Sound Testing

Using the SAE J1287 Sound Testing Standard, my goal during the testing of the E2 was to be as accurate as possible. The weather was near perfect, with an almost calm wind and sunny skies.

Testing was performed on the
Motorcycle Safety Foundation range ( a large parking lot for training ) located next to G-Force Powersports in Lakewood, Colorado.

To measure the sound levels I used a Radio Shack Digital Sound Meter model # 33-2055 mounted on a stationary tripod. Normally a helper is used to hold the meter / take the readings, but I was testing by myself so I used the tripod.

A-weighting and fast response were set on the meter.

The meter was set at a 45 degree angle from , 20 inches away, and level with the exhaust outlet of both the stock KLR650 exhaust and the E2. I used the motorcycle's tachometer to set the engine RPM to the recommended 3,250 rpm during testing, and made 3 runs with each exhaust.

here is a diagram of the SAE setup-


Here is the testing setup -



Sound levels for each exhaust were tested 3 times and the results recorded.

Stock - 95 db, 94 db, 95 db       E2_2c.jpg

E2 - 96db, 96 db, 97 db             E2_2d.jpg

Now considering that I didn't follow the SAE rules to a "T" (no helper/tripod use, no wind mic muff, use of installed tach) I'd say that the E2 has shown to meet the 96 db US Forrest Service maximum sound requirement as advertised.

Here are a few videos of I took of each exhaust, revved up to the redline-

If you are having trouble viewing this video using Firefox, you'll need to download and install this Firefox Plugin located HERE.

First, the stock exhaust- 

The White Brothers E2 -

Overall, I was quite please to see the E2 come right in on the 96 db mark!