Totally Wired Cycles DSR-015 Weatherproof ATO Fuse Upgrade Kit

Reviewed by Hondo Feb 6, 2007

Up for review today is the DSR-015 Weatherproof Main Fuse Upgrade Kit for the Kawasaki KLR650 provided by Tammy of Totally Wired Cycles.com (TWC).


Kits are no longer available from TWC.


The KLR650 has 2 drawbacks regarding the stock main fuses-

  • Location - located under the seat, requiring it's removal to change a fuse
  • Fuse Type - cylindrical glass fuses with metal ends, suceptable to breakage & corrosion

This kit will remedy this shortcoming, replacing the stock fuse holder with 2 weatherproof Blade type fuse holders in a easily accessable location.

I opened the shipping package ( a small box ) and found the complete kit in a ziplock bag.


In the bag were-

  • An Instruction Sheet
  • A Mounting Template sheet
  • The Main Fuse Harness (includes the correct blade fuses)
  • Stainless steel hardware to mount the fuse holders.


Here's the business end of the weatherproof fuse holders. Notice the orange gasket that keeps the water out -


To prepare the KLR for the installation, I removed the rear side covers, seat, front radiator side covers and the fuel tank. This will provide unrestricted access to the KLR's wiring & frame for installation.

Then I removed the starter relay cover ( 1 phillips head screw ) that covers the kickstand switch assembly. The new waterproof fuse holders will be mounted here.

I then cut out the fuse holder mounting templates and laid them on the inside of the cover-


Using an awl, I marked the mounting hole positions and drilled the two 1/4' mounting holes. These locations will ensure that the fuse holders do not interfere with the kickstand switch.


Next, I mounted the fuse holders to the cover using the supplied stainless steel hardware. Here are the mounted fuse holders compared to the stock fuse holder-


Then I routed the wires through the frame to the stock fuseholder location and connected the new fuseholders to the existing wiring.

Here are the connections-


I put the KLR back together and installed the newly modified starter relay cover.

Look at how easy it is to get to these fuses with the cover turned around! All you need is a phillips head screwdriver to access the fuses.


And here is the cover all buttoned up-



This is a true "Plug & Play" upgrade that I highly recommend for any KLR650!

  • High quality materials & worksmanship
  •  Very good instructions
  • Solves a stock design shortcoming
  • An easy Upgrade for the average do it yourselfer
  • At the current price of $ 22.00, an exceptional value

I rate this kit as a 9 out of 10.



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