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Reviewed by Hondo
April 21, 2008

Cogent Dynamics, Inc.  Information

Rick Tannenbaum
33 Meadow Brook Drive
Fletcher, NC 28732

Official information from Cogent Dynamics can be seen

The suggested retail price for the KLR650 Moab Shock is $
The suggested retail price for the KLR650 Moab Springs is $ 109.00
Special package offers are available - call Rick Tannenbaum for more information.

Rick Tannenbaum personally interviews each customer in order to correctly build their Moab shock. Rider weight, anticipated load, riding style and riding type (street, off-road, combination) are all taken into account when the shock is built. There are currently 4 different springs available and many variations in internal valving/shimming as well.

Follow up technical support and service is also provided by Rick.

You don't see this type of service very often these days! I found Rick to be extemely knowledgeable, and determined to making the best shock available for the KLR650 and his customers.

Suspension Reference

Wikipedia has a very good Motorcycle suspension page containing very good explanations concerning damping, preload and other suspension information. You can view it

KLR650 Suspension Primer

It's been said many times that the Kawasaki KLR650 is a very good all around dual sport motorcycle. The adage "The KLR650 doesn't do anything great, but does everything as a whole pretty good" comes to mind when I think of the stock suspension.

The stock suspension works well under most conditions, but lacks in off road situations where many of it's peers excell. For street riding, commuting and light trail riding, the stock setup will get you by just fine- but head for the knarly trails or pothole city and you'll soon discover that the stock underpinnings could use a serious upgrade.

Stock KLR650 fork springs do an adequate job under most situations. Owners will find signifigant fork dive during heavy breaking and occasional bottoming out of the forks off road. Enthusiasts have tried to remedy this situation with different fork oil viscosities, increased spacer lengths, and different springs.

The stock shock also has it's own set of limitations - 

  • Short life span due to cast body design.
  • Insufficient damping control.
  • Prone to damper fade in hard use.
  • Limited pre-load capability / adjustability.
  • Limited serviceability.
  • Cast aluminum body, no hard coating.
  • High internal friction.

These limitations contribute to reduced effectiveness of an otherwise well designed rear suspension.

The Cogent Dynamics Moab Shock and Fork Springs aim to alleviate these shorcomings, providing the owner with a more capable machine in all situations.

So that's what I'll be reviewing today- a complete suspension upgrade package from Cogent Dynamics. We'll look at the Moab Shock first and then the Moab progressively wound Fork Springs.


I received the Moab Shock and fork springs in a well packed carton-


After removing the paper packing, I found the shock wrapped in a cotton sleeve & bubble wrap, and the fork springs neatly wrapped in paper-


Let's move on to the Moab Shock inspection-

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