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White Brothers XCR Exhaust Review

Reviewed by Hondo
October 26, 2007



Up for review today is the XCR Exhaust system for the Kawasaki KLR650, courtesy of White Brothers Exhaust.

Suggested retail price is $299 as of October 18, 2007.

XCR Information is available
HERE at the White Brothers website.

One upgrade that many KLR650 owners desire is a replacement for the stock KLR exhaust. The stock exhaust is quiet, but heavy, restrictive, and prone to begin making the charicteristic KLR "tweety" sound as miles roll over the odometer.

The XCR looks to be a great upgrade offering these features-

  • Higher exhaust flow
  • 96 db sound level (USFS requirement)
  • Deeper sound 
  • Removable Spark Arrestor
  • Light weight
  • Corosion resistant aluminum & stainless steel construction
  • Slip-on exhaust design requiring no head pipe clamps
  • available for many applications

So let's start by taking a close look at the XCR -

Shipping & Inspection

The XCR arrived in a study cardboard box -


The exhaust was nicely packed using form fitting foam bags, with the exhaust & accessories together in a thick plastic bag-


Contained in the box were the exhaust, complete instructions, wrench (not pictured), mounting standoff, longer rear mounting bolt and 2 White Brothers stickers.

The instructions were clear and concise, with a lot of great information. An important piece of information is the recommended 30 hour repack time. That is the amount of running time that White Brothers recommends the packing be inspected and replaced (if necessary). 30 hours comes out to 1,800 miles at 60 mph, so your results will vary. High rpm running will reduce your time between packs as well. Not replacing the packing will result in a louder exhaust over time, so I will be checking the XCR at 1,500 miles or so.

Repack information is located


Here is a view of the exhaust from above. The brushed aluminum shell is even & uniform, with cast aluminum hangers.


The exhaust tip is a cast aluminum, black painted outlet grooved to hold the spark arrestor.


How about a closeup? Here's the business end  with the stainless steel spark arrester clearly in view.

The spark arrestor retaining screw is visible at the bottom of the outlet. 


After removing the retaining screw I slipped the spark arrestor out of the outlet. Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, this looks like a very strong component. Recommended cleaning time is every 10 hours. In this view the exhaust has about 4 hours of use -


Here's a closeup of one of the cast aluminum hangers. Very stout with a nicely anodized black finish.


This is the joint between the stainless steel head pipe and the structure of the XCR. The body looks to made from stainless steel as well. Notice the great weld. Very nice!