White Brothers E2 Exhaust Review

Reviewed by Hondo
October 25, 2007



Up for review today is the E2 Exhaust system for the Kawasaki KLR650, courtesy of White Brothers Exhaust.

Suggested retail price is $399 as of October 18, 2007.

E2 Information is available
HERE at the White Brothers website.

One upgrade that many KLR650 owners desire is a replacement for the stock KLR exhaust. The stock exhaust is quiet, but heavy, restrictive, and prone to begin making the charicteristic KLR "tweety" sound as miles roll over the odometer.

The E2 looks to be a great upgrade offering these features-

  • Higher exhaust flow
  • 96 db sound level (USFS requirement)
  • Deeper sound 
  • Removable Spark Arrestor
  • Light weight
  • Corosion resistant aluminum & stainless steel construction
  • Slip-on exhaust design requiring no head pipe clamps
  • available for many applications

So let's start by taking a close look at the E2 -

Shipping & Inspection

The E2 arrived in a study cardboard box -


The exhaust was nicely packed using form fitting foam bags, with the exhaust & accessories together in a thick plastic bag-


Contained in the box were the exhaust, complete instructions, exhaust ring (used when the spark arrestor is removed), wrench (not pictured), mounting standoff, longer rear mounting bolt and 2 White Brothers stickers.

The instructions were clear and concise, with a lot of great information. An important piece of information is the recommended 30 hour repack time. Now that is the amount of running time that White Brothers recommends the packing be inspected and replaced (if necessary). 30 hours comes out to 1,800 miles at 60 mph, so your results will vary. High rpm running will reduce your time between packs as well. Not replacing the packing will result in a louder exhaust over time, so I will be checking the E2 at 1,500 miles or so.

Repack information is located


Here is a view of the exhaust from above. The brushed aluminum shell is even & uniform, with cast aluminum hangers.


On the side of the exhaust is a White Brothers emblem, which is covered with a protective plastic piece which is easily removed. Nice!


Now onto a closer inspection-

Here is the aluminum flange that couples the stainless steel pipe to the exhaust structure. It is very stout & anodized satin black. You can also see the quality welds & stainless steel hardware that secures the shell to the flange.
These fasteners are easily accessed with the included wrench.


Looking into the outlet you can see the removable stainless steel spark arrestor -


Removal is quite easy. Use the provided wrench to remove the allen head screw, remove the collar, then remove the spark arrestor. This makes cleaning the spark arrestor a simple task. A light coating of blue threadlocker is recommended when reinstalling the retaining screw. White Brothers recommends cleaning the spark arrestor every 10 hours or so.


Here is the stainless steel spark arrestor, collar & securing screw. The spark arrestor has a raised "alignment dot" on it's collar to ensure that it is oriented properly in the tail pipe. The black retaining ring collar has this dot as well for it's alignment. Very nice!


With the spark arrestor removed, you can see the internal chamber here -