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The Nelson Rigg USA CL-800 Tote/Tailbag Review

Reviewed by Hondo
Aug 23, 2007




One problem most motorcyclists face is storage. Having convenient & removable luggage is always a plus on trips, and today we'll look at CL-800 Rear Tote/Tailbag courtesy of Nelson Rigg USA, Inc.

Information on the CL-800 can be seen HERE at the Nelson Rigg USA website.

Suggested retail price for the CL-800 is $79.95 (as of 8-23-07)

Packaging & Contents

Here's how I received the CL-800 - in a sturdy cardboard box.


Upon opening the box, I found that the CL-800 was in a clear, heavy vinyl, reusable bag-


Here are the contents removed from the box-


Paperwork included the Nelson Riggs USA Warranty Card, Installation Instructions, and a Nelson Rigg USA catalog-


The directions are easy to read, clear & concise-


Inside the bag I found the connection straps, bungee straps, a shoulder strap, and rain cover-


Here are the bungee straps and male connection straps. Both are adjustable for a snug fit.


The bungee straps clip into the bottom corners of the CL-800, allowing you to strap the bag down in a myriad of ways. The male connection straps are used to connect to other Nelson Riggs luggage, like saddlebags.

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