The Patman's All Weather, All Terrain SSAT Vehicle

Written by "The Patman", The KLRWorld.com Forums

My KLR650 is a 2004 model, and with this unit my plan from the beginning was to make the perfect 50/50 dual sport bike. One that shares the best high speed, long distance capability, on road comfort, and touring prowess, with excellent off road suspension, durability and dirt manners, then adding to that a nice paint job to enhance both on road on off road good looks.

What you see here is what I've come up with.

Patman's 2004 KLR650


* In order to effectively ride the bike at all, either street or dirt, the Corbin flat is a must. The seat is part of the suspension system and as good a place to start as any.

* ProGrip anti vibration Gel grips mounted to ProTaper ATV Mid bars help quell the vibration and a set of MSR aluminum brush guards with MSR plastic hand protectors helps keep the wind off on the road, and the branches off in the dirt.  The Bars are mounted to a set of ROX Risers that allow me to keep the ProTaper bend that I like, while moving the bars directly upward ( not backward ) about an inch and a half.

* IMS Stainless serrated footpegs keep the feet on the pegs and an MSR steel shifter keeps the tranny stirred up with ease.


* Guidance comes from the Garmin GPS276C, the enhanced West Marine edition, that is mounted directly with rubber aircraft clamps to the crossbar. Indicators are from TrailTech in the form of the Vapor Digital instrument cluster, and custom aluminum dash panel that holds the turn, bream, and neutral lights. 

* Entertainment is provided by onboard XM Radio, with the Sat-Antenna mounted to the left hand mirror.

* Of course there is the euro turn signal headlight switch pod under the mirror.

Patman's 2004 KLR650


* The front end has been worked by Race Tech using Progresive springs and the Race Tech cartridge emulators, with ultra light oil for a quick action. The fork boots are another MSR item, and the Eagle MFG. K-9 Fork brace keeps things pointed where I want to go. The lower Fork Legs are painted with Black Cherry Metallic Imron paint. ( Black with Red speckles )

*  The rear end is a Progressive Shock and spring with the Eagle RL-2 raising links for heavy loads and stock linkage for off road. The suspension has been tuned with compression, rebound, static and race sag, spring rates, and various linkages ( from Eagle ) to get the best combination of on and off road stability, load carrying, and suppleness possible with the available units.


* I used a KX500 MX rear rim and it's heavy duty spokes laced to the stock hub to obtain a bigger footprint both for the street, and the soft stuff as well.

 * There is a 320 mm front brake disk, Stainless Steel front brake line, and EBC carbon brakes up front. Rear brakes are well adjusted but stock other than fresh dot 4 fluid.

* Tires depending on my mood, go from the Chen Shin C858 for 50/50 work to the Kings tires for mostly street stuff to the MT21s for pure off road stuff.

The Patman's custom Schnitz Racing KLR650 cyclinder head


* Most of you already know that I use a well tunes 685cc engine kit from Schnitz Racing, breathing through oversized stainless valves, ported head, modified carb and a UNI filter in a completely opened airbox, and exhausting through the Big Gun Q-Series pipe that has been modified by Cary Aspy of Schnitz Racing ( the same guy with the 685cc Kit ) to use a square tube insert rather than the round core. We're approaching 50 horsepower these days with more on the way.

The Schnitz Racing 685 CC Big Bore Kit

* The power allows me to run higher than stock gearing (the exact combination is a secret) to achieve 100+ mph  speeds ( Dual GPS, And digital speedo verified ) while still allowing for massive hillclimb and wheelie power. True 75mph road cruise is at about 4990 rpm.

* Power is delivered to the stock rear wheel by way or the MSR gold series O-Ring chain, running through a custom lower chain guide made of 7075 t-6 aluminum, with teflon inserts encasing the chain on all four sides.


* Long Range luggage by Nelson Rigg, tank and saddlebags, is now carried on the very nice TurboCity Denali soft bag rack. I also use the Cortech top bag, and for the really demanding stuff and longer trips I'll add the Wolfman Expedition bag to the rear of the seat.

* Rear light is the Dual Star flashing LED, and the front light is the PAA Anti Vibration 55/100 running through a completely custom wire harness from front to back using heavy gauge wire, color and system coded, featuring multiple relays, fuses, and redundant circuits to power GPS, SAT, COM, Lighting, Aux Power, Battery Monitor etc. * The Battery is a Maintenance Free design, with a power port for the Battery Doc Portable charging system.

* The rear tire / shock mudguard is a UFO KX 250 unit developed to fit the KLR and keep the dirt off of my expensive shock.

* The front fender is also a black UFO unit, designed for a late model KTM.

* I use the stock skid plate for light trail work, no skid plate for the street, and the MSR heavy-duty aluminum plate for long range or extreme tours.

* The oil is Amsoil of course, filtered by a stainless steel mesh filter element and the case is equipped with a rare earth samarium cobalt magnet epoxied into a low profile drain plug.

* Do-hicky by Eagle of course, with medium spring, and always kept in adjustment.

* The cooling system uses Koolanol in the Patman Radiator modded system.

* Paint on the Tank and Shrouds is custom of course, with the design aiming to give the impression of a longer lower tank. We used Black Cherry Imron, on   an epoxy base, with silver and red accents. The rear footpeg rests and the rear stock rack has been given the same treatment.

* All unused brackets and any extra items not needed for street or dirt have been removed or replaced to save weight.

Patman's 2004 KLR650

The bike is  sponsored by Eagle Manufacturing, Schnitz Racing, MSR, Answer, ProTaper, and Bates II.