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My initial impression of the CL-800 is it's large size. It looks large enough to hold quite a bit of gear.

The bag is constructed of black balistic nylon, with heavy duty zippers all around.

The CL-800 has a huge main compartment, measuring 19L X 12W X 10H.

Here I have opened the main comparment access panel, which has a heavy duty zipper on each side that are connected to each other with a strap. This makes it easier to open & close the main compartment. On the left side of the main compartment is a velcro strip that the access panel attaches to.

The main compartment access panel is folded over to the right, showing the document holder.


The 3 outside pockets are expandable for added storage-


Here you can see the flap closed & unzipped to better see the dual zipper closure strap-


There is plenty of room in the document holder for papers & such-


The outer pocket is mesh so you can see the contents. Also, notice the key ring clip- nice!


On either side of the main compartment there is an additional storage compartment. They are open in this view-


I wanted to see how the CL-800 could be used for additional helmet storage, so I placed my Vega motocross helmet next to the bag-


It fit nicely in the bag when loaded from corner to corner-


I had no problems closing the main compartment over the Vega-


Here I have completely filled all of the CL-800 compartments to better see the bag when packed & the outer pockets expanded-


The zipper pulls are strong and of excellent quality-


All three expandable outer compartments have reflective piping for additional visibility at night-


The side pockets have 2 reflective pipings-


The bottom of the bag is a rubberized vinyl material, soft & grippy. This should reduce or illiminate shifting or scratching. The bottom of the bag is flexible for those motorcycles with uneven or rounded mounting areas. For motorcycles with small tail racks, the bag may droop a bit when strapped down.


Here is a closeup of the bungee attachment point and the D-ring. This will allow flexibility when strapping the bag down, allowing use of either or both.


With a bungee strap attached-


And a view from above with all 4 bungees in place-


Here I have put the rain cover over the CL-800 with the bag completely packed & outer compartments expanded. Fitment is excellent. Rain should not be an issue with this installed.


I have installed the shoulder strap to the fully loaded bag. The adjustable strap is padded and makes it easier to carry the CL-800 to & from your bike.


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