When I arrived at G-Force, I had just missed the 2008 KLR650 being removed from it's shipping container. Here is the maintenance bay where the KLR is about to be assembled. The KLR is just past it's container-


The 2008 KLR650 about to be awakened-


Here's Julio installing the left hand controls on the handlebar. Julio was great- he put up with my digging through boxes, photographing everything, and was gracious answering my questions. Thanks Julio!


On the bench I layed the new mirrows out. These are a new design-


While Julio was working on the controls, I set the new front wheel onto the shipping container for some photos. The brake disc is all new for the KLR650, a 280mm ventilated Petal Disc.


Here's a closer view of the ventilated front brake disc.


The next thing I could find to scrutinize was the front fender. This is a completely new design, and it felt much stiffer than the previous KLR fender. It also appears to have a more aerodynamic shape, which should help reduce "fender waggle" at speed, something the previous KLR was known for.


Flipping the fender upright, you can see that steel inserts for the fender attachment bolts are embedded into the fender. Previous KLRs just had holes drilled/formed into the plastic. Also note the larger guide for the speedometer cable.


Using a motorcycle cradle, Julio then installed the front wheel assembly-


I had to leave for the day, but Julio got the assembly completed!