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Product Review - Corbin Flat Dual Sport Seat
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First I removed the 2 screws that secure the side covers-


I next removed the two screws that secure the seat to the frame and removed the old seat-


I then slipped the Corbin Flat into place, putting the front tongue in first ( I just moved the fuel tank vent line a little forward ) and the lowered the seat down onto the frame.

Then I installed the screws that secure the rear tabs to the frame. I found that I had to start one screw, then the other, and then tighten them both.

I installed the side covers and stood back to view the installed seat-


Compared to the stock seat-


And here's a top view of the installed Corbin Flat seat-


Riding Impressions

For my ridng impressions of this review, I put on all of the gear that I normally wear-

  • Olympia Airpants 2 overpants (over bluejeans)
  • Tour Master Flex Jacket
  • Tour Master Solution Boots
  • HJC CL-Max Helmet
  • Armored Riding Gloves

Getting on the KLR650 was no different than it was before, but when I sat down two things were immediately apparent- the seat was definitely wider for my seating position and the cover felt very tacky. The foam on the stock seat is no where near as dense as the Corbin's foam, and you feel the difference from the first moment when you sit down.

I also found that I could no longer flat foot the KLR. I am able to steady the bike on the balls of my feet though, with my heels approximately 1/2 inch off the ground. This is due to the flatter layout of the seat vs the stock seats more verical profile. I had no problems with this.

So I headed out for some city and highway riding around Denver. My first impression when riding was how much more comfortable I felt. At stop lights I had no problems getting my feet down, it just felt different.

I then got on the highway and rolled 65 miles over on the odometer. I was very comfortable and felt no need to shift around like I did on the stock seat. I felt "glued" to the seat over road irregularities which is a drastic improvement over the stock seat. The Gripper vinyl cover was definitely doing it's job!

So after 2 hours on the bike, I returned home and put my KLR to bed. Standing in my garage, my backside felt none of the feeling of fatigue that it did when riding with the stock seat on similar jaunts around Denver.

For a rider, this makes your riding day that much better.


This is easy upgrade that I highly recommend for any KLR650! 

I rate the Corbin Flat as a 9 out of 10 on the rating scale!

9 out of 10 !

  • High quality materials & worksmanship
  • Greatly Increased Riding Comfort
  • An easy upgrade for the average do it yourselfer

Long Term Update

In May & June of this year I completed a 1,200 + mile ride from Denver, Colorado to Moab, Utah & back. During my trip, I broke the Corbin Flat saddle in during both highway & off road riding, and I'm happy to report that the saddle was very comfortable at all times.

I had no problems when standing on the pegs while riding off road, or while cruising down the highway. The saddle became more and more comfortable as I racked up the miles.


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