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KLR650 Briefing Information provided by Kawasaki

2008 KLR650 

651cc Four-stroke Single

- Revised cam timing contributes to improved high-rpm performance
- New intake porting offers greater low-end torque
- New piston rings are thinner and have more tension, for improved oil consumption
- New one-piece exhaust pipe features smoother bends for improved exhaust efficiency at all rpm
- Special tuning to improve low- and mid-range power
- Light, silent cam chain reduces engine noise
- Oil-level window permits easy and accurate inspection

Liquid Cooling

- New Denso radiator is thin and lightweight.  Fitted with a lightweight and thin cooling fan, the new radiator has a greater cooling area and offers a 20% increase in cooling efficiency
- Maintains consistent engine temperatures for long engine life and sustained power during hard use
- Allows tighter engine clearances for quieter running
- Automatic fan keeps things cool in all conditions
- Includes a temperature gauge

Four-valve Cylinder Head

- Better breathing for more power at all rpm
- Compact combustion chamber allows increased compression ratio with less detonation
- The use of a secondary air (ASV) system helps reduce harmful exhaust emissions
- Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow
- Boosts low-end torque

Double Engine Balancer

- Engine runs smoothly from idle to redline for rider comfort and less fatigue on long rides

Fully Transistorised Ignition

- Fully transistorised ignition unit replaces the earlier analog CDI for better ignition performance
- More precisely controls timing no matter how fast the rpm changes
- Fewer moving parts for long, trouble-free life

Five-speed Transmission

- Designed to handle the engine's unique power characteristics
- The engine's broad torque curve only requires five speeds for off-road and relaxed highway cruising
- O-ring drive chain reduces maintenance and increases chain service life

Handlebar-mounted Choke

- Convenient location makes starting and warm-up easier

Revised Front Suspension

- New, beefier 41mm front fork is offers increased rigidity. (Previous unit was 38mm)
- Re-calibrated suspension offers less static sag and now offers greater on-road riding performance. 
- Front suspension stroke was reduced from 9.1 in. to 7.9 in.
- High-mounted front fender for any adventure-touring situation

Revised UNI-TRAK® Rear Suspension

- Rear suspension travel was reduced from 8.1 in. to 7.3 in. but usable travel is unaffected due to a reduction in static sag
- New D-section swingarm contributes to the bike's excellent traction
- Redesigned UNI-TRAK® linkage compliments front suspension changes
- Progressive rate provides a smoother, more controlled ride
- Features a five-way preload shock absorber with four-way rebound damping

Stronger Wheels

- New 4mm spokes (up from 3.5mm) provide increased wheel stiffness, enhanced handling performance and improved steering response. 

Semi-double Cradle Frame

- Made of high-tech, round-section, high-tensile steel

Engine Guard

- Protects engine from rocks and trail debris when the going gets tough

Detachable Rear Subframe

- Simplifies maintenance by providing better access to the rear shock, airbox and carburetor
- Large rear cargo rack included

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

- New lightweight front and rear petal discs offer excellent braking. 
- Front brake disc diameter increased from 260mm to 280mm. 
- New rear calliper offers improved feel and power

Electric Starter

- Easy and convenient starting

Lighting and USFS-Approved Spark Arrestor

- New dual-bulb headlamp offers greater night visibility 
- New high-mounted turn signals improve the KLR650's visibility at night or under poor visibility conditions
- Rear taillight parking light
- U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestor

Large 6.1-gallon Fuel Tank

- Significant capacity permits adventure touring

Additional Comfort and Touring Features

- All-new bodywork features a larger fairing, which contributes to increased wind protection 
- Alternator output has been increased from 14.5A to 17A. Total capacity is 36W to provide ample power for the new headlight as well as add-on grip heaters and other accessories 
- New, easy-to-read instrument panel is mounted to the frame, contributing to lighter steering
- Full instrumentation includes a large-face speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter and water temperature gauge 
- Firmer urethane seat foam offers greater comfort for long-distance riding 
- Seat height is lower, but reduced suspension sag means the rider's ability to reach the ground is about the same
- Optional extended warranty

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