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Happy-Trail.com Bead Breaker Review

Reviewed by Hondo
Administrator, The KLRWorld.com Forums

August 14, 2007

Today I'll be reviewing the Bead Breaker Tool provided by Tim Bernard of Happy-Trail.com

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Information for the Bead Breaker is located HERE.

Current Price (as of August 14, 2007) is $60.00

Whether in the shop or on the trail, seperating the tire bead from the rim can be challenging if not down right difficult at times.

The Bead Breaker is designed to solve this problem for us.

So let's take a look.

Here's what I found when I opened the shipping box.

The Bead Breaker was wrapped in bubble wrap (which I removed before this photo was taken), and the usage instructions were underneath.


The Bead Breaker is constructed of high strength steel and has a nice chrome finish.

The business end has 2 metal forks that apply pressure to the bead of the tire, and the 17mm bolt is used to adjust the pressure.


The first thing that must be done is to remove the schrader valve from the inner tube valve stem so that the inner tube is free of all air pressure. I have metal valve stem caps on my KLR650 that have an integrated vave removal tip that I used to remove the valve.

Here is the removed valve & cap-


After that, I recommend reading the instructions provided with the Bead Breaker. They are quite clear and concise and tell you how to properly use the tool.

I first started by loosening the Bead Breaker so that it was opened wide enough for the forks to go over the rim. The tool is positioned on the inside of the rim, between the spokes, with the forks on the bead as shown-

Here I have it in position- ensure that the forks are on the tire beads and not the rim.


Next I begin to tighten the adjusting bolt using a 17 mm boxed-end wrench. An adjustable wrench can also be used.

As you tighten the bolt, equal pressure is applied to the beads on both sides of the tire.


Some progress-


I continued to tighten the adjuster bolt and increase the pressure on the bead until it broke free -


After breaking the bead loose it's just a simple matter of continuing to increase the seperation by hand around the rim.

Then the tube and/or tire can continued to be changed.

So what are my thoughts about this handy little tool?

I'll never leave home without it!

Whenever I am on a trip or a local ride to the mountains, I always bring my tool kit including spare tubes, and the Bead Breaker has now been added to my list of indispensible trail tools.

And the Bead Breaker is equally at home in the shop.


So I am giving the Bead Breaker a 10 out of 10 rating, as I can find no faults with this tool, and it's fit, finish and design are excellent!