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TPI KLR650 Comfort Seat Review

by Green Machine
Global Moderator, The KLRWorld.com Forums

October 1, 2009

Official TPI Motorcycle Parts Information - HERE

Price as of January 28, 2011 - $299.00

I have only ridden on the stock seat and used an aftermaket ATV pad for a few years. Having suffered from monkey butt on longer rides, I was looking forward to testing the TPI Flat Comfort Seat.

Here are my test results and impressions.

The stock seat causes discomfort for some riders. This is primarily due to the shape and width of the seat causing the  Ischium (this is the part of the hipbone that bears our weight when seated) to dig into the seat as it supports the rider’s weight or the coccyx may grind into the seat causing pressure to transfer into the lower back and pinching the sciatic nerve. Sweating also causes additional discomfort due to frictional skin irritation.

Here is a comparison view of the TPI Comfort Seat (top) and the stock KLR650 seat. You can easily see the wider platform provided to the rider and passenger-

TPI Seat

Seat measurement comparison, TPI Comfort Seat (top) vs a stock seat -


Seat Construction

The leather upper appears very durable and the stitching on the seat is very clean. There have been some issues with other aftermarket seats using metal screws to affix the seat cover to the base pan. Steel staples make for a clean fit and finish with no tearing or pulling.


Good quality stitching is found on all the panels-


The various components of the seat:

1.   The Pan:  Made from durable plastic and molded from the original seat pan
2.   Mountings: The tongue is made from steel and covered in a carpet like material. The mounting brackets are made of steel and rubber bumpers are attached to the areas that contact the frame. A tank mounting bracket is included for the 08 and newer models.
3.   Foam: Firmer then the stock seat foam, TPI claims 25% softer than comparable after market seats
4.   Seat upper: Soft, thick Brazilian leather
5.   Side panels: Made from durable vinyl


The seat has a lower profile and wider seating surface allowing the riders weight to be distributed over a larger surface area and thus reducing pressure points-


The lower profile (as seen above) lowers the seating height. The added width of the seat causes a wider stance over the seat which ultimately decreases the riders reach. A dished seat is available for riders with shorter inseams.

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