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Glad you survived the tornados last week. We had rain everyday for the last 12 days or so in Co so enjoy all the water heading your direction. Several county roads washed out last week. No KLR in over 2 weeks .


--- Quote from: Buzzardco on May 22, 2015, 08:37:12 AM --- No KLR in over 2 weeks .

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Not gonna sugar coat this...that's just one bad situation right there. Damage to property and other stuff is bad enough, but keeping a man from his KLR is just wrong.

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Spanky: markers out. Water is receding some but there is a call for more rain and flooding this afternoon and the rest of the week. Yesterday was the second highest I've seen in the backwaters of the Arkansas. I've still got three feet before I am feet wet. Lost a section of fence the other day....not direct tornado damage but high winds as the storms fall apart over the Arkansas. Lots of homes are on the ground this morning. Heading out now to lend a hand....KLR will tote a few shovels and get me into some remote spots.

You're awesome SPANKY. Using the ole KLR as the ultimate search and rescue tool! Good luck to you all down there in the flood areas. We're pulling for you's.

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Thanks Glenn.... A few tornado seasons ago I got help from folks I had never met. Figure it's the least I could do. A few of us have tasked ourselves with clearing farm animals from ditches, culverts and drain pipes. Keeps the water moving. Who would have thought!?


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