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Totally Wired Cycles DSR-017 Weatherproof ATO
Fan Fuse Upgrade Kit

Reviewed by Hondo Feb 6, 2007

Today I'll be reviewing the DSR-017 Weatherproof ATO Fan Fuse Upgrade Kit for the KLR650 provided by Tammy of TotallyWiredCycles.com

Kits are no longer available from TWC


The stock cooling fan fuse & holder on the KLR650 have 3 drawbacks-

  • Location - located under the right radiator cover requiring removal to change the fuse
  • Fuse Type - Metal/Glass tube fuse, suceptable to breakage & corrosion
  • Mounting - the stock holder is zip tied to the radiator coolant bottle frame & must be cut off to change the fuse.

This kit is designed to remedy all of these issues.

The kit includes-

  • Instruction SheetPhoto Sheet
  • 3 zip ties
  • 2 each banana connectors
  • Wiriing Harness / Weatherproof Fuse Holder (includes correct Blade fuse)

Here's the kit as I received it, neatly packaged in a ziplock bag-


The kit components-


I followed the supplied directions and in preparation removed the rear side covers, seat, radiator side covers, and the fuel tank.

This is the stock fuse holder location-


The first thing to do is to remove the fuse holder. I cut the zip tie and the wires going into the fuse holder. Cutting the wires close to the fuse holder will provide more wire to work with.

I then stripped the wires and crimped on the new banana jacks. As a precaution, I also added a small peice of heat shrink (not included in the kit) to the rear of each connector for added support.

The connector on the left is complete while the one on the right is crimped, with the plastic cover and heatshrink yet to be slid down over the connector-


Then I mounted the fuse holder on the front of the coolant reservoir cover using the existing screw (don't forget the Loctite)-


Using the 3 zip ties provided in the kit, I then secured the wiring after plugging in the connectors-


After installation, access to the cooling fan fuse is very easy-



This is another easy upgrade that I highly recommend for any KLR650!

I rate this upgrade as a 9 out of 10!


  • High quality materials & worksmanship
  • Very good instructions
  • Easy Upgrade
  • At the current price of $ 11.00, it's a great value!
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