Testing and Final Findings

In order for you to understand the testing, you need to understand the bike and the environment in which it's operated.

The test bike was of course the Patman Racing KLR705, fitted with massive performance enhancements from Schnitz Racing, and the Rekluse automatic clutch.  This is a high performance bike and it requires a high performance cooling system to go with it. The front fender is vented for increased airflow, the Patman Radiator mod has been accomplished, ( of course ) there is a manual switch for the electric fan, and certainly the finest liquid coolant is in effect.

Immediately after this install the bike was taken to the desert of Moab Utah and ridden hard for a couple of days as though it were a desert racer in the 95 degree heat. After that trip, I came back to Texas, and ran many early morning trips in the cool rain, and many late afternoon trips in the 100 degree heat.
The short of it is this. In all cases,  the Thermo-Bob performed exactly as the manufacturer claimed. Having the digital engine temperature readout on my Vapor Instrument panel, combined with input and ambient temperature readings from  a stand alone MAC Tools digital temp probe confirmed all of this.

Warm-up times are easily cut in half depending on ambient temperature. And as advertised, the temperature stays consistant all day long, day after day, test after test.  I saw at the lowest ( after a quick warm-up ) 189 degrees F. And a Max of 215 degrees F. well below the boil over point here in Texas with the coolant I run. ( 210 degrees is where the fan turns on automatically during intentional "overheat" tests...it never boiled over ).

Generally in 8 weeks of testing, I would say that 90% of the times that I've looked at the cylinder head output temperature, it has been at exactly 195 degrees F and rarely moves away from that.

I'm Satisfied. This thing works. In addition to all of this, and as a side note, Bill also sells a kit ( not reviewed here ) that will add a template to your existing KLR650 temperature gauge to allow for a bit more accuracy in determining your coolant temperature.

So here's the official KLRWorld Rating.

The product is ( unlike many gimmicks we see ) exactly as the manufacturer says it is. The theory and technology are sound. The hardware is ( though a little bulky ) unobtrusive in application, and the supplied kit and instructions are excellent. Installation, though detailed, is straightforward, and not outside the realm of the average do-it-yourselfer. Measured temperatures, deltas, and times to temperature, were in every case within just a few points of manufacturer's claims. The price is fair, and the manufacturer's web support page is complete.

Fact is, I can't find anything wrong with it, and knowing that it's installation has potentially added years of service life to my expensive high performance engine, awards it a rating I've never given to any product,  a 10 out of 10 !


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