonally.
His sun made me a bracelet, and his daughter a Canada leaf, also out of rubber bands.
I was ready about an hour before the shuttle came to pick me up. His son then gave me a pie on a bracelet that had a slice missing. He himself had a ring with the slice hanging on it, so that when I came back we would be a whole pie again.

Awwwwwwww, that was so sweet!

The shuttle was right on time, and I got to the airport at 1:30.
Well, the fueling crew was on strike, and I ended up having to wait another hour before boarding. I was bummed that they did not honor my request for a window seat, and gave me an isle seat instead. The girl that checked me in however said to contact her once she was at the gate, and that maybe she could get me a window seat.
I did, and ended up having the last seat on the plane, way in the back. The chair next to me was empty! Awesome!
The flight was smooth, and over before I knew it.
My poor dad had been waiting for an hour as he didn’t believe the plane was going to be an hour late. I got a very gorgeous smelling rose, and we took the train and the tram home.

parked on a bridge

So here I am relaxing, and hopefully I will be able to take the archery class on Tuesday. Will find out tomorrow.
I will head to my Mom’s place this weekend.


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